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If PTC bans gas carts, are iPod earbuds next?

If you read The Citizen on Saturday or attended the City Council meeting on Aug. 5, you know that the mayor and his council are going to ban gas golf carts simply because they don’t like them.

No factual reasons exist to ban these carts from our cart paths. The group who owns them number only 488, and the council probably believes they can get away with this because of the small number of people who will own worthless property.

I do not own a gas golf cart but believe you should have a choice. This current mayor and council may have forgotten they represent all the people in this city and they need to leave personal agendas at home.

I know this may not affect most of you, but once this precedent is established, what is the next pet peeve they will think about banning? Maybe it will be MP3/iPod earbuds for runners on the cart paths because you cannot be aware of your surroundings and therefore you are a hazard; maybe bicycles because they are quiet and sneak up on you at a high rate of speed; maybe the size and speed of low speed vehicles will cause them to be banned; or maybe walking a dog from a golf cart.

Now do you see the potential impact on yourself? Maybe it is time to be counted and stop this trend before it becomes a routine action. Voice your opinion for freedom of choice, before it is banned and let the mayor and council know you won’t tolerate a mayor or council that dictates to the population.

Express your opinion on freedom of choice to them by emailing or calling. The following is the email address: council@peachtree-city.org or you can call City Hall at 770-487-7657.

Cliff Stern
Peachtree City, Ga.

[Stern says he has lived in Peachtree City for 15 years, is a retired Army officer, former professor at Georgia Tech and owner of a service disabled veteran owned business.]



Cliff Stern whose son owns John's Golf Cart Service?

No reason? The number one reason is the smell they leave in their wake.
Admit it 99.9% are offended every time one passes you or you have to follow one. This alone should be the end of the story. But,

Let's whine some more on the depreciated value of a 10 year old gas golf cart. Right! Make me feel sorry for 10 years of smelling your stinkin cart.

Range is NOT an issue for those who properly maintain their electric cart. 20 miles is easily done. What will that range possibly be in 10 years? Do you still think it would be 20 miles? Get real.

And how much time has city staff spent on this issue? Let’s count the 3 or 4 sentence changes in the ordinances. Yep – about 1 hour if actual thinking was involved. Ok – more time was spent surveying the citizens, but heck, what else do they have to do?

Seems this council final has the guts to make the change. I can imagine they spent maybe 15 minutes each thinking about the issue. Perhaps the ladies more since they’ve been looking for a way to keep the smelly beasts on the paths.

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I enjoy the electric golf cars for the reason they do not smell and the noise that they do not make. Some others may not share my preferences and this is ok. In my opinion required inspections for gas emissions and restrictions on noise pollutions should be implemented rather than a ban of hydrocarbon engines altogether.

I also believe a site could be created and maintained by our office in registrations to report the license of golf car offenders for erratic driving, littering and other questionable behavior. If golf car ABC has multiple reports this should trigger an investigation that should lead to fines and revoking of the license if the problem cannot be resolved. It is your cart and you have the responsibility of whom you choose to use it.

Be responsible respectful residents. This is a great place to live, take out the trash. We don't need more rules on cart paths; we need to enforce what we have. If we start closing cart paths, where will you go? We need to report violators and keep the paths open; it is everyone’s responsibility to keep garbage out of Peachtree City. Report the golf car number until they are banned from registering. The license to use the paths is a courtesy not a right.

Peace and Love to all.

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