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What to ban after gas carts? Gas lawnmowers?

Mayor and council, my name is Danny Allen, and I am a manager at Partners Pizza in Peachtree City, as well as a concerned resident. I know some of you have eaten at my restaurant and have family that has worked with me.

I tried to get to the council meeting last night, but was unable to attend.

I am the owner of a gas-powered golf cart, but more importantly I have been a bicyclist on the city’s path system for over 36 years. In those years I have come to appreciate the gas-powered cart, because you can hear them coming.

It doesn’t bother me ... quite the contrary; I feel every teenager should be required to drive one. Their driving a silent electric cart is scary. I have had many close calls on the blind turns we have by the hundreds around town. My gas-powered cart is no faster than the electric.

I paid $1,000 more for a gas-powered cart then an electric, not only for the obvious sound advantage but the fact you cannot get stranded as long as you carry spare gas with you.

That has been a godsend at times. The babysitter takes my young son out on the cart, and we have the confidence the cart is coming home. And some people feeling some minor annoyances want to deny me and all others the freedom to willingly pick one product over another that is much safer.

My cart has a 3-horsepower engine. My lawnmower has a 5-horsepower engine that is not muffled like my cart. It’s much louder and three to four times a month I mow my lawn for over an hour each time. Should you ban mowing the grass?

I run that engine strictly for cosmetic reasons and it “bothers” my neighbors much more then my cart and puts out more emissions. People may claim the smell is bad, yet they walk on paths next to roads that have cars with 100-plus horsepower engines passing them.

I am not one of them, but some people are willing to trade freedom for safety. If this ban goes into effect, you would be getting rid of not only a freedom of mine, but you would be doing it at the expense of safety. A double whammy.

What should be banned is the bicyclist riding 15 miles an hour on the blind hills of Robinson Road or any other road with a speed limit over 25 miles an hour. That is an issue, not gas golf carts. I’ve even seen a gentleman riding his bike down the parkway towing a baby trailer with an infant inside.

If the ban on gas-powered golf carts goes into effect, I may actually carry through with plans on running for a position within the city government. Some of us long-time residents are scratching our heads at some of the changes around here.

Danny Allen
resident since ‘74
Peachtree City, Ga.



What an idiotic arguement. After nearly 16 years here I've yet to come across a lawn mower on the cart paths. Or even a weed whacker or some other stupid device being used as examples of overbearing gov't.

The number one reason for banning gas carts is the smell they leave in their wake - ON THE CART PATHS where me and all the other walkers, runners, cyclists, etc. are trying to enjoy the outside. Admit it 99.9% are offended every time one passes you or you have to follow one. This alone should be the end of the story. Since I don't seem to want to walk or run laps in your yard, I guess your lawn mower doesn't bother me. But,

Let's whine some more on the depreciated value of a 10 year old gas golf cart. Right! Make me feel sorry for 10 years of smelling your stinkin cart.

Range is NOT an issue for those who properly maintain their electric cart. 20 miles is easily done. What will that range possibly be in 10 years? Do you still think it would be 20 miles? Get real.

And how much time has city staff spent on this issue? Let’s count the 3 or 4 sentence changes in the ordinances. Yep – about 1 hour if actual thinking was involved. Ok – more time was spent surveying the citizens, but heck, what else do they have to do?

Seems this council final has the guts to make the change. I can imagine they spent maybe 15 minutes each thinking about the issue. Perhaps the ladies more since they’ve been looking for a way to keep the smelly beasts on the paths.

"Admit it 99.9% are offended every time one passes you or you have to follow one."
Please direct me to the objective scientific data that leads to your conclusion quoted above. I would like to independently verify your research. Thanks in advance.

"This alone should be the end of the story"
Soooo.... You are arguing that we should enact laws and allow the government to effectively take the property of others based on preferences and polling?? ---Instead of the rule of law and the sound principles that ensure the preservation of our personal property rights across the board??

BTW -- I am totally offended by the color and model of your old beater of a car. Every time you pass me on my bicycle I choke on the exhaust -- and I get s-o-o-o-o nauseous looking at that sick color combination. I know many others might feel the same way -- and I am going to campaign publicly and lobby the Council to pass an ordnance to ban your ugly smelly machine from the city streets. I don't care if you paid good money for it.... I don't care if you like driving it... I don't care if it is necessary for your lifestyle... I don't care that is your lawfully purchased private personal property.



"Let's whine some more..."
It's always entertaining to find people who are losing the argument on the facts and principles--always resort to the frantic and denigrating response to the opposing points-of-view --- even though well-thought-out, well-organized, and well-presented.... by labelling them as "WHINING".
Who is really "whining" here?
Just one more quote...

"What an idiotic argument"


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It is a silly argument. Danny, you're also ignoring the emissions controls that those 100+ HP cars have on them which your cart lacks. Your front yard is your private domain and you're obligated to keep it looking decent. The paths, however, are public and during those times of day when people are expecting peace and quiet (such as early morning, late at night, etc) your gas-powered carts are an annoyance. But no one is taking your cart away from you: keep on driving it. There's a grandfather clause in the proposed ban. So stop tilting at windmills. But by all means, run for office. It would be amusing to see a professional maitre d run a campaign based advocating against the 80+% of poll respondents who opposed gas carts.

PS- Since when did Jim's restaurant become yours ("I know some of you have eaten at my restaurant...")?

PPS- I've only lived in PTC since 1980, hope that four-year edge you have won't diminish this long-time resident's comments.

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PTC city council is getting ready to ban gas golf carts by fiat. Their supporting data is flawed and is slanted to support the proposed ban. The issue is being driven by a highly emotional segment that is in a frenzy to ban gas golf carts and punish those with the audacity to own them. The survey is not a legitimate referendum and is worthless. No one really know how many people in the city think gas carts need to be verboten. All the numbers being thrown around are no better than hearsay. The sheriff is out there with the lynch mob
instead of looking out for the interests of justice. Bad day in Flat Rock, formerly Peachtree City.

I believe the single most compelling argument against the gas-powered golf carts is their ability to go too fast on the paths. Over the past twenty years I have experienced my share of golf carts on the paths because I ride a bicycle and have been run off the road at least twice a year, every year, and injured. I am extremely careful riding and pick times of the day, and days of the week with lower traffic. However, gas-powered carts have been the ones running me off the road and leaving overwhelming air pollution as they pass.

While I am for everyone getting what ever they want in life, there should be a limit when the safety and comfort of others is significantly affected. We have lived well with the grandfather clause for those who already had the carts, but to add new ones is irresponsible for those of us walking, walking dogs, biking, and trying to share already crowded and dangerous paths.

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Actually gas golf carts are slower than electric carts. I can understand your objections about the exhaust issue but not the noise. I walk on the paths almost daily and have almost been run over by electric carts on more than one occasion. Nobody signals from behind. Its required but they just don't. At least with the gas ones you can hear them coming before you're just a morbid statistic.

I can name two reasons. One is subjective and the other is objective.
1) Objective - My son was jumped on a secluded section of the trail two summers ago when a group of thugs in a gas powered golf cart overtook our electric cart. They wanted is his itouch. They jumped him and broke his prescription glass. He was okay, but shaken. All 4 juveniles went to detention for 18 months. He was not the only person that was a victim of this gang and their crime wave. They used the cart against two groups of young persons on electric carts.
2) Subjective - I find them loud and offensive. I believe these carts create noise pollution. It is a democracy and if the majority rules not to allow them on the public path, then that is democracy in motion.


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This is great. In the movies the bad guys always ride around on motorcycles. In peachtree city its gas golf carts. If you have a gas golf cart you should go right out and buy a black leather jacket. Can you see(hear) it now. "the leader of the pack in a gas golf cart vroom vroom!.

Much as the McBoulder was pebbled because the kids were not too the gas carts. If the owners would tune them, replace the muffler, do the mait. on a gas engine..they wouldn't be loud, noisy & smelly. I say grandfather every single 1 on the books now. They can be bought & sold from now until the cows come home or they are on blocks in the front yard. No more can be registed. Barn door is closed. Give an exemption to the rentals because I ASSuME that they maint. their units.
If some poor little old person can show they just absolutely have to have 1 and no electric 1 can fill their need.. cross that bridge. Quit trying to Pop. Mech. future batery tech or what an internal comb eng. wil look like down the road. Why would you think this tech will retro-fit what we have today?

Grandfather them forever. I don't see how anyone could complain about it.

1 more thing, allow the dealers to sell the gas carts they already have in stock. The dealers in PTC, that is. The others can pound sand.

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