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Sams, Crawford picked as new Superior Court judges

Fayette County State Court Judge Fletcher Sams was named as one of two new Superior Court judges for the Griffin Judicial Circuit, which includes Fayette County.

The other pick from Gov. Sonny Perdue for a judgeship was Robert "Mack" Crawford, director of the Georgia Public Defender Standards Council.

Perdue also picked Sams' replacement as Fayette County State Court judge: Carla Wong McMillian, who is currently a partner with the Atlanta law firm of Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP.

Sams, 56, who lives in south Fayette County, has been Fayette County's state court judge for over 13 years and also served one term as the top prosecutor for the entire circuit as district attorney.

Crawford, 56, of Concord, has no prior judicial experience and has not even represented clients in court for the past five years. He does, however, have political connections having served eight terms in the legislature before resigning in August 2007 to become director of the Public Defender Standards Council.

Crawford's previous courtroom experience was limited to private law practice for 20 years in Zebulon, according to his application for the judgeship. During that time, Crawford represented clients in criminal and civil work with the latter involving divorce, child custody, contracts, and boundary line disputes. Crawford in his application noted that he has appeared "mainly before rezoning boards, county commissioners and tax appeal boards."

Like Crawford, McMillian will be new to the bench as well having no prior judicial experience. McMillian, 37, of Tyrone, has significant courtroom experience as a corporate business attorney, with some three quarters of her litigation being in federal court, according to her judicial application.

McMillian also listed among her experience pro bono cases including a local chlid custody case involving parental abuse allegations and work on her firm's representation of a former death row inmate.

Superior Court judges handle felony criminal cases and also civil trials ranging from divorce to corporate disputes and a wide range of others. State Court judges handle misdemeanor cases and traffic violations along with other civil cases as well.



We are plumb proud of ya, Fletcher!

I know you will bring integrity and dedication-to-duty to our Superior Court system.

Do you suppose Judge Sams will insist on trying the two former juges? Or have someone else do it?
Of course not.
I think all judges should come from another voting district than their own.

Still too much of the old "family" treatment around.

How can you honestly say:
"Of course not"
When he hasn't taken office yet??

This I do know.

Judge Sams is one of the finest public servants I have ever met. I am certain of his character and confident in his ability as a jurist.

He will do his duty following the law and legal precedent; whatever that duty requires of his office.

Think B4 U speak....

Have a good day.

Do you consider someone who gets wealthy as a lawyer and judge at very nice salaries, pensions, etc., as a "SERVANT?"
Never met one who acted like a servant---not even at the post office!

So just what would you suggest the two former judges be prosecuted for? Specific charges? My guess is you ain't got some!

bringinabroom's picture

Indecent exposure for Judge English for starters---- that's what the Sheriff would have charged a couple of teenagers with! That's the very tippity tip of what was wrong with those judges.

"The whole thing stinks--- time for a Spring Cleaning."

There is a difference in justice for those who are capable of hiring excellent defense and those who can not!
Also, it is well known that sexual harassment by judges or other prominent
people is tolerated more than if a janitor pinched a butt!
Besides the county can't afford to re-try all those cases which obviously had some which were decided by a judge and a defense lawyer in cahoots!

I expect either of those judges would have jailed any other defense lawyer and prosecutor who were sleeping together, or carring together, at the time of trials! No doubt!

Anyone who can't see special privileges here as opposed to others they would want hung, is amazing to me.

Sams or DA won't touch it!

So I was right, you DON'T have any idea what to charge them with. Maybe it's best to let the legals handle legal stuff and you just keep on taking you meds.

You are a fruitcake on this one. Those are serious charges.

Another judge in Atlanta area had to resign this week for similar stuff.

That's all----resign!

Next time I rob a bank and get caught, I will just resign from bank-robbing!

If our DA doesn't know what charges to use, we are really in trouble.


Mike King's picture

Let old Bonk have his way and charge them with: "Assault with a friendly weapon" from a line in an old movie, I believe. We both know there's nothing indecent involved.

Like the comment! Unless one has read the Deputy's report, no one knows how much exposure there was--if any. And it was more than 2 yrs ago--so much for the right to a speedy trial.

It seems the deputy's film somehow disappeared!!

I don't care about that one anyway, but sitting on the bench trying cases with your girlfriend (not your wife)as defense or prosecutor violates every principle of law!

I suppose tongues down women's throats who serve at the court (without permission) isn't so bad either. Do any of you know if the new school super has several wives and a current girlfriend and kids in Maine? Tell me, would that matter to you IF TRUE? Do you want to know? Did anyone go to Maine and check it out before hiring?

Even McChrystal got a permanent fourth star against normal procedure. He was a magnificent SF officer but a terrible Four Star Combat General. Saved a lot of static doing it the way it was done. Mike, "old Bonk, whoever they are, may know more than you think!

It is like all of the women in the military coming home pregnant and getting better assignments than those who behaved. No superior officer to my knowledge has ever been reprimanded or canned for supervising that!
This is not my guess, the info is available and I personally know of one case where someone had to take a hazardous duty so that a pregnant female scheduled to go didn't have to go.

Very good for morale.

We brag about being a country of laws, not of men, but it depends upon just who the men are, doesn't it?

Mike King's picture

Not wishing to make you blush there Bonk, but are we sure that it was a tongue? Could you be confusing facts from an old movie titled "Deep something or other"?

Now be nice and go make your daily visit to the medicine cabinet. remember, green one then the white one, and for Heaven's sake don't touch the blue one!

Poor reply to such a newsworth comment! Hung up on porn are you?

I recently started four blue pills and nothing else except a fifth of JD.

Want to see hoiw long it takes to become an alkie!

I hope you are as great as a superior judge as you were the top state judge.

How does a judge become "Great?"
The law is their only concern, applied equally, or it should be!

An excellent choice.


Good to hear from you again. Are any more books in the making?
Good that you are out of the Sheriff's office, it isn't any more squeaky clean than it ever was. Worse!

The above article tells us ,more than once, about the lack of experience of 2:"Like Crawford, McMillian will be new to the bench as well having no prior judicial experience."
May I remind you that Kagan,recently appointed to the Supreme Court, is the first justice in nearly four decades without any prior experience as a judge.

Lets just pray that Mack Crawford and Fletcher Sams put justice ahead of politics and don't automatically dole out overly harsh sentences so that they can be notorious and feared. After all, that is what Paschal English and Caldwell did, and they proved to be hypocritical, immoral, and unethical but loved to "light them on fire" when those "fools" got their day in court (direct quotes from an article written by the DA Ballard, who thinks he's some sort of wild west hero). I hope that Judges Crawford and Sams will consider the individual circumstances of each case and rule with a balanced and fair hand.

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