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Cart use measure tabled in Fayetteville

A measure by the Fayetteville City Council to align the use of motorized carts in Fayetteville with the county’s other jurisdictions was tabled at the Aug.7 meeting to give city staff time to obtain clarification on the use of golf carts on sidewalks adjacent to state roadways.

The agenda item had been tabled July 17 to give city staff time to review a request that would allow golf carts on city sidewalks.

The main thrust of the motorized cart ordinance, that of synchronizing Fayetteville with other Fayette County jurisdictions by honoring cart permits issued by other government entities and allowing holders of a valid learner’s permit to operate a cart as well as individuals at least 12 years of age if accompanied in the front seat by a licensed driver age 18 or older, was met with favor by the council.

Responding to an earlier request, city staff proposed that golf carts be allowed on city sidewalks, with the exception of sidewalks of five feet in width that run along state highways, such as Ga. highways 54 and 85, because Ga. Dept. of Transportation (DOT) standards pertaining to those sidewalks cannot be met. DOT standards require a 10-foot sidewalk along state roads. City sidewalks along those roadways are often five feet in width.

In the end, the council voted to table the item again to give staff time to address the issue with state legislators to determine if there might be some alternative to the DOT requirement.



from the 2 golf carts going up and down and across Sandy Creek Rd. this morning with boxes of supplies from Pineywood and back to the school. Those guys don't need any ordinance. However, no Hollywood types spotted on them. Bummer.

They are only trying to be good stewards of the environment. You shouldn't be driving around burning gas looking for movie stars anyway. LOL

Lay off..well, okay. Until someone driving by at 40-50 mph comes across one of those boxes lying in the road or those cowboys driving them decide they can sit in the striped middle area of the road (yes, one of them sat there) and wait for the traffic to go by to continue on his merry way. Hey, the rubberneckers (who me?)are not gawking to check out a golf cart. Being mindful of a golf cart with no registration or no insurance (my guess) coming across in front of them won't be on their list of things to snap a selfie of while cruising along the serenity of movieland parkway.

What's with the berms there? All dead grass and dried up. I thought the landscape was touted as being up to the chicken man's standards. What is out there now looks like the butt cheeks of some desert rat's backside.

A bridge or tunnel from the studio to the campus would have been nice and much safer. I sometimes drive a little fast down that road and I am not expecting any carts. Wonder if someone has this in the works?

Have to agree, the landscaping could use some shaping up.

Now tell us the truth. You have your autograph book in the car waiting to add Paul Rudd to your collection.

I had to look him up when I heard the name. Sorry, not in my wheelhouse. It would be more like, "Hi, star, welcome and how would you like a photo of me and you together? Just so you can remember me. Have you had a potato pizza at Partners yet? Have fun and come back anytime."

How's that? Give me the 50 and over crowd and I can just about tell you who's who.


Good one...just get rid of those double d's u funny guy.

He's in Antman.

Yes, I know that now, but he could have been Luke Skywalker and I still would not have known who he is. Guess I'm just a generation too late.

The DOT rules are stupid, look at the almost unused sidewalks on 74 S. A multi use path would have benefited the entire community and probably costs less.

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