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In defense of the Fayette NAACP

Despite numerous false accusations lobbed at the NAACP in the media, this historic organization can only be accurately labeled as a true champion of equality, justice, diversity and inclusion.

In the early 1950s, the NAACP filed the landmark case known as Brown vs. The Board of Education and won. As a result, white and black children all over the South were required to attend the same schools like I did beginning in 1970 in Americus, Ga.

Wherever there is unlawful discrimination taking place, the NAACP has an obligation to first seek voluntary changes to eliminate discrimination which we did in Fayette County.

Several years ago, I personally appeared before the Fayette County Commission and asked them to voluntarily switch to district voting. The commissioners all looked at me as if I was crazy and promptly ignored my request and numerous other appeals for district voting.

Efforts to get district voting through the legislature were also thwarted.

So if there is no conspiracy to keep people of color off the county commission and school board, why vehemently resist changing to district voting?

It is a verifiable fact that historically to some degree or another, black people in America have systemically been wrongfully abused, used, discriminated against, neglected and exploited ever since we set foot on American soil.

Yet as Americans, we brave black folks are the ones who must constantly challenge America to live up to its promise of liberty and justice for all.

So with discrimination still being a constant reality more often than not, we find that people in control of Fayette County government have refused to voluntarily do anything to eliminate racial discrimination in Fayette County elections.

So what did you expect the NAACP to do? Did you expect the NAACP to continue to allow the votes of black residents to be diluted?

Did you really expect us to sit back and allow an all-white county commission and school board to continue making policy and decisions without any input from us?

Did you expect us to forgo seeking a court remedy that would give us the opportunity to elect the candidate of our choice?

If the federal judge orders a special election, you can thank all those Fayette County leaders who repeatedly dismissed the call to voluntarily change to district voting.

But thanks to the federal justice system and district voting, Fayette County now has a golden opportunity to finally embrace diversity and inclusion by bringing fairness to government and unity to our community.

As a very proud American citizen who served my country in the military for decades, I fully expect my vote for a county commission or school board candidate to count.

But with at-large voting, it has been proven that my vote and the votes of the black residents in north Fayette County are illegally diluted by a biased group of voters in other parts of the county who have statistically proven that they historically prefer any white candidate over a black candidate.

Thus, the Voting Rights Act and Judge Batten’s 81-page decision in favor of district voting gives me the expectation that we in north Fayette County will soon be able to elect the candidate of our choice, whether that candidate be black, white or otherwise.

Furthermore, shouldn’t there be people of color on the county commission and school board if we are to have diversity and inclusion in government? What is divisive about that?

And if our county leaders were color-blind, wouldn’t they be able to understand that district voting is the fairest way to elect county commissioners and school board members?

Honestly, I do not expect to get those who hate or attack the NAACP to agree with me. As a matter of fact, I full expect to be attacked, cursed and put down. Why?

Because there are a few hateful vocal minority of selfish people who really expect black people to be quiet and stay in our place.

Like vocal white supremacists of the Jim Crow era, they have no respect for the NAACP, outspoken civil rights activists and people of color in general because they expect blacks to be subservient, pay our taxes, cut our grass and be content to let white people make all of the decisions that affect us, our children and our communities.

But somewhere I heard Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. tell Negroes to straighten up our backs because nobody can ride your back when you stand upright.

So call us uppity or upright if you will. That is the charge we have from that great black leader with an amazing dream.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the historic March on Washington, thousands of black Americans are reviving the spirit of activism that moved us to change things for the better.

Nevertheless, not all black people in Fayette County are willing to stand upright or associate with the NAACP because they may be too scared, apathetic or have been conditioned to not make waves or duped into conforming to the expectation that blacks should stay in our place and be subservient.

But the NAACP owes it to any person of color to show everybody that standing up for our civil rights is not only our duty and obligation, it is the only way we will ever gain the dignity and respect we deserve as real Americans.

So I call upon people of all races to join the NAACP as we fulfill Dr. King’s dream of loving everybody, even those who do not love us or what we do to make this world better.

So what can you expect from the NAACP in the future years to come? Expect the NAACP to continue bringing people of all races together to challenge racism wherever it exists.

The NAACP boldly aims to lovingly help those who are blind to racism because like many of our vocal NAACP-bashing citizens, they are blind to racism because they are not affected by it.

And because racism and discrimination has become so underhanded, sneaky and hidden in some cases, it’s us up to the NAACP to expose racism for all to see, because no else will. That’s what the NAACP has done for over 100 years.

What else can you expect? Expect that most blacks in Fayette County and those to come will try our very best to improve on what is already a great place to live and raise a family.

So, expect thousands of progressive blacks to migrate to Fayette County because we value the great education system here. We blacks have become very fond of getting a good education because education was once something that our enslaved ancestors were forbidden to get and maliciously deprived of, for centuries.

Most of all, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Fayette County soon becomes a county with a progressive majority/minority population. And I expect that district voting will allow white voters in a majority/majority district to elect the candidate of their choice, whether that candidate is black, white or otherwise.

John E. Jones
Fayetteville, Ga.

[Jones is the president of the Fayette County Branch of the NAACP. The local organization’s website is]



NUK_1's picture

[quote=G35 Dude][ Bottom line is that she will go to any lengths to advance her racist agenda. You will never make a dent in that stone wall no matter how long you beat your head against it.[/quote] is this so hard for everyone to understand? What's one of the definitions of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

Responding to a totally bigoted poster over and over sort of fits that definition too.

[quote]Herman Cain, Alan West and a couple of others. So she responds that these men are not black leaders[/quote]

Just for clarification - for the above are certainly 'black'! They are not leaders of the 'black' community. There are very few 'black' members of The Tea Party. We really need to do a better job of ignoring each other! :-)

G35 Dude's picture

[quote] We really need to do a better job of ignoring each other! :-)[/quote]

I could care less whether you ignore me or not.If I have something to say I'll say it. I used to try to treat you with a certain level of respect. But then you showed your true colors by misposting my words and name calling. I've seen your true nature. Martin Luther King said to judge people not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. That is what I'm trying to do.

Thanks for taking the time to answer. I am not at all surprised at your answer, for I feel that most citizens of Fayetteville or Fayette County are having similar experiences. My concern is that from some of the words posted here - there is a generalization that most young black males in Fayette County are

[quote]Sadly, it appears to be the PREVAILING culture among young blacks, which explains all of the pesky statistics and facts you'd like to exclude from the conversation.[/quote]

Is that 'culture' found in Fayette County? (Rhetorica) But many persons who happen to be mothers of; grandparents of; young black males are getting tired of some expressing this 'fear', distrust' of all young black males. It is very similar to my miseducation to fear all white males. Young men have died because of an 'appearance' of a prevailing culture. Are judgements and opinions made on RACIAL appearances in this county/country?

[quote]And yes DM, I know that some whites participate in it too. Don't worry, I dislike them with equal enthusiasm. Based on earlier conversations with you, I think you fail to grasp that - unlike race - culture is a CHOICE. [/quote]

Really? There are many aspects to the development of culture or a culture.

<cite>the act of developing the intellectual and moral faculties especially by education</cite>

I think exposure to home training, education, adult role models is not always a CHOICE. But that's just my opinion.

Another BIG generalization -[quote]Lastly, I fear and distrust the hypocritical philosophy to which you and the Fayette NAACP subscribe.[/quote]

The NAACP of Georgia (I'm sure at the prodding of the local NAACP) made a case against Districtwide voting in Fayette County - stating that the outcome was prejudicial to 'black' voters. (Precluded them from electing a minority to two governing bodies) <cite> I wonder why the legal counsel for the county didn't see this one coming. Georgia was under monitoring for Voting RIghts for all of its citizens since previous practices were deemed un-Constitutional.</cite> The Federal Judge found for the NAACP. The gerrymandering has been taken out of the hands of both the NAACP and Fayette County. I agree with this move. I am a lifetime member of the NAACP - and I am very proud of my membership. I have not spoken with anyone in the Fayette County NAACP or Georgia NAACP about this case. I have read insinuations in The Citizen that are not given as 'quotes' by the local NAACP organization - but certainly has raised anger and mistrust in the county. A Mr. Sullivan posted some time ago that if the 'black' community wanted a member on these governing bodies, there are proven methods of grooming a candidate, surveying the likelyhood of the candidates success, and taking steps to insure that candidates success.

Many citizens that I have spoken with have stated that they are tired of being called 'racist' because there is no minority on two governing bodies in Fayette County. I am a realist. It would be difficult for a Democrat to be elected to either body. There are 'black' Republicans in Fayette County. I have no knowledge of anyone of my race who would be interested in taking on the responsibility of serving on either body. I am a Democrat, but I'm sure , as has been stated here - there are 'black Republicans' who are qualified. I really don't ask the political affiliation of any of my friends, black or white. Since I don't see some of my friends at Democrat functions - it may be safe to assume they are Republicans. (black and white) Actually, I have friends of both races who would not attend either political party functions here in Fayette County.

I don't think statistics are 'pesky' if used appropriately. My father taught me that there are three LIES:
1. Little white lies
2. Big black lies
3. Statistics

Observation , experience and education usually gets one to the truth.

I did not see this as a 'homework' assignment - but you would have received an A! Very honestly and respectfully completed. :-)

suggarfoot's picture

" Please enlighten us so that we have a better understanding of why you, as whites, have such a feeling of fear, distrust, etc. of the blacks in your community...................just your experience with the blacks that you interact with here in Fayette County"

Well I know of one that we all unfortunately know!
Most think is crazy as an outhouse rat!

Just so I can better understand (to improve my blogging tone), would you rate your comments to Dads Mom as sanctimonious, rude, mean, or normal?

I think they actually get an extra bonus for causing division and hate in a community. What else could be their motive? Why would you destroy a peaceful community where everyone gets along?

To NOT feed the troll. It is a one act play.

MajorMike's picture

That's the best analogy I have seen to date. Thanks.

The liberal news media ignores the racist hate crimes against whites. We are discriminated against.

Try to ignore our resident racist race baiter "davids mom". I believe she is a white person in the kkk who is trying to pit whites against blacks with her racist hate filled comments. Just ignore her hatred she is an ugly refugee from the kkk of old.

my comment above was posted in response to the above. I do not understand how you could say such things.

my comment above was posted in response to the above. I do not understand how you could say such things.

[quote]Try to ignore our resident racist race baiter "davids mom". I believe she is a white person in the kkk who is trying to pit whites against blacks with her racist hate filled comments. Just ignore her hatred she is an ugly refugee from the kkk of old.[/quote]

Well - you have really lost your credibility regarding your reasoning ability. There are those readers who know for sure that Davids mom is not 'white'. LOL!! We wouldn't know of racist hate crimes against citizens unless the news media informed us. I read both liberal and conservative media - and race/hate crimes are pretty evenly reported. The very liberal and very conservative will use these crimes to further their 'racial' agenda. . . but unfortunately/fortunately, the general public is well aware of this sickness that exists in our midst. In urban areas, the crime is black on black/hispanic on hispanic, anyone against the 'gay' or lesbian community. . . .which is integrated.

I had to laugh when I saw the news tonight. The apple doesn't fall to far from the tree apparently

suggarfoot's picture

Everyone is entitled to their opinion of the NAACP. Below are some facts of their current leader – and their expenditures. The NAACP is a national organization – and its funds are spent on many issues other than the voting practices of Fayette County Georgia.

Some information regarding the current president:

<cite>Over the past two decades, he has helped organize successful campaigns to abolish the death penalty for children, stop Mississippi's governor from turning a public historically black university into a prison, and pass federal legislation against prison rape. His journalistic investigations have been credited with helping save the life of a white inmate who was being threatened for helping convict corrupt prison guards, free a black small farmer who was being framed for arson, and spur official investigations into law enforcement corruption.
A Rhodes Scholar, he is a graduate of Columbia and Oxford University, the past president of the Rosenberg Foundation and served as the founding director of Amnesty International's US Human Rights Program. While at Amnesty, he authored the widely-cited report: Threat and Humiliation--Racial Profiling, Domestic Security, and Human Rights in the United States. </cite>

There are issues of his contribution that some here may find negative – but at least you have the ‘facts’ of the national organization and it’s current leadership.

RKS's picture

What has transpired has only served to further divide this community. If you studied history, you would see how this has NOT worked for Clayton County. When is the NAACP going to stand up for the hispanics in Tyrone and get them some special voting so that they can elect one of "their own"? NAACP is NOT a good thing for race relations.

The local naacp wants to vote for someone based on color alone. They don't want to compete against any other politician in the county they want a district based on black race alone.

There is no difference between the racist policies of the local naacp and the kkk. They are both racist. It's very simple.

I have two questions for our local naacp : 1. why haven't you cleaned up Dekalb, South Fulton and Clayton counties? You know the same counties that you threatened in the past. You know you told them you had to have blacks in leadership positions to um......what was it again??? "Improve" ?????? their counties......really? Why aren't you cleaning up your untreated sewage plants?? You trashed those counties with incompetent weren't looking for people who could do the were only voting based on the color of their skin. A couple of weeks ago our local news stations declared Dekalb and Clayton counties to be 85% ghetto. They went from being clean safe places to live, with good schools and now they are urban waste lands of high crime, failing schools.

Don't tell us that you want to improve a community that already has low crime and good schools. Be truthful. You want to destroy our nice safe community. I could have more respect for you if you would just be honest. You see a community that is clean and safe, and it is different than the naacp counties of DeKalb, South Fulton , and Clayton. It makes you mad that you were such a failure in those counties doesn't it? Epic fail for all of those counties where you voted based on race alone. The fact that Fayette County exists demonstrates that not all counties in the Atlanta metro area need to be ghettos. Every time we succeed, we demonstrate what a failure your policies in other counties has been. You can't handle that, can you? You can't handle the fact that your policies have failed in 3 other counties. You aren't capable of improving fact you have destroyed every community you voting only based on race.

My second question : Where will you move when you turn Fayette county into the crime filled waste land just like you did with Clayton and Dekalb? You see most of us moved when Clayton fell to high crime and failing schools of the naacp black only we don't mind moving. How many more failures would you like to add to your resume? How many more communities do you want to ruin with your blatant incompetence?

Damn! Think you been getting too much scope time!

I have been busy. I have been trying to keep out of this sad issue. It is a shame to see our community leaders being bullied by a group that is just as violent and hateful and racist as the kkk and the black panthers.

I guess I'll have to keep practicing at Autrey's until I get enough criminals to use for target practice in my own yard.
We are living in crazy times.

Will middle class families move from Fayette County because of a black in a leadership position ? There is a black on the City Council in Fayetteville, and middle class citizens of all colors are moving into old and new homes. Many ran from Clayton (black and white) and allowed section 8 tenants to move in some areas. The reality, there weren't many whites left in those counties to be elected. There aren't many section 8 families moving into FC. With the projected growth due to Pinewood and the college, it doesn't look like section 8 families ( black or white) will move to FC. There are more minorities and whites moving to FC, but many of them have chosen to keep their children in private schools. But who knows, the BOE may have to provide more classrooms within two years.

PTC Observer's picture

Is going anywhere because a black is elected to the Commission or BOE.

People will move when they feel that crime and thuggery are winning in our neighborhoods, schools and shopping areas.

That's why people move out of communities that once thrived.


S. Lindsey's picture

...why we leave.

Fayette will soon be like Clayton... a wasteland.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

I know, I grew up in Morrow.

From current building plans in Fayette County, I think/hope you're right.

RKS's picture

[quote=PTC Observer]Is going anywhere because a black is elected to the Commission or BOE.

People will move when they feel that crime and thuggery are winning in our neighborhoods, schools and shopping areas.

That's why people move out of communities that once thrived.[/quote]

Exactly why we moved out of Clayton County...crime and thugs. Exactly why we are going to have to move out of Fayette County - crime.

RKS's picture

People are moving from Fayette County because of the thugs that are ruining it...the crime...the crime.

Why all the building of middle class homes in Fayetteville? Who is PTC expecting? Whites and others are moving into Fayetteville. I have no idea what is happening in other parts of the county. The Fayetteville Police Dept. has stepped up to the plate and citizens are feeling safer. We'll see. I do agree - that if crime increases, many will leave, Unfortunately some equate black skin with crime (as I used to equate white skin with meanness and brutality) - but this is 2013 and many have moved past this type of thinking. We'll see.

For noting the differentiation between the local and national NAACP. Looking at the demographic changes over the years between certain areas of Clayton County and Fayette County - not all 'whites' could afford to leave Clayton County. The economic demographics of the two counties remain quite different. Those who could 'move on up' did so. There are some who moved out of Clayton - but did not move to Fayette,

Unless there is a boom in low-cost housing in Fayette County - Fayette will not become Clayton. Black skinned citizens with a desire to live in a clean, safe community, attend better than average public schools, participate in community activities will be your neighbors in Fayette County. Check it out.

I have to wonder as a senior what must you be teaching/what must your children be over-hearing; what will be the results if they read these discussions? "The Beat Goes On?" Anyone remember the Lester Maddox story/change could be a wonderful thing.

If you are referring to my post below my answer is someone had to tell the truth. This is a matter of historical fact in the ALT metro area. Go back to the late 80s and follow along. Check out the crime statistics and the ranking of the schools and their test scores. Then compare those lists to the demographics of those counties. Clayton, Dekalb also the city of East Point.

You will see that once the naacp got their wish to vote for only black leaders things changed and not for the better. Crime went up sharply, schools failed to the point where they lost their accreditation . Most people are too afraid to say the obvious out loud or to point out the failings of black only leaders however those failings are very glaring.
Clayton and Dekalb and the city of East Point were at one point thriving prosperous communities. They enjoyed low crime and good schools at one point. Go ahead compare the demographics and the change in violent crime and failing schools. I dare you to look. It's a shame that those communities have fallen into a sad state of urban wasteland nightmare.

I know the gratuitous race card will be pulled because someone dared to state the obvious. The race card and the use of it has turned into an olympic sport in ATL every time a black person gets caught doing something wrong....the person who points out those wrongs is obviously "racist". The term is so over used and abused by the guilty it hardly warrants merit or mentioning .

communities. Remember how nice Greenbriar Mall was at one time--same for Shannon and many others. When we first moved to the ATL area we almost bought a home in Clayton County because of proximity to airport and all the other nearby amenities. Thank the good Lord we didn't. What was once a very nice, safe area with nice restaurants and shopping as well as pleasant subdivisions has now become a place that people do not even want to drive through to get from one place to another. It is such a shame and why people cannot see what is happening is beyond me. Of course when a neighborhood goes down the tube it is blamed on everything except the people who have moved in and the people who have been elected to offices in the area who have let it run down. This is not being racist just realistic--even though our resident baiters will say otherwise.
BTW, were you ever at Miami facility?

When we forget history we are doomed to repeat it.

Right now with the racist bs coming from the naacp we are exactly where Clayton County was early 1990s.

I hope you and your family are well. I have only been in the ATL area never Miami.

daughter is in remission and we are praying it stays that way. All good things to you and yours.

suggarfoot's picture

maybe this is the reason they want to be elected.

Sugar – Thanks so much for keeping us abreast of the high costs of electing African-Americans to office. Like you, I know never to trust people of color to play by the rules. White politicians have such a sterling record of public service with those pesky rare exceptions like:

Anthony “Picture This” Weiner
Mayor Bob “the Grabber” Filner
Richard “I’m not a Crook” Nixon
Spiro “the Milkman” Agnew
Lewis “the Perjurer” Libby
Jack “the Bag Man" Abramoff
Tom “Mr. Majority” DeLay
Bob “Mr. Conspiracy” Ney
Jim “Mr. Corruption” Traficant
Rod “the Impeachable” Blagojevich
George “the Racketeer” Ryan
Dan “the Postman” Rostenkowski
James “Mr. Obstruction” Watt
Michael “the Lobbist” Deaver
Casper “Pardon Me” Weinberger (along with the “Pardon Me” brother James McFarlane, Oliver North, Elliott Abrams, and John Poindexter

And who could forget our Georgia “exceptions” to the Caucasian rule:

Pat “Lie to Me” Swindall
Shirley “Make me an Offer” Lasseter
Linda “Make me a New Face" Schrenko
Robin “Mr. Mental Health Fund” Williams

So Sugar, keep scouring the news sources for all those Black guys who won’t play by the rules. We appreciate your objective vigilance.

Governor Deal never did appear before Congress on ethic charges. (He left before the hearings and was elected Governor of Georgia)

By the way - that 'shifty' California politician (Maxine Waters) was cleared of all charges by Congress after her hearings. Interesting.

Comes in all colors!

The Wedge's picture

It comes from the human heart, and from those unchecked by personal morality or lacking a general morality. It is interesting that you are highlighting this, though.

That nasty thing called 'greed' just seems to pop up at the most ugly time--not that there's a pretty time for it to show.

I would respect someone who stands up and admit wrong after unknowingly being duped into something dishonest.

Of course the facts don't matter to the anonymous ... It's easier to cast the stones.

Knock yourself out cowboy

hutch866's picture


Of course the facts don't matter to the anonymous ... It's easier to cast the stones.[/quote]
Was that your thought when you were posting under the identity of someone else....Randy Clokey (just to forestall the whiny posting anonymously hangup you have)

I yam what I yam

NUK_1's picture

We don't need you being sanctimonious on us, Larry.

hutch, are you on the FB group "You Might Be From Clayton County" also? I am and have seen some posts from someone either by you or with your same name. Great group too. Lots of memories and places I had seemingly forgotten.

hutch866's picture

Guilty as charged. Clayton was a great place to grow up back in the 60's and 70's. I don't think my parents even locked the front door till halfway through the 80's.

I yam what I yam

NUK_1's picture

Grew up in FC but spent all my time in Clayton back then because there was absolutely nothing in Fayette in those days. Moved to Clayton in the mid- 80's and it was still all good but within a couple of years, the downward spiral happened and it happened really damn fast.

I know Eastern going under propelled things, but, geez, the whole county started collapsing in the late 80's/early 90's so quickly and it's a real shame. Ugh. Glad for that FB group that has brought back a lot of very good memories and places I had forgotten about.

I lived in Clayton from 77-83. Went to Germany for 3 yrs and located in Fayette upon return. Change was evident. Just as example, when we returned, we visited a mall inClayco and our kids asked "why is all this trash in the parking lot?"--They weren't used to seeing such a thing inGermany.

and no, it doesn't hurt.

I admitted the error, and even though I thought it belonged to the person who gave it to me it was still wrong. I actually first found out when Cal reported the incident in the paper so I contacted him immediately.

Wrong, yes!

suggarfoot's picture

you are always sanctimonious

For goodness sake, we're bloggers...mostly anonymous. It doesn't get any lower than this!
I'll be the first to admit that! Lol

Lets see, we spend our time pissing on elected officials, local and national issues and occasionally on each other when the news is slow. Not an unsanctimonious soul on here except maybe Mr. Garlock.

Too funny.

Oh, just read your verbal attack on David's Mom, very unsanctimonious.


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