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In defense of the Fayette NAACP

Despite numerous false accusations lobbed at the NAACP in the media, this historic organization can only be accurately labeled as a true champion of equality, justice, diversity and inclusion.

In the early 1950s, the NAACP filed the landmark case known as Brown vs. The Board of Education and won. As a result, white and black children all over the South were required to attend the same schools like I did beginning in 1970 in Americus, Ga.

Wherever there is unlawful discrimination taking place, the NAACP has an obligation to first seek voluntary changes to eliminate discrimination which we did in Fayette County.

Several years ago, I personally appeared before the Fayette County Commission and asked them to voluntarily switch to district voting. The commissioners all looked at me as if I was crazy and promptly ignored my request and numerous other appeals for district voting.

Efforts to get district voting through the legislature were also thwarted.

So if there is no conspiracy to keep people of color off the county commission and school board, why vehemently resist changing to district voting?

It is a verifiable fact that historically to some degree or another, black people in America have systemically been wrongfully abused, used, discriminated against, neglected and exploited ever since we set foot on American soil.

Yet as Americans, we brave black folks are the ones who must constantly challenge America to live up to its promise of liberty and justice for all.

So with discrimination still being a constant reality more often than not, we find that people in control of Fayette County government have refused to voluntarily do anything to eliminate racial discrimination in Fayette County elections.

So what did you expect the NAACP to do? Did you expect the NAACP to continue to allow the votes of black residents to be diluted?

Did you really expect us to sit back and allow an all-white county commission and school board to continue making policy and decisions without any input from us?

Did you expect us to forgo seeking a court remedy that would give us the opportunity to elect the candidate of our choice?

If the federal judge orders a special election, you can thank all those Fayette County leaders who repeatedly dismissed the call to voluntarily change to district voting.

But thanks to the federal justice system and district voting, Fayette County now has a golden opportunity to finally embrace diversity and inclusion by bringing fairness to government and unity to our community.

As a very proud American citizen who served my country in the military for decades, I fully expect my vote for a county commission or school board candidate to count.

But with at-large voting, it has been proven that my vote and the votes of the black residents in north Fayette County are illegally diluted by a biased group of voters in other parts of the county who have statistically proven that they historically prefer any white candidate over a black candidate.

Thus, the Voting Rights Act and Judge Batten’s 81-page decision in favor of district voting gives me the expectation that we in north Fayette County will soon be able to elect the candidate of our choice, whether that candidate be black, white or otherwise.

Furthermore, shouldn’t there be people of color on the county commission and school board if we are to have diversity and inclusion in government? What is divisive about that?

And if our county leaders were color-blind, wouldn’t they be able to understand that district voting is the fairest way to elect county commissioners and school board members?

Honestly, I do not expect to get those who hate or attack the NAACP to agree with me. As a matter of fact, I full expect to be attacked, cursed and put down. Why?

Because there are a few hateful vocal minority of selfish people who really expect black people to be quiet and stay in our place.

Like vocal white supremacists of the Jim Crow era, they have no respect for the NAACP, outspoken civil rights activists and people of color in general because they expect blacks to be subservient, pay our taxes, cut our grass and be content to let white people make all of the decisions that affect us, our children and our communities.

But somewhere I heard Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. tell Negroes to straighten up our backs because nobody can ride your back when you stand upright.

So call us uppity or upright if you will. That is the charge we have from that great black leader with an amazing dream.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the historic March on Washington, thousands of black Americans are reviving the spirit of activism that moved us to change things for the better.

Nevertheless, not all black people in Fayette County are willing to stand upright or associate with the NAACP because they may be too scared, apathetic or have been conditioned to not make waves or duped into conforming to the expectation that blacks should stay in our place and be subservient.

But the NAACP owes it to any person of color to show everybody that standing up for our civil rights is not only our duty and obligation, it is the only way we will ever gain the dignity and respect we deserve as real Americans.

So I call upon people of all races to join the NAACP as we fulfill Dr. King’s dream of loving everybody, even those who do not love us or what we do to make this world better.

So what can you expect from the NAACP in the future years to come? Expect the NAACP to continue bringing people of all races together to challenge racism wherever it exists.

The NAACP boldly aims to lovingly help those who are blind to racism because like many of our vocal NAACP-bashing citizens, they are blind to racism because they are not affected by it.

And because racism and discrimination has become so underhanded, sneaky and hidden in some cases, it’s us up to the NAACP to expose racism for all to see, because no else will. That’s what the NAACP has done for over 100 years.

What else can you expect? Expect that most blacks in Fayette County and those to come will try our very best to improve on what is already a great place to live and raise a family.

So, expect thousands of progressive blacks to migrate to Fayette County because we value the great education system here. We blacks have become very fond of getting a good education because education was once something that our enslaved ancestors were forbidden to get and maliciously deprived of, for centuries.

Most of all, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Fayette County soon becomes a county with a progressive majority/minority population. And I expect that district voting will allow white voters in a majority/majority district to elect the candidate of their choice, whether that candidate is black, white or otherwise.

John E. Jones
Fayetteville, Ga.

[Jones is the president of the Fayette County Branch of the NAACP. The local organization’s website is]



The primary basis for this lawsuit appears to be that no black candidate has ever been elected to the County Commission or School Board, and that blacks in Fayette County have been unable "to elect the candidate of their choice."

So I'm curious - how many blacks have run for these offices in the past? Of those who ran, how many campaigned on platforms that were palatable to the county's overwhelmingly conservative/Republican population? Judging by the NAACP's claims, there must have been hundreds of otherwise electable black candidates who lost solely because of race. Right?

As to being unable "to elect the candidate of their choice," have potential black candidates been prohibited from running for office in modern times? Have black voters been turned away from the polls?

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I have been here since 1983. I don't remember any black conservative republicans running for office. I believe a black conservative would have a good chance of winning. This is not just about putting a black candidate into office it's about putting a black liberal democrat in office. I myself would love for the NAACP to show us some statics on blacks that ran for office in FayCo. How many democrats? How many Republicans? What were their qualifications? How have blacks been harmed by the current system? You'll never get this type data.

Dave Simmons ran for Sheriff in 2008 as a conservative Republican on a platform of protecting Fayette County from gang activity. He was soundly defeated in the primary.

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Not sure if he was liberal or conservative but he was an outstanding police officer in Peachtree City. Of course he was running against Randall Johnson and he lost, but Ben was definitely black.

The NAACP needs to be disbanded. They are already discredited.

Here's some background information.  During the Mayor Coleman Young era In Detroit, which is when Dave Simmons rose through the ranks of the Detroit police department (DPD), to earn and hold a ranking position on the DPD the ranking officer had to vote straight Democratic to gain and keep their position under the Coleman Young political patrongage system.  Also, the ranking officer had to sell political campaign Slush Fund tickets for build the Democrat mayor's campaign fund war chest.  If and when a ranking police officer refused to continue selling these campaign slush fund tickets, that officer on the spot had his/her "signed but, undated, letter of resignation" stamped with that day's date and than they were "dis-appointed" from their "appointed" rank.  So, for all of Dave Simmons political voting life in Detroit he was a Democrat who only voted for Democrats.  Then, suddenly he relocates to Atlanta and writes that he was always a Republican. He continued to claim his whole family in Detroit, a stronghold of the Democrat party, have always been Republican.  This kind of obvious deception, which was easily detected, is what cost Dave Simmons the 2008 county sheriff election.  Our elected law enforcement officials must be held to the highest standard!

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Should have been elected, he is a capable person that never had a chance to show what he could do for our county. Our loss.

I agree PTCO. I met Mr. Simmons once and am very impressed with him.

Interesting that you never heard of Dave Simmons or Ben Thomas. I don't think the officers of the NAACP read this blog - maybe they do. The system? In 2013 the issue is not harm - but opportunity to participate.

Full of it. If it is so bad here in Fayette County, leave and go help in Clayton County. I own property there too, and they sure need your expertise.

The naacps have called for racial segregation while claiming that they are for bringing people together.

Mr. jones like most others of this purely racist organization don't walk the talk. He has basically called every white person that lives in Fayette county a Jim Crow racist. Jim Crow was a democrat, mr. jones. Where is the diversity in the leadership at the naacp and why is your group promoting segregation and dividing our county based on race?

You have no credibility sir. .

Sorry Joe, Jim Crow was a white guy in black-face performing as a mocking caricature of a stupid black person. He wasn't a Democrat and came into existence before the Republican party existed.

I know how concerned you always are for accuracy. Truth is always stranger than fiction.

Mr. Jones,
I applaud your passion for the NAACP. I respect you standing for your beliefs. The problem I have with the NAACP is the fact it is an organization based on progressing one race. Story after story after story shows the NAACP arguing on behalf of blacks, but when a black person commits the same act on another race, the NAACP can be seen no where.
The idea and origin of the NAACP had a wonderful beginning, but as most political organizations, it became diluted from its original purpose. It isn't used to better colored people, as its name states, it is used to progress political motivations of a select few. Sounds like the same type of organizations that you say are harmful.
I regards to the district voting. The district lines will be drawn so that a section of Fayette County is destined for a black representative on the school board and commission. Does that sound legitimate? If a group of individuals of another race were to go into a majority black area and carve a small section to specifically elect a candidate of their race, the NAACP would sue to block it. The double standards of your organization are the issues most citizens of another race have.
I am not jumping on the "if you don't like the way we do it, don't come here" group. Maybe I am a naïve individual, but I truly look at the candidate's position and goals they are bringing to the table to be elected. Don't force someone simply because you want a black representative. Work hard and cultivate a candidate that can bring great ideas on the things that matter most, taxes, public safety and education. Weather you're a conservative, republican or democrat the goal of representatives of the county government is for the furtherance of Fayette County citizens, not just a select race.


Thanks for your reasoned sharing. I'm sure there are many who feel as you do - regardless of color.

[quote] If a group of individuals of another race were to go into a majority black area and carve a small section to specifically elect a candidate of their race, the NAACP would sue to block it.[/quote]

The process you describe - gerrymandering - is used by politicians/parties/groups to achieve/deny voting power.

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If you look at just district voting without the racial element, then it is pretty simple - do you want to have just one vote on the county commission candidates or would you want the opportunity to vote for (or against) the candidates for all 5 seats. Hardly anyone would say that giving away 4/5 of your voting power makes any sense.

So now Mr. Jones and the NAACP comes along and proposes the same thing and injects race into it and all of a sudden it is a good idea? Are you kidding me? Black people are no more capable of running a county government than anyone else. Why should they get a leg up by rigging the election through gerrymandered districts? I don't think this is what Martin Luther King was speaking about when he said we should all be judged on the content of our character rather than the color of our skin. And yet Mr. Jones somehow implies that MLK would endorse this district voting thing.

No Mr. Jones, what MLK (and Bill Cosby and Benjamin Carson) would tell you is to hold yourself erect, pull up your pants, stay in school, don't have kids until you can afford them, get an education, get a job, contribute to the community and then - run for office. You do that and recognize you are in a conservative county - you might get elected and it won't matter what color your skin is.

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and the rest won't stop cause it is a cash cow. The average salary of a NAACP worker in the Fayette county area is $150,000.00 a year. Put into the mix it only meets a few times leaving you open to have a real job, and there is your answer to all this. They must churn stuff up to keep the money coming in.

If you go back and read his wording...he and DM seem to be closer related than we think.

I must say her senseless, hate filled prattle, day in and day out is disgusting. If you say the sky is blue, she turns it into a racist conversation by saying it must have brown in it or it can't be an equal sky. So she throws a little ..... up there to try to make it so. All this goes on just to churn up shytt and then she makes some stupid remarks about getting along with her neighbors of all colors to try to disguise her blinded hatred of whitie.

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Some questions:
1. What is a NAACP worker in Fayette County, what do they do and how many of them are here?

2. Who in the world contributes money to support these workers? Is there someone going around to black families saying "We need some contributions from you to push District Voting in Fayette County"? Are there actually people donating to NAACP?

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If you could clean up your act...maybe someone would take you seriously. Where was Sharpton and Jones?

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like the toddler in Bruswick, the poor child on the bus, the man in Minn. etc., I am reminded of the story of the "over the mountain men"

Whites don't take to the streets like a pack of dogs everytime things don't go their way. They think it is low. But if people like Sharpton, Jackson, DM, keep pushing, they will be surprised at the reaction. Whites have a lot of tolerance but they are no fools and the incessant hounding and badgering by the NAACP for more insane tilted laws, and attacking of our children won't be tolerated much longer. When a thug like Martin gets it for attacking what he ..thought...was an unarmed man, you are outraged.

For any that don't know the story of the Over the Mountain men, they were white settlers from northern Ireland that moved to the US to get away for the oppression of English rule. When Cornwallis followed them here and threaten their families, they came over the mountains after him and his well trained army! They clearly had had enough!

Be careful how you push, you might get pushed back and with very good reason!

You are sick.

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but you can't expect to keep up a one sided attack can you? You can't be that nuts. People are sick of little thugs attacking their children. People are sick of the NAACP making outrageous demands. Only you would think of a race war. That is your mentality. People will not keep putting up with this.

I posed a question to you some time ago and you never answered. I imagine it put you in shock. When are you and your group going to 'give back' so to speak? Start doing nice things for whitie for all the good things we have done for you?

I do not live in a segregated world. The <strong>Good</strong> I do is for more than just one group of Americans. I have been privileged to go to school with diverse Americans; work with diverse Americans. This appears to be 'strange' to you, My family has contributed to this country since the 1700's. Now, who are you saying I need to 'give back' to? In my world, 'whitie' is not separate from other Americans. In California, there were 'whites' who worked with the NAACP; in Tenneesee, there were 'whites' who marched for Civil RIghts; there are 'whites' who attend my church; there are 'whites' who attend the political party meetings; etc., etc., etc. I am sorry that your world is still 'segregated. I guess that is possible here in Fayette County. I have not attacked 'whites' here since I realized in 2006 that Fayette County is not the same county that I visited when I was 11 - or when my son attended school in Georgia in 1981. However, you are not doing the conservative Republicans here WHO ARE NOT RACIST any favors with your constant attack and denigration of the 'black' race.

There was a time when the denigration,distrust, and fear was prevalent on both sides of the racial issue. - and it appears we are returning to this era of distrust. MLK preached to 'blacks' that hate and the threat of violence does not work - when seeking harmony in America. There are 'black' people who also spew hate towards those who are different. Many leaders and preachers who happen to be 'white' have done the same. There was a time - recent - when I expressed fear of all white men who drove pick-up trucks due to experiences that I had and had been exposed to by members of my family. I have been exposed to hateful 'white' thugs. I have been exposed to ignorance and disrespect because of the color of my skin. . .but this is 2013. Americans will always disagree on issues - religion, political, ideology, etc. - that is the American/human way. BUT IT IS TIME TO HEAL THIS RACIAL PROBLEM IN THIS COUNTRY. The majority of the citizens of the world are not 'white' - and our children are going to be exposed and interact with the global community. They truly, in order to be successful, will have to be able to judge humans by their character rather than the color of their skin.

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"I posed a question to you some time ago and you never answered. I imagine it put you in shock. When are you and your group going to 'give back' so to speak? Start doing nice things for whitie for all the good things we have done for you?"

What I'm trying to ask is when are you going to take responsibility for your present/prior/ and future actions? When are YOU as a group going to take responsibility for the fact that a lot of your young grow up to be thugs and gangstas? They kill little white kids, and that's ok, just don't kill your little Trayvons or you will take to the streets and riot. When are you going to go to your own and tell them it is wrong to keep having babies they can't feed and the gov has to?

Just how many gov programs and gov giveaways and being put at the head of the line for 50-60 years going to be enough? Have you no shame at all? Don't you realize that when you demand that you be given specials deals (little ole voting districts of your own) that you are saying you don't have the intelligence, dignity, or stamina to get it on your own? By your actions, Sharpton's, Jackson's, and the NAACP, you validate the mind set you can't make it on your own. Thus far, what you have been given training wheels to run, DeKalb, S Fulton, Clayton...not one success story yet. Might it just be a little harder to straighten the messes you made of those fine counties and the school system BEFORE you demanded the RIGHT to ruin this one in another little experiment?

Nuk is right, why even respond.

You just said what we all are thinking and asking ourselves, when is enough enough?

[Quote]Thus far, what you have been given training wheels to run, DeKalb, S Fulton, Clayton[/quote]

In the early days of integration in Georgia, there were white and black leaders who realized that Atlanta was the hub and power house of Georgia. They worked together to bring the two communities together to keep Atlanta powerful . Other communities did not benefit from this leadership, there was massive white exit, etc. Today, Atlanta attracts business and an integrated middle and upper class citizenry, (Atlanta also has an integrated poor community). The attitude that the other counties were 'given' to blacks for training wheels is destructive to any so- called desire for harmony.. I was told that I was dealing with male testosterone on this site. I think in some cases it's more like arrogance based on gender and skin color.. Testosterone is really not a bad thing!

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I know that your response to this post will be that this is a small group that doesn't represent Fayette County. I disagree. I think we're seeing a sample of feelings that does represent FayCo. If you take a close look you'll see what the NAACP is doing to race relations here. Let me see if I can explain how whites are starting to feel. It's like if your great grand dad borrowed $50 from mine and never repaid it. So I come to you for the money. You say OK and give me $50. I then say no, I want the value of the $50 when it was loaned. So you say OK again and pay me more. Then I say but I should entitled to interest. You pay again. Then I say well if my great gran dad had the money he was offered a chance to buy stock in XYZ company but couldn't since he had given $50 to your GG dad. So I want the value of the stock. At some point you're going to tell me where to get off. But this is the game the NAACP plays because when they stop they will no longer have a reason to exists.

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I started to spend a good bit of time composing a point-by-point rebuttal and then wisely decided it wasn't worth the effort. There are so many bigoted and hopelessly ignorant and illogical opinions in the NAACP missive that I just said, WHY?

When you start talking garbage about electing "one of your own" and all the past injustices and grievances along with incessant whining, why bother responding? It's not like you're going to convince a zealot with an obvious lack of education and very minimal critical thinking of an alternative viewpoint.

I will give Mr. Jones credit for one thing: he's become a little wiser politically. Before, it was "we must elect a BLACK PERSON!!!" Now, it's we must elect a "progressive" from this north Fayette district, even if they aren't black! That's quite a leap from before now when all Jones and the NAACP had to say was a black person must be elected in north Fayette and that was the ONLY thing that mattered.

If you are correct - this is sad; for my experience here in Fayette County has not been anyway similar to my experience in 1981. The NAACP in Fayette County is not the national organization - but they have found how to get the Federal government to look at the practices of the election board in this county. This is happening not only in Fayette County. Changing of precincts, districtwide voting, gerrymandering are methods of how political parties maintain/gain power. Race is not always the issue. In Fayette County it appears to be. The NAACP still has reason to exist - and is growing in membership on the national level. I have no personal knowledge of the local NAACP or their history. I don't feel white people owe me anything but respect, based on my character and contribution to the community. Many persons , both black and white, are concerned regarding the broad brush that people in this discussion give both races. There are only 20% identified minorities in this county - so it is very possible that the majority here have very little contact with a minority. This is a sad reality and outcome of enforced segregation. Fear, distrust of the unknown is not uncommon. The 'game' you attribute to the NAACP is based on what reality? Federal/State programs for the undereducated; poor; are not only for 'black' people - since white people also receive assistance from these programs. Would you feel better if 'black' people were excluded from these programs - or would you feel that all those who take illegal advantage of these programs through fraud should be excluded ( including whites)?

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There are obviously several agendas at play here. But, improving race relations in Fayette County is decidedly not one of them. Those who believe it is, please report to lost and found. The reality train has left the station and you ain't on it.....

In Fayette County among its citizens in public is 'role model' quality. Have you had a black person in FC blame you for anything? As one looks at the periodicals in our county, it is obvious that there are white and minorities that are working together and providing great activities for the younger generation. Stop with the generalizations . Blacks are guilty of generalizing also. If we treat one another as we want to be treated- that will be a start at improving race relations. How about improving human relations as we speak to one another?

You raise a good point here - many younger whites feel that they are wrongly blamed and punished for things that occurred prior to their births (slavery, jim crow, etc). I would place myself in that group.

Additionally, many of those who now stand to benefit from weighted systems (affirmative action, race-based voting districts, etc) were ALSO not alive to have suffered under the aforementioned racist systems.

Consider this as well - prior to abolition, somewhere around 5% of American whites owned slaves. This means that large numbers of whites today don't even have an ancestral connection to slavery.

Moreover, most "African Americans" today have white ancestors (22% European DNA, on average, according to the journal Genome Biology), presumably from slave master/slave relationships (e.g., Jefferson & Sally Hemings). SO... the percentage of black Americans with slave owning ancestors is likely HIGHER than the percentage of whites with slave owning ancestors.

With that in mind, perhaps blacks should get together and start paying reparations to one another... and leave me alone regarding things that I and my family had nothing to do with.

Jim Crow and false feeling of superiority because of the color of your skin based on ignorance is what minorities in this country are sick of! Stop painting all blacks as on welfare, thugs, having babies without benefit of marriage. Are all white men like the miscreants who killed a black man and then ran over him with their pick up last year? However, I appreciate learning about those who still harbor these feelings. If you are younger than the 'old' practices, please judge the minorities that you meet by their character, (And help out by refusing to buy drugs from blacks.). And make sure your children do not listen to or buy 'hip hop' music. ( these artists are not making millions from 'black' customers ) Thanks

And I'd appreciate it if you'd admonish organizations like the NAACP to do the same!

Can you cite an example of when I painted ALL blacks as on welfare, thugs, etc? No? Yeah, I didn't think so.

As far as judging people based on character, I'm confident that I have ALWAYS done that. I have worked for blacks, I have worked with blacks, I have hired blacks, and I have trusted my life to blacks in life or death situations - many times.

In doing so, I've found that - as with any large group of people - you will have the good, the bad, and the average. There are MANY blacks who would earn my vote in a heartbeat because we share the same values and principles. Unlike the Fayette NAACP, I do not see race as a qualification (or disqualification) for office.

Having said all that, I would also appreciate not being automatically viewed as a racist because I'm a white guy. I am not the truck driving boogy-man your family warned you about, DM (that must have really scarred you). I and every other white American I know would honestly love to see a color-blind America. The irony is that our nation cannot be color-blind as long as organizations like the NAACP exist, because these groups force Americans to categorize others based on race. How sad.

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Let me warn you about trying to discuss anything with DM. Just for an example look at my post above about the NAACP and race relations. I tried to point out what the NAACP is doing to race relations here in FayCo. Read her response to me below. You will see how she avoids the original point and tries to expand the the topic to welfare etc so that she can argue her point better. Get ready. She is a master at this and you will feel like you've been beating your head against the wall when she finally posts her last post of your discussion with a long "Can't we all just get along" post.

Yeah, I've witnessed the DM Shuffle on many occasions. On 6/21, she lectured me on "the culture of slavery" when I questioned the relative merits of cultures (not races) in America. Tonight, she's demanding that we "stop using slavery." Interesting.

Here's some food for thought - DM is fond of pointing out that "the younger generation" is less racist/bigoted than previous ones. I think that's true; however, I wonder if those attitudes will survive decades of exposure to the blatant hypocrisy of people like DM. I wonder how she would feel, knowing that she and others like her were responsible for creating a new generation of Suggars, Joe Kawfis, and others whom she considers racists/bigots.

Also, in light of your astute observations, I think it's time for an addendum to my summary of DM's philosophy:

1) People should judge others solely on the content of their character, without regard for racial background; race-based discrimination is wrong.

2) Race-based discrimination is totally fine... if it happens to benefit people who look like DM.

3) There is no moral or logical problem with reconciling #1 and #2.

4) If you disagree with #3, it's because you fear minorities, think you are superior to them, and want to preserve "the ways of the past."

5) If you are losing an argument on facts, either change the topic or make some really vague, meaningless statements about people working together and living in racial harmony.

In my mind, I picture DM with a spreadsheet beside her computer. The top of the page reads, "White People on The Citizen." The left hand column is labeled "RACISTS!" and the right hand column says "One of the good ones."

Thank you . I have no reason to doubt your words . The words of G 35 are the words I responded to. I read the NAACP's case. I'm sure the legal team for the county. is working on whether or not they will challenge the judges findings. There are obviously deeper feelings behind this issue than the possibility of a black being part of the county government structure. Some have stated that they didn't want a Democrat on either body. Throughout our country the political parties are gerrymandering districts to maintain or gain power. I may be mistaken, but I think Mr. Johnson in Fayetteville was listed as a Democrat. I know nothing of the local NAACP - but areas in our country where citizens have complained of not so subtle attempts to deny them opportunity to have a seat at the leadership table are being dealt with using the law. The fear and distrust in Fayette County, as expressed in this discussion is based on both race and political party in some instances. I was asked once if I knew any 'white' people. That question was an eye opener. Like you, I have not led a segregated existence. However, I also have never been in a situation where I was considered subordinate to a white person except here in the south many years ago. - because that was the law. The law and times have changed. There are evidently some people who feel the change has come too quickly. There are some people who have lost patience with waiting for 'hearts' to change and are using the law to expedite change. It is good to discuss feelings and concerns. IMO - it helps understanding. The best way to correct this problem is for Americans to realize the diversity of our country and respect one another. The only true natives are the Native Americans, the rest of us have an immigrant background .

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[quote] The words of G 35 are the words I responded to.[/quote]

My post re slavery was posted 8/14/13 at 6:17pm. You responded to me on 8/14/13 at 6:10pm. That is 7 minutes before I posted. You are really good DM. LOL You were responding to Silverstar and are now afraid to accept responsibility for your words.

I have no reason not to accept responsibility for my words. If I post and want to take back my words, I can delete them. You have responded to me with negativity for several days - so pick whatever post you feel is appropriate. I take full responsibility for expressing my opinion - and why are you getting so upset because I do not agree with many of your opinions? (Rhetorica question - not really interested in the answer - LOL)

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 10:22am

This is the post that elicited my response to you. But G35 - nobody cares! Have a great day!

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Wed, 08/14/2013 - 10:22am

This is the post that elicited my response to you. But G35 - nobody cares! Have a great day!

Where do I mention slavery in that one?

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I saw your homework assignments. That sucks that you have homework on a weekend!!! Back when I had homework, I tried to get started early Friday and hopefully have Saturday and Sunday free. Maybe that would work for you guys?

By the way, I didn't see any specifics in the assignment, but I believe you should shoot for 1500 words, double-spaced. Be diligent though, she has copies of your sources.

Good luck to you both!!!

G35 Dude's picture

And I can't use statics, polls, or verifiable facts. Only those sources that she approved. LOL Oh well guess I better expect an "F" on this one!!!

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[quote]You raise a good point here - many younger whites feel that they are wrongly blamed and punished for things that occurred prior to their births (slavery, jim crow, etc). I would place myself in that group. [/quote]

Many of us are now being punished simply for being the wrong color.

[quote]Moreover, most "African Americans" today have white ancestors (22% European DNA, on average, according to the journal Genome Biology), presumably from slave master/slave relationships (e.g., Jefferson & Sally Hemings). SO... the percentage of black Americans with slave owning ancestors is likely HIGHER than the percentage of whites with slave owning ancestors.

With that in mind, perhaps blacks should get together and start paying reparations to one another... and leave me alone regarding things that I and my family had nothing to do with.[/quote]

Add in the fact that the blacks that were slaves were sold into slavery by other blacks and this statement carries even more weight.

Now whites are victims? This is very interesting. Please enlighten us so that we have a better understanding of why you, as whites, have such a feeling of fear, distrust, etc. of the <strong>blacks in your community. </strong> (Not the blacks represented by STATISTICS, or the blacks who live in poor neighborhoods, or the blacks who commit crime) But the blacks that you actually interact with. Please include exactly how you are being punished. (By the way - check carefully your source - and please put your opinion in your own words. I have copies of some of your sources)

I will listen - and not respond to your answer - but learn from it. No statistics please - just your experience with the blacks that you interact with here in Fayette County. Thanks

Ok DM, I'll play along. But first, I must point out that your desire to severely restrict the parameters of the conversation is... interesting. And yes, I'm using that word as you do - as a euphemism for "you're probably a racist."

But I will answer your question. You may be shocked to learn that my experiences with blacks in this community are largely positive. But, as I stated before, any large group will have its good, bad, and average. I live in a very nice neighborhood that is probably almost equally divided between black and white families. Two of my black neighbors are law enforcement officers; they are awesome and we have much in common. At the other end of the spectrum, two of my black neighbors are criminals. One is in prison for drug trafficking and one has a lengthy record of domestic violence arrests.

So DM, I'm sure you're disappointed to learn that I do not "fear and distrust" all black people. What I do fear and distrust is the gangsta/thug/ghetto/welfare culture that is eating away at our society like a cancer. Sadly, it appears to be the PREVAILING culture among young blacks, which explains all of the pesky statistics and facts you'd like to exclude from the conversation. And yes DM, I know that some whites participate in it too. Don't worry, I dislike them with equal enthusiasm. Based on earlier conversations with you, I think you fail to grasp that - unlike race - culture is a CHOICE. As such, it is a very valid means by which to judge people.

Lastly, I fear and distrust the hypocritical philosophy to which you and the Fayette NAACP subscribe. Unlike ya'll, I believe that ANY discrimination or favoritism based on race is wrong. I have a hard time believing that you would be okay with an advocacy group for white people pushing a lawsuit to create a special voting district for whites, based on the assumption that white people can only be adequately represented by other white people.

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[quote] Now whites are victims? [/quote]

This is classic DM. You see only blacks have a right to be victims in her mind. She tries so hard to make her points that she will try to limit/expand the discussion to fit her needs. She will call FayCo a “Bastion of white supremacy” one day and a great place for all races the next. She will make up her own statics one day, “most people want Obamacare” and tell you that the polls are inaccurate when you call her on it. She will then challenge you to refute her but you can only use the sources that she approves to do so. And as a last resort you will accuse you of being afraid. Challenge her to explain how district voting will improve FayCo without using race and she’ll call you immature, naïve, and childish. And lets not forget the race card.

In past discussions with her I’ve shown support for Herman Cain, Alan West and a couple of others. So she responds that these men are not black leaders. I submit to you that this may be problem number 1. But these men are not black enough I guess. It has to be a DM approved black man. Challenge the NAACP and she will try to distance the local chapter from the national NAACP. Bottom line is that she will go to any lengths to advance her racist agenda. You will never make a dent in that stone wall no matter how long you beat your head against it.

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Nice job by both students! Early assessment would be that SS stuck to the stringent parameters of the assignment a little better. But then, you didn't have a lot of wiggle room there G35! She does love to frame the argument doesn't she? Seems to be a mindset of needing some advantages, maybe? I do think SS may have some problems though. You were both instructed to exclude blacks who commit crime. Then he goes right ahead and states that two of his black neighbors are criminals. Obviously points will be deducted there.

Good news for both of you is that she clearly stated "I will listen - <strong>and not respond to your answer</strong> - but learn from it".</strong> Where have I heard that before????

[quote]Good news for both of you is that she clearly stated "I will listen - and not respond to your answer - but learn from it". Where have I heard that before????[/quote]

I lied!!! It's too much fun to reply!! You certainly don't have to. Bye!


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