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Delay coming for regional transportation sales tax vote?

Map-making won’t be the only chore taken up by the Georgia Legislature during its special session starting Monday.

Gov. Nathan Deal also wants the legislature to consider moving the date of the referendum on a regional transportation sales tax vote. The legislation adopted earlier this year scheduled that vote for July 31, 2012, but Deal wants to push it to the November general election, a spokesman for his office has confirmed.

There has been some contention that the sales tax has a better chance of passing regionwide in November with the presidential election on the line, in theory driving more Democratic voters to the polls in support of a second term for President Barack Obama when compared with a potentially lower Democratic turnout in the July primary.

However, there is also a chance that anti-tax supporters such as those in the growing Tea Party will provide plenty of votes against the regional transportation sales tax in November.

Fayette is part of the 10-county metro Atlanta region for purposes of the sales tax initiative. The way the legislation was structured, Fayette cannot opt out of the tax, meaning that if the 1 percent sales tax is approved by an aggregate of voters regionwide, it will be enacted here even if it fails to get a 50 percent or greater approval from Fayette County voters.

The tax, if approved, would be collected for 10 years.

The chief reason for the special session is for the creation of new district lines for the legislative districts, along with those used for U.S. congressional seats. That process will be undertaken based on the latest figures from the 2010 U.S. Census.



Robert W. Morgan's picture

That's funny right there.
That transportation tax has less of a chance than Obama does. Even the Dems will vote against it. It will be worded in such a way that those who have not studied it ahead of time will just see the big 8 or 9 digit number and the knee-jerk reaction will be to vote no.

And contrary to what the article says, we can indeed opt out of paying the transportation tax. How? By shopping somewhere, anywhere outside the 10-county area. Dawsonville, LaGrange, Macon.

Live free or die!

Woody's picture

Spread the word and, maybe, rewrite the bill to say that millionaires and billionaires will benefit the most from the transportation sales tax. Say that it includes limousine service from Buckhead mansions to Phipps and Naples, FL, and that Sarah Palin will use it for a bus tour. Then, the Democrats would oppose it.

Or just say that Neal Boortz supports the tax and they'll vote against it for sure!

ginga1414's picture

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce and Metro Chamber of Commerce ran private polls that showed the TSPLOST would fail to pass in the scheduled July 31 primary and would have a better chance in the general election. They lobbied Gov. Deal to add changing the TSPLOST date to the general election in November and HE SUCCUMBED TO THEM. They are playing games and changing the rules as they go along much like the Democrats did during the ObamaCare debate in order to get the outcome they want.

A press conference in protest is scheduled at the Georgia Capitol Monday morning to demand that if they change the date to the general election then they need to add an amendment requiring ALL SPLOSTS be held during the general election-no exceptions. They should either leave the election for TSPLOSTs in July primary or change all future SPLOSTs to the general election.

It is my understanding there will also be an elected keynote speaker from Fayette County. Fayette citizens against the Regional SPLOST are urged to attend in support of their position.

The press conference will be held inside of the South Wing of the Capitol Monday morning at 10:00 AM. Folks are asked to be there at 9:45 a.m. You will see the podium and cameras set-up for the press conference.The South Wing is located on Mitchell St. Parking spaces for visitors with disabilities are located on Mitchell Street. Vehicles may stop briefly at the loading zone to drop off passengers.

From the South:

Take I-75/85 North to Exit 245 (Capitol Avenue).
At the bottom of the exit ramp,
continue straight through the stop sign.
At the first traffic light,
turn left onto Hank Aaron Drive.
The Capitol will be approximately
one mile down on the left.

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