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Fayette may swap Democrats

New district for Fayetteville, NE Fayette Co. will have open seat up for grabs

Fayette County would still be split up into five different state house districts if a new map released Friday is adopted by the full legislature.

If adopted, the maps would present a significant shakeup among the ranks, as Fayette would say goodbye to the 74th and 77th state house districts represented by Democrat Reps. Roberta Abdul Salaam and Darryl Jordan, whose districts were completely removed from Fayette County. A third Democrat, Rep. Virgil Fludd, will see his district remain unchanged in Fayette County, save for the loss of his only precinct in Peachtree City.

The new map creates an open district, the 63rd, which would have no incumbent, leaving a wide political opening to be filled. The new 63rd district encompasses the unincorporated Fayette area north and east of Fayetteville, along with nearly all of Fayetteville. The remainder of the district snakes northward in a sliver of unincorporated south Fulton County that runs up to College Park, and also to the southwest into the southern tip of Clayton County that rests between the Fayette and Henry county lines.

Rep. Matt Ramsey, R-Peachtree City, thinks there's a possibility that the 63rd district could be won by a Fayette resident.

In another change on the map's first draft, the 71st district held by Republican Rep. Billy Horne of Newnan would pick up a small portion of Peachtree City in the Wilksmoor Village area north of Ga. Highway 54 and west of Ga. Highway 74. The remainder of the district encompasses nearly the entire eastern portion of Coweta County including Sharpsburg and part of Newnan.

Under the new map, Fayette will keep the 72nd district currently held by Republican Rep. Matt Ramsey, which will lose the south side of Fayetteville and a tiny portion of the unincorporated county southeast of Fayetteville. In exchange, the 72nd will extend into the southern tip of Fayette County and Brooks, along with a chunk of southeast Coweta county including all of Senoia and Haralson.

Likewise, Fayette will keep the 73rd district currently held by Rep. John Yates, which will lose the southern tip of Fayette County and Brooks but will maintain nearly the entire unincorporated area southeast of Fayetteville including Woolsey.

Not much would change under the new map on the Senate side of things for Fayette County, as Tyrone Sen. Ronnie Chance’s 16th district will lose the Sandy Creek precinct in northwestern Fayette to fellow Sen. Valencia Seay of Riverdale and her 34th district. In exchange the 16th picks up the Spring Hill precinct in south Fayetteville.



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I'm beginning to feel like the folks in North Fayette County.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

In a couple of the socialist paradises I lived in for many years, I was taxed but had no right to vote. Still enjoyed life, made lots of money, and walked freely in the streets to buy anything I pleased, associate with anyone I pleased, say anything I wanted, and with state-mandated universal healthcare to boot!

Life is too short to worry about state voting districts! Get a grip--the Falcons AND Braves are playing tonight!

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Danes! Word has it that they are are the happiest country on the planet with a 50% take rate! Looks like we in the USA, at no. 23 on the Happy Scale, are only free to pursue happiness, but the Danes done got it!

I think Al Einstein said it best when he said,

Heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism - how passionately I hate them!

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there, don't like it, too many people on drugs. I guess that's why they are so happy.

They can't even join with the Euro currency, it would depreciate their drug holdings I suppose.

Patriotism? What the heck would you know about patriotism?

Go watch some baseball.

with your hollow philosophy! You sing the praises of the God-given right to pursue happiness but frown on those that do so in a way that 'just ain't fittin'! Just like you live in PTC with lots of GOVERNMENT regulation and not Palmetto where you and Cal can do pretty much as you please! I think the Danes had a national vote on joining the euro and the majority rejected it--smart move in my view! Why give up control of your currency to the Germans! Brits didn't either! Nor the Swiss!

Yes, I am not a Patriot!

Capitalism is the great fiction by which the super rich get richer while the rest of the population just gets by or worse!

Stop living in the past! The world is not flat!

Keep PTC Beautiful!

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reminds me of when I lived at home and mooched off of my parents.

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Do the politicans ever ask us if we like anything before they do it?

We have no voice.

They just carve us up...I hate this place...the next time I is going to be OUT OF STATE!!!!

and far far away..

Only a fool doesn't know when to pick his battles.

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for county election purposes too.


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Mr.Ramsey et all. I'm sure by now you have some political capital. Would you PLEASE consider using some of it to get Peachtree City removed from district 66

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