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Walgreens architecture will be reviewed by PTC planners

The architecture for a Walgreens drugstore which will replace Peachtree City’s Ruby Tuesday restaurant will be reviewed by the city’s planning commission at an upcoming meeting.

The Ruby Tuesday will be razed to make way for the Walgreen’s at the southwest corner of Ga. Highway 54 and Peachtree Parkway.

The Walgreens will be three times the size of the existing restaurant. A company representative has assured the city that despite the larger footprint, all the existing landscaping surrounding the store off Peachtree Parkway and Hwy. 54 will remain.

The planning commission in June made it clear that the architecture for the store is incredibly important given the prominence of the intersection.

Commission Chairman Patrick Staples told a Walgreens representative in June that the store should be unique and void of the company’s corporate architecture.

“Really no matter what we do on this corner, you’re gonna have a big old building,” Staples said. “... It has to look special. That’s a special corner in Peachtree City. To me that’s a critical factor.”

Once complete, the Walgreens will be immediately next door to one of its fiercest competitors: Rite-Aid.

That has drawn criticism from some residents but since the property is zoned for commercial use, the city has no legal standing to halt Walgreens’ efforts.

The company is hoping to break ground by Jan. 1 with a store opening date in September 2011.



don't worry about the lack of parking for one minute. We are going to boycott this store, just so you will have one less thing to worry about, won't you?

I don't patronize any of the drugstores in town and certainly will not set foot in Walgreen's. Why should I when I can beat the price at Walmart, sometimes 50 percent or more?
Just another "White Elephant" for PTC, will probably be another vacant retail space, as if we did not have enough vacant stores already.

than have to shop at Walmart. That said, I won't be shopping at this store either.

PTC Observer's picture

If you do eventually see an empty storefront at Walgreens, it will be because our city "leaders" have never taken to task "dark stores" and what should be done with them when they are empty. There are many, many communities that are dealing with this issue now but for many like PTC it may be too late.

The corner of Peachtree Parkway and 54 is already distressed with the long vacant mini-Kroger. Ruby Tuesdays is a VERY NEEDED varietal and affordable resturant for the area that is kid friendly, easily accessible by golf cart or bike as alternative to driving to the 74/54 intersection. Across the street, only Beef O'Brady's is comparable and it is much more of burger sports bar place. By allowing two direct competitors to be side by side you are intentionally creating a situation where one of them will be belly up and dark within a year.... Creating more Blight than would ever be experienced by just building a bigger store on that corner. When you sent out a survey asking what residents wanted more of, wasn't one of the things restuarants....not more drug stores. I'm wondering which zoning person did Walgreens bribe to get into that location.

Karen Rands & Jim Bock Peachtree City Residents

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