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Former training school has 50th reunion

The 1964 graduating class at the former Fayette County Training School held its 50th high school class reunion recently.
They were joined by several members of the 1965 graduation class.

The school was a consolidation of the black schools throughout the county in 1954 and a school building housing all 12 grades was completed by spring of 1955.
The Class of 1964 was the first one to have a yearbook and member Janice Taylor Gates still has hers. She held the 50th anniversary of her class at her home near Harp’s Crossing.

There are two teachers they enjoyed in their schools years who are still living, Rosa Penson Anderson and Leotra Souder.

The last class at the Training School was in 1970 at which time the Board of Education consolidated all schools in the county. Rosa Anderson then taught in Peachtree City and in 1976 was named the Fayette County Teacher of the Year. Leotra Souder completed her teaching career at Hood Avenue.


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