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Pfeifer: County could halt West Bypass today

I keep hearing, or seeing, statements from some writers or from some county commissioners and their staff about the SPLOST and the East and “West” bypasses.

These statements simply don’t make any sense. Here’s why.

We had a SPLOST adopted by the voters of Fayette County in 2003. There were many potential projects on the list for that SPLOST. The law says that SPLOST money can only be spent on projects that were on the list when the voters adopted the SPLOST.

The county part of the SPLOST list is the projects that were proposed in the Fayette County Transportation Plan. This plan contained many projects that were a “need.” It also had many that might be “nice to have.” No one had expectation, or desire, that they all would be built.

Since no one can know with certainty how much money a SPLOST will raise in the time period of the SPLOST, the total cost of the list of potential projects usually exceeds the amount that could potentially be raised. The available funds are spent on the project list until they are exhausted.

There isn’t any magic to this process. The people you elect set the order in which those funds are spent. In the case of these SPLOST funds, that would be the county commissioners.

There is absolutely no legal necessity or requirement to complete all the projects on the list if there is no funding remaining to complete them.

In this case, both the East Fayetteville Bypass and the “West Fayetteville Bypass” were on the SPLOST list. This means that both are eligible for SPLOST funding. I’ve placed quotation marks around “West Fayetteville Bypass.” I said at the time that the SPLOST was placed on the ballot that it should not be called a “Bypass.” It is not.

The East Fayetteville Bypass would be a bypass. Its location and purpose was to divert north/south traffic, whose destination was not the downtown Fayetteville Courthouse Square, 54/85 intersection. There isn’t any room there to expand existing roads or add new ones.

The “Old Commission” — Dunn, Wells, Frady, Pfeifer and Horgan — initiated Phase I of the “West Bypass” (the part almost completed). The purpose was to improve traffic movement around the hospital. The “Old Commission” did not place a priority on the rest; Phases 2 and 3 of the “West.” That commission did place a priority on the East Bypass.

The current commission — Smith, Maxwell, Frady, Horgan and Hearn — placed their priority on Phases 2 and 3 of the “West Bypass,” and moved the East Bypass off their list.

In this recent election, the voters told the commission that they did not agree with the choices made by this commission. They clearly said that they wanted the “West Bypass” stopped after the completion of Phase 1.

Again, no magic here. It is perfectly legal for this commission, or the next (Frady, Horgan, Hearn, McCarty and Brown) to set their priority on either bypass or on neither.

What gets funded by SPLOST is a function of the priority choices made by the commission. Could be one, could be both, could be neither and spend the money on the other eligible projects that were on that list.

Some money has been spent on engineering and maybe some right of way acquisition for the “West Bypass.” I do not have an accurate estimation of that amount. Some money has also been spent on the East Bypass for the same purposes. I understand it is around $800,000. But, I can’t attest to the accuracy of that amount either.

So, both projects are equally qualified for SPLOST funding because they were both on that list. Some funds were expended on both. There is simply no legal, or logical, reason not to stop the “West” and re-start the East, just as these commissioners stopped the East and focused on the “West.”

Given the clear message sent by the voters in this recent election, I think that this change is exactly what this commission should do. The three commissioners still serving should (responding to Lynn Tolbert) certainly do this.

I think that Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell should support this as well. They would be saying, “You voters are the boss. We heard your instructions and we don’t ignore you.”

We don’t even need to wait for Steve Brown and Allen McCarty to take office to fix this. Just do it, commissioners.

Peter Pfeifer
Peachtree City, Ga.

[Pfeifer is a former member of the Fayette County Commission.]



There seems to be some misconception that, since the WFB has been started, it can't be stopped. The East Bypass was stopped, and its funding transferred to the West Bypass, also a SPLOST project. Phase I of the WFB, almost complete, can stand alone to facilitate hospital traffic and as a short cut to/from Sandy Creek Rd. There is no recorded action by the county that the EFB money was formally approved to be shifted to the WFB, yet it still got done. The money Smith and Maxwell were so anxious to move from the EFB to the WFB can now go on from the WFB to other SPLOST projects the same way. Brown and McCarty won those sections of the county on or near the West Bypass by huge margins (see below) in the recent election, and won almost all of the other precincts. Public opinion is therefore PROVEN to be against the WFB strongly supporting the challengers' platform issues.

Phase 2 of the WFB is not in the public interest, because it goes nowhere other than into the taxpayers' pocketbooks. There are no traffic studies that say otherwise. The county likely doesn't have enough money to complete the WFB, let alone land acquisition and lawsuit costs. Heaping all that on an unpleased majority would therefore be politically unwise. For the commissioners to continue to pursue the project, their current terms will likely be their last.

Here's how the total vote went down for Brown and McCarty in the WFB precincts; subtract the Brown percentages from 100 for Smith, and likewise, the McCarty percentages for Maxwell. Both candidates pledged to fight the WFB. Sorry the columns did not line up properly, but proof is proof.


HOPEFUL 69.4 68.2
SANDY CREEK 62.7 60.2
KENWOOD 55.1 61.4
OAK RIDGE 58.0 55.6
DOGWOOD 64.9 62.1
WILLOWPOND 60.4 57.7
WHITEWATER 52.5 56.7
STARRSMILL 52.0 54.7

Brown and/or McCarty scored 55% or more in 17 other precincts. All this sends a powerful message that the will of the people must no longer be ignored. The commissioners must work for the people.

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Thank you, Mr. Pfeifer. Your analysis of the SPLOST, East and West Bypass situation was clear and concise. There was absolutely no political double talk and I really appreciate that. I cannot tell you how sick I am of political double talk.

I also appreciate the fact that you cared enough about Fayette County and the voters to pass along information from when you were on the BOC.

We need more public officials like you.

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Knock it off. The East Bypass cuts through two counties and tons of farmland instead of using existing roads. NO. We don't need to have the taxpayers of Fayette County paying for ingress and egress from Clayton. They can take the current Hwy's if they need to get by Fayetteville (19/41, 74, etc.)



"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye." Miss Piggy

Fayetteville is Highway 85. That's where the traffic is, and that's where the bypass should be. Lots of people go North that way, and the people South of Fayetteville shouldn't have to go through Fayetteville. Clayton County is already opened up. If you need convincing, go to Fayette Pavillion on a Saturday, and note the number of Clayton County license plates. By getting the thru traffic away from the city, there would be less traffic on Highway 85 to congest Fayetteville.

The commissioners know that too, but just didn't look at all three ways the East Bypass could have been built. All they did was give up the project when it was too expensive for the first routing they reviewed.

Also, if you don't want the East Bypass, you might also check into the other approved SPLOST projects that haven't been funded, and contact your commissioners about shifting the WFB funds to those.

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McElroy Road, Inman Road, McDonough Rd, Hwy 54. If it requires looking at map, it doesn't exist??


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye." Miss Piggy

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I agree completely. All the talk about bypasses boggles my mind. There are quite a few routes one could take to avoid the City of Fayetteville. Those routes don't require the destruction of homes or property. Those routes don't even require more pavement. It is beyond me why our county officials aren't able to see that. The only answer I have to offer is that our county officials DON'T WANT TO SEE THOSE ROUTES. Some folks are compelled to make things harder than they have to be. They just aren't happy unless they are tearing-up, destroying and paving-over something.

By the way, I love your Miss Piggy quote. I'm a huge Miss Piggy fan.

Zoe, I’m afraid that I must disagree with your interpretation of the East Bypass. Here’s why.

Traffic comes from south of Fayette County; from Spalding, Pike, Coweta etc. and passes through Fayette County going to; the airport, Atlanta, Cobb, etc. You, Zoe, can’t prevent that and neither could I.

Those vehicles clog up the areas we use to travel within Fayette County, specifically the 85/74 intersection in downtown Fayetteville. That extra traffic makes if difficult for Fayette residents to patronize Fayette businesses.

The East Bypass is intended to move that traffic out of our way and let it go north and south without tying up the 85/74 intersection. It would also benefit those who live in the south part of our county, in Brooks and Woolsey.

We don’t have a way to directly charge those people who would use a Bypass, to help pay for it.

If they bought anything in Fayette County during the period of the SPLOST, we did capture some tax dollars to help with the cost. Also, because the road would be a Bypass and benefit the region, it’s eligible for State and Federal funding.

The State and Federal funding is, partly, taken from those people and would be used to help us defray the cost of the road.

Benefit is; to us by getting them out of our way, to them by letting them move faster through Fayette to get to their destination.

Regards, Peter Pfeifer

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You did not address that there are already a multitude of options besides 54/85 to get from one end of the county to the other. What is wrong with those existing roads?

Also, have you ASKED the people (not just the ones you know the answer they will give) in Woolsey and Brooks if they want this? I guarantee you they don't. WHY would they a direct route from CLAYTON Co. provided into their lovely towns?? Those of us that live here know how to get around the 85/54 intersection if we want to.

As our elected official, I hope you are listening. We don't want this Bypass. Use the existing roads.


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye." Miss Piggy


I’m trying to be nice and not “ …give you a black eye”, as your Miss Piggy quote recommends.

1. If those “options” worked, then there wouldn’t be any traffic back up at 85/74, would there?
2. In the SPLOST, all Fayette County voters were “asked”.
3. I am not “our elected official”, and haven’t been since the end of 2008.

Respectfully, Peter Pfeifer

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Using the SPLOST as an excuse is getting old.

Try using the existing roads. Signage, turn lanes. It isn't rocket science. Well, maybe to politicians and planners it is rocket science.

As you reminded me, you are no longer in a position to be of any importance. My apologies for forgetting that.


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye." Miss Piggy

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Once again, thanks for another clear explanation of the bypass situation. You have addressed issues that I had not considered.

Also, I appreciate the fact that you always address issues in a thoughtful, intelligent, and civil manner.

It’s been pointed out to me that I said, “85/74”, when I meant to say “85/54”. Sorry for any confusion.

Good job, Commissioners and DOT. Saw a terrible crash at the new bypass today--saw a car being towed away that I can't imagine anyone surviving. I was there picking up kids from Bennett's Mill and they heard the helicopter while they were on the football field. I pray for the poor people involved in that wreck and hope they get this road fixed quickly and get a light ASAP.

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Why are you blaming commissioners and DOT for an accident more than likely caused by driver error? Those big orange barrels and signs are there for a guess is someone wasn't paying attention.


The new intersection is a mess. As previous posters said, they should have waited until the lights were up before starting up the new intersection.
So if there is weak or no signage for the people coming off Huiet and turning left across 54, who's fault is it?? While I agree with "slow down and pay attention" go over there and drive it, turn left across 54 and you will see that slowing down has nothing to do with this..

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I do it every day - I live's no different than it was before the construction, except there are a bunch of barrels. What's the same - you still have the same idiots doing 60 in the left hand lane ignoring it's a construction zone.

If you don't feel comfortable, turn right, go down to the next u-turn, and turn around. Or come out onto Old Chapel, turn right, go up to the WFB and u-turn there.

Sorry, it's called knowing how to drive.

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We all have various opinions as to why we voted and it was not a one issue race. You continue to miss the point of our previous vote which meant GO AWAY PETER PFIEFER. We don't want you in office and we don't care for your long winded opinions. If you want your minority voice to be heard join the democratic party and write them letters.

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Thank you for your past service to our county, at great personal expense to your health, and for your continued input into civil discussion on the issues impacting our lives.

Thank you for keeping us informed of the facts.

Keep it up.

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What's the rest of the story? You mentioned several projects on the list when the SPLOST was passed. So, what are the other projects? If no one except the 5 sitting commissioners likes the bypass idea, what else can we or they choose from? In other words, give us the list or tell us where to find it. First I ever heard of this, but I can understand why the proponents of the bypasses would keep this list under wraps as it takes away their power.

And if we pick "none of the above" does the SPLOST end?

Thanks for a good explanation, Peter.

Live free or die!

I’m not providing links because I’m not fully aware of the Citizens policy on that. I’m thinking that anyone who is able to use this site, is also able to navigate to the Fayette County government website.

There, on the main page – towards the bottom, click on S.P.L.O.S.T.. Then click on “November 2004 SPLOST Resolution, including Exhibit A and B.”

Traffic Signals, Realignments, Repaving, etc.

You will note that there were a series of Public Meetings conducted that presented the Fayette County Transportation Plan. That Plan covered projects inside and outside of Fayette’s cities. The East Bypass and the “West Bypass” are both included.

I guess it’s unfortunate that all the potential municipal and county projects were not listed on the actual ballot for the SPLOST. But, if you look at the amount of information, you can see that it would be impossible. The online version is 49 pages!

We did, however, publish a smaller brochure that had a map and a list of the potential projects. That was put out at as many public events as we found it possible. Many of them are listed there. Nothing was hidden, but the voter did have to do a little work to get the information. I don’t know of a way around that, do you?

And, no, once the SPLOST was passed by the Voters, the control of the Plan is in the hands of the Commissioners, so you don’t get to vote “none of the above”. And, that SPLOST is over. Collections for it ceased this year. And, were NOT extended because the “New SPLOST” we defeated last year did not keep those funds flowing into the County and Municipalities! And, I say “We” because I opposed that new SPLOST and voted against it. And, don’t begin your sentences with “And”.

Regards, Peter Pfeifer

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Maybe the new council will be able to work with the list and get something done. The fact that this requires teamwork and cooperation and Mr. "all about me" is coming onto council makes that unlikely.

And, there is nothing wrong with using And as the first word in a sentence; in fact, it a perfectly acceptable word to begin a sentence with. And another thing, I think it is hateful to discriminate against words like And and all those prepositions that are fine words to end a sentence with.

Live free or die!

The 2003 SPLOST included Attachments A and B as voter approved projects. Attachment A consists of two hundred and some-odd county and city road, street and bridge projects. Two projects I recognized as not having been completed were Westbridge Rd. at SR 92- Traffic signal, turn lanes on SR 92; Westbridge and Sandy Creek Rd. at SR 74- Traffic signal; turn lanes on Sandy Creek. One completed project was Gingercake Rd. & SR 92, Traffic signal and turn lanes on SR 92 and Gingercake.

Attachment B is the entire Fayette County Transportation Plan, Final Report, prepared by URS Corp., which included numerous major projects such as the West and East Bypass, Widening SR 314, Widening McDonough Rd. and many others.The West Bypass was originally slated for the year 2020, but got moved forward later.

These documents were not on the county website when we got copies of them. We had to go to the Fayette Government Complex and visit two offices. Shortly thereafter, they appeared on the county website. If you would like to get copies and can't find them on the county website, contact Ms. Jinnie Fertal at 770-320-6038. I think all the active SPLOST projects are published, but cross referencing them to the uncompleted ones would be a Chinese fire drill.

Whatever SPLOST money is left was collected prior to April 1, 2010, and may go to any of the above SPLOST projects yet to be completed. I spoke with an ex-commissioner who served at the same time as Mr. Pfeifer. I was advised that the commissioners voted for Phase I (completed) and considered the East Bypass to be a priority, but never the West Bypass. That didn't happen until Smith and Maxwell got in, and we have been unable to obtain any records showing how the West Bypass suddenly became a priority item over all the other uncompleted SPLOST projects, "and had to be completed because we voted for it."

The East Bypass could have been built three different ways, with the third way the least expensive. Yet the commissioners at the Christchurch Forum only referred to the most expensive version for comparison purposes. They were not familiar with the third version. This was a recorded meeting, and the question was asked of Commissioner Smith by Mr. Dennis Chase.Portions of that meeting may be viewed on the Brown or McCarty campaign websites, but I am not positive that the East Bypass Question appears on those websites.It is a matter of record, though.I think that meeting was also recorded on the FAYCOG or "Take Back Fayette County" website.

If you want the latest word on where the WFB 404 Permit application is, call Mr. Joe Rivera at the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers 678-422-6571.Better yet, contact Fayette County and see if you can find out how the WFB got to Public Project #1 from 2020.

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Peter Pfeifer is a good honest man. He is telling you the truth.

There is no magic equation, like some would like to you to believe.

We don't have the WFB.

They, the commisoners, are there for our wishes.

The accident on Fri could have been avoided if the city would have waited to put up the light. I have never seen a project so rushed. This intersection has been a pain before they decided to re do it. I don't know how true it is, but rumor has it there was a fatality on Fri. It is a mess, people don't know which way to turn, are driving down the wrong way... I just feel so bad for the family that lost their loved one. I do agree that they should pay attention, slow down ,but it is confusing.

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This WFB was in your words "My Baby"....Congrats Lee. Good work.

And honorable mention to Jack Smith, Ken Steele and the rest of the Longbranch crowd.

"The whole thing stinks--- time for a Spring Cleaning."

Kindly guide me to where/when Lee Hearn said that the WFBP was "My Baby"--Thanks.

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After one of our commission meetings, my husband and I were talking to other folks who were opposed the West Fayetteville Bypass. Lee Hearn walked up to us and said that if we had any questions or wanted any explanations concerning the WFB, that he could provide that to us because "The West Fayetteville Bypass is my baby."

Lee Hearn was the Director of Public Works before he was elected to his seat on the Board of Commissioners. It is my understanding that it was in that capacity that Lee Hearn was first involved with the West Fayetteville Bypass.

In a comment from Steve Brown, he states "Commissioner Smith has already stated in an email that he talked the mayor of Brooks into voting for Ken Steele" as the Fayette County Mayoral Representative with the ARC and the regional transportation roundtable. Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele is four-square in favor of the WFB and the regional mass transit plan.

It is very apparent that Jack Smith fully intends to control our local governements and the lives of Fayette County citizens even after he is out of office. It is also very apparent that Jack Smith, Ken Steele, Eric Maxwell, have something to gain by pushing the WFB and regional mass transit. These people have betrayed the citizens of Fayette County.

Now that Jack Smith has "talked" the Mayor of Brooks, Daniel Langford, into supporting Ken Steele as the Mayoral representative with the ARC and regional transit roundtable, we will have Jack Smith, Eric Maxwell, Ken Steele and Daniel Langford controlling what happens to the lives of everyone in Fayette County.

That's what I call dirty pool right here in Fayette County. That is how Jack Smith politics works. That is how he has worked from the day he was elected. It is dirty underhanded politics.

Thanks for the info. I am reluctant to indict him based on a cmt that could have a variety of meanings. It especially bothers me that "bringabroom" seems to want to put him on a guilt trip for that young woman's death. Even if he was the originator of such an idea, no way could he control the sequence of construction and road closings & re-routing. Yes, I know what he was prior to being elected and I also know what his day job is in Henry County. I believe he is his own man and will emerge from the shadows of others to become a voice of reason & financial smarts in the future commission's business activities. I will be very disappointed if that doesn't happen.

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I have to say that Lee Learn has always been very courteous and open whenever we have spoken with him concerning the bypass or the SPLOST. He has never been rude or disrespectful. I wish I could say that about all of the commissioners.

The crash that happened on Friday at Huiet Rd. on 54 was actually a close friend of mine. I still can't believe what happened or how it happened. Police really don't even know. She was trying to get gas after leaving her boyfriend and heading home from eating. I guess when she was leaving the BP she was confused when she pulled out into the middle to turn L towards PTC when she was T-Boned. I'm sure there are several people on here that saw the car so I'm sure you can imagine as I won't go into details of her injuries. I cant believe there isn't a construction zone speed limit through there. I can't believe that the city has that shit so dis-organized that you really cant tell what is what. A lot of factors were involved but I place the majority of it on the city. A lot of people lost an amazing person that was just told last week that she wasn't getting deployed over seas. I mean seriously? It's just awful. She worked at the Classic Cue in F.Ville which is where she gathered most of her friends and people that she hung out with. Just keep her in your thoughts please. Thanks

I am so sorry for your loss and the families loss, unfortunately I did see the car. It really makes me so angry that it hapened, what a nightmare. I myself will avoid that intersection at all costs until it is fixed properly.

I am so sorry for the loss of your close friend and I will keep you and her family in my prayers. I live around this area and I noticed today they have "straightened up that mess with the barrels" at the deadly intersection. You are right in that it was so dis-organized and there was no purpose to even build this west bypass in the first place. Every day I left my house in the last couple of weeks it has been such a mess to even try and cross that intersection of Huiet and 54, like playing dodge ball. There should have been a traffic light asap when they started this useless bypass! Just so some people could make a lot of money on this road makes me sick! A never ending road to nowhere.........I will keep your friend in my prayers.

Steve Brown's picture

Did the 2009 SPLOST not get rejected through the voters by a 3-to-1 margin? That vote was not a “no;” it was a “Heck no!” Did the incumbents who had superior funding, loads of endorsements and an overwhelming support for the West Fayetteville Bypass not lose in the Primary Election?

Mayor Don Rehwaldt of Tyrone and Mayor Don Haddix do not support the West Fayetteville Bypass and the mass transit plan and they do not support Ken Steele as the ARC and roundtable representative.

It looks like the mayors of Woolsey and Brooks are going to determine whether we allow the few who want the bypass and the mass transit to continue to have a position of power. Commissioner Smith has already stated in an email that he talked the mayor of Brooks into voting for Ken Steele. As for the mayor of Woolsey, he has had business relationships with big developers like the ones who wanted the TDK Extension.

The major question everyone is asking arises once again, “The voters have been so clear rejecting the bypass and the transit, so why are these few trying so darn hard to keep it going?” Really, what is in it for them personally?

Count on watching some furious citizens at the county commission meetings come January 2011 if the good old boys keep trying to resist the will of the voters. Their in your face approach of “we control things, not the people” is beginning to boil the people’s tea.

We all know the bypass is a rip-off, but the two lame duck incumbents and Mayor Steele are determined to do it anyway. They do not care what you want.

You need to send an email to Mayor Daniel Langford of Brooks ( and Mayor Gary Laggis (, letting them know you do not support the wasteful West Fayetteville Bypass or Fayette in the Regional Transit Plan and you do not support Mayor Ken Steele as our ARC representative who favors the harmful projects.

Steve Brown
Commissioner Elect, Post 4

This is a bulletin for Jack Smith as well as the other Commissioners. Mr. Smith, you lost. You should end your term with some class. No new appointments, no new projects, resign as Chairman and let a new Chairman get on with County business. As a citizen I can't help but think there is something very dirty connected to the bypass project, and we will never hear the real story. The will of the people said loudly, STOP THE BYPASS. Clever tricks and appointments to undermine the will of the people need to stop now.

hutch866's picture

"As for the mayor of Woolsey, he has had business relationships with big developers like the ones who wanted the TDK Extension." Come on Steve, if you have some dirt on Gary let us hear it, not your stupid innuendo. You say that like he has been underhanded or something. Have you asked Laggis whether or not he supports the bypass or are you in your weaselly way casting aspersions on this man? Be upfront Brown, not the man you were in the election. Somehow this is exactly the way I knew you would be when elected.

I yam what I yam

Would never have guessed that! Hating Brown so, I figured you would be for it since he is against it, but since it was in the referendum and passed I have never doubted that it would be built. What a few vicious bloggers don't want has nothing to do with the original referendum that passed for the WFB!
Yeah, I think it is a master plan for developers as much as anything else, but so was Fayette County as a whole for that matter.
Many multi-millionaires were made in Fayette County since 1970 or so.

We don't need another Twin Towers in NYC for traders (plenty of empty space) but it will be built by developers riding on the coat-tail of hating Muslims! Will be built with tax money too--40 years to pay off bond.

How is this wreck "the city's fault as one said, isn't it in the county?
Don't 54 drivers have the right of way?
Any tests or investigation made for DUI or texting or phoning? Won't know if not tried!

Maybe the prayers should be also for the person in the vehicle that killed this lady! Live people suffer more for that than the dead!
It is useless to pray for the soul of a dead person, is it not?

Autos with alcohol, drugs, speeding, distractions, anger, etc., involved cause about 70,000 deaths per year and an unknown number of hurt and crippled. Always blaming someone else or roads is seldom the reason for a happening. We all regret and feel badly for such deaths but getting to the bottom with facts can help prevent others.

hutch866's picture

Show me where I said I was for the WFB? Just once offer up some proof, just freaking once. You can 't, because I never said I was. I'm not for it, and I'm not for Steve Brown either, but I don't hate him. Tell me something else, where in my post to Brown did I talk about anything you said in your post, if you want to rant, pick your own subject, don't tie your ramblings to me. If you reply to me at least try to stay on topic. I'm not sure you even read my post.

I yam what I yam

It was "inferred!"
You were pounding on Brown for saying developers wanted it!

Do you think developers want it?
Usually when you are for someone you are for their actions! Brown does not want the WFB either!


hutch866's picture

No Bonk, it wasn't inferred, the whole post was about the sleazy way Brown referred to Gary Laggis, and the only one confused is you.

I yam what I yam

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Imagine four years of spineless innuendo. This coming from the Commissioner-elect who I doubt carried his home city.

What are the odds that district voting is soon to follow?

NUK_1's picture

He did carry his own precinct I believe. Yawn.

Brown has changed his mind on about every major issue he has ever seen and some might even suggest he lacks any real principles besides attacking and blaming everyone within range.

District voting, Weiland annexation, TDK, PTC's Land Use Plan.....hell, he might be in favor of WFB before he even takes office if his track record is any indication!

Mike King's picture

Should the WFB enhance his constituency in north Fayette we can rest assued he'll let it continue.

hutch866's picture

No reply? Out of town for another 6 weeks?

I yam what I yam

hutch866's picture

Well Steve, this is just how I figured you'd act after your election, selective responses to questions ( although you never answered any of my questions during your campaign either) and just ignoring questions after you vaguely imply the mayor of Woolsey has done something wrong. Same old Steve Brown, if you can't defend it, ignore it. Come on Steve, it's been a week, grow a pair and respond, or at least, grow a pair.

I yam what I yam

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