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In defense of the Fayette NAACP

Despite numerous false accusations lobbed at the NAACP in the media, this historic organization can only be accurately labeled as a true champion of equality, justice, diversity and inclusion.

In the early 1950s, the NAACP filed the landmark case known as Brown vs. The Board of Education and won. As a result, white and black children all over the South were required to attend the same schools like I did beginning in 1970 in Americus, Ga.

Wherever there is unlawful discrimination taking place, the NAACP has an obligation to first seek voluntary changes to eliminate discrimination which we did in Fayette County.

Several years ago, I personally appeared before the Fayette County Commission and asked them to voluntarily switch to district voting. The commissioners all looked at me as if I was crazy and promptly ignored my request and numerous other appeals for district voting.

Efforts to get district voting through the legislature were also thwarted.

So if there is no conspiracy to keep people of color off the county commission and school board, why vehemently resist changing to district voting?

It is a verifiable fact that historically to some degree or another, black people in America have systemically been wrongfully abused, used, discriminated against, neglected and exploited ever since we set foot on American soil.

Yet as Americans, we brave black folks are the ones who must constantly challenge America to live up to its promise of liberty and justice for all.

So with discrimination still being a constant reality more often than not, we find that people in control of Fayette County government have refused to voluntarily do anything to eliminate racial discrimination in Fayette County elections.

So what did you expect the NAACP to do? Did you expect the NAACP to continue to allow the votes of black residents to be diluted?

Did you really expect us to sit back and allow an all-white county commission and school board to continue making policy and decisions without any input from us?

Did you expect us to forgo seeking a court remedy that would give us the opportunity to elect the candidate of our choice?

If the federal judge orders a special election, you can thank all those Fayette County leaders who repeatedly dismissed the call to voluntarily change to district voting.

But thanks to the federal justice system and district voting, Fayette County now has a golden opportunity to finally embrace diversity and inclusion by bringing fairness to government and unity to our community.

As a very proud American citizen who served my country in the military for decades, I fully expect my vote for a county commission or school board candidate to count.

But with at-large voting, it has been proven that my vote and the votes of the black residents in north Fayette County are illegally diluted by a biased group of voters in other parts of the county who have statistically proven that they historically prefer any white candidate over a black candidate.

Thus, the Voting Rights Act and Judge Batten’s 81-page decision in favor of district voting gives me the expectation that we in north Fayette County will soon be able to elect the candidate of our choice, whether that candidate be black, white or otherwise.

Furthermore, shouldn’t there be people of color on the county commission and school board if we are to have diversity and inclusion in government? What is divisive about that?

And if our county leaders were color-blind, wouldn’t they be able to understand that district voting is the fairest way to elect county commissioners and school board members?

Honestly, I do not expect to get those who hate or attack the NAACP to agree with me. As a matter of fact, I full expect to be attacked, cursed and put down. Why?

Because there are a few hateful vocal minority of selfish people who really expect black people to be quiet and stay in our place.

Like vocal white supremacists of the Jim Crow era, they have no respect for the NAACP, outspoken civil rights activists and people of color in general because they expect blacks to be subservient, pay our taxes, cut our grass and be content to let white people make all of the decisions that affect us, our children and our communities.

But somewhere I heard Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. tell Negroes to straighten up our backs because nobody can ride your back when you stand upright.

So call us uppity or upright if you will. That is the charge we have from that great black leader with an amazing dream.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the historic March on Washington, thousands of black Americans are reviving the spirit of activism that moved us to change things for the better.

Nevertheless, not all black people in Fayette County are willing to stand upright or associate with the NAACP because they may be too scared, apathetic or have been conditioned to not make waves or duped into conforming to the expectation that blacks should stay in our place and be subservient.

But the NAACP owes it to any person of color to show everybody that standing up for our civil rights is not only our duty and obligation, it is the only way we will ever gain the dignity and respect we deserve as real Americans.

So I call upon people of all races to join the NAACP as we fulfill Dr. King’s dream of loving everybody, even those who do not love us or what we do to make this world better.

So what can you expect from the NAACP in the future years to come? Expect the NAACP to continue bringing people of all races together to challenge racism wherever it exists.

The NAACP boldly aims to lovingly help those who are blind to racism because like many of our vocal NAACP-bashing citizens, they are blind to racism because they are not affected by it.

And because racism and discrimination has become so underhanded, sneaky and hidden in some cases, it’s us up to the NAACP to expose racism for all to see, because no else will. That’s what the NAACP has done for over 100 years.

What else can you expect? Expect that most blacks in Fayette County and those to come will try our very best to improve on what is already a great place to live and raise a family.

So, expect thousands of progressive blacks to migrate to Fayette County because we value the great education system here. We blacks have become very fond of getting a good education because education was once something that our enslaved ancestors were forbidden to get and maliciously deprived of, for centuries.

Most of all, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Fayette County soon becomes a county with a progressive majority/minority population. And I expect that district voting will allow white voters in a majority/majority district to elect the candidate of their choice, whether that candidate is black, white or otherwise.

John E. Jones
Fayetteville, Ga.

[Jones is the president of the Fayette County Branch of the NAACP. The local organization’s website is]



OK, as a part-time resident, how about you give Joe some help with an unbiased term inhow to describe DM, her philosophy & demeanor. How about Race Pimp--does that sound better? All I ask is that you be honest with your assessment--fair enough?

How about you Joe some help with terminology in DM's case. I don't like the term used either but would "Race Pimp" be better? As a temporary resident, just how would you describe her attitude & demeanor? All I ask is that you be honest in your assessment.

rolling stone's picture

I'm not going there. David's mom gives bloggers plenty to disagree with but absolutely nothing that warrants being called a whore.

It is what it is.

OK, so do you say that attaching the same title to Jesse Jackson and Sharpton is wrong/incorrect/misleading? That's been happening for perhaps years. Their activities beg for descriptive identification--and they are unwavering in what they do and say, though it's commonly destructive to racial harmony. Well, I'm outta my lane here, I normally avoid racial controversy. When you headed to PA?

MajorMike's picture

Is your name David?

rolling stone's picture

[quote]Is your name David?[/quote]
That's a negative.

MajorMike's picture

I knew that!!!!

Keep the shiny side up and your landings equal to your number of takeoffs.

Freedom of speech is a right. Ignorance is a given. I don't think many here think that I have painted myself as a victim - certainly not in 2013 as a citizen of Fayette County. Politically, I am certainly in a minority - but morally, I feel that I am among people who want exactly what I want - peace, safety, respect and civility. Cal Beverly has given me an opportunity to express my opinion - and has not 'disciplined' me, since I try to abide by his guidelines. I learned a long time ago that no one can label you but you! Some are just tired of my posting my view in contradistinction to the view of obvious bigots when it comes to 'race'. It is a shame that this opinion is tied in the eyes of so many citizens to the 'southern' Republican Party. In this country we need leaders who can listen to one another and at least find areas where they can work together and get the job done of governing this country. The 'race card' in politics has proved detrimental to those who play it. America has come a long way in 'race relations- and I wrote an opinion about that some time ago - and over 7000 readers of The Citizen took the time to at least glance at it. It doesn't matter whether they agree or not - but I think my generation has done a pretty good jog in 'marching towards the dream'. (White, black, Hispanic, Asian, Native Americans - all Americans in 2013.) I came along when there were no minorities on television - today one sees people (Americans) of all races on TV - truly representing the diversity of our country. Whites are not excluded from this representation - for our Founding Fathers were white - and it is their words that we are finally trying to manifest in our daily relationships with one another.

Haven't experienced any 'bad' water and not eligible to vote on PTC matters. Interesting discussion however. I just love Fayetteville and my neighbors. . . people like Major Mike can't hurt anyone with their words. May God bless us all.

rolling stone's picture

You need no defense from me, that is a given. My opinion is that while using vulgar epithets may be free speech they are not a good idea.

What 'they' don't seem to realize is that their 'words' tell a lot about their character. Vulgarity sort of loses the argument. . . .and doesn't really relate to the issue. No doubt they don't agree with me - on many issues. LOL!!

This is an interesting, but not unique attack on one who respects Americans who support the unification of what was separated due to the practices of legal segregation in this country. I think there are those who are shocked at the depth of ignorant expression that some are willing to expose publicly(but anonomously). One really has to wonder what in the world is one so frightened of in 2013? Are the words of one black women really so threatening that you and others have to try to denigrate her character because she is proud of who she is and proud of the accomplishments of her forefathers - and proud of the young black man who is now president of the United States? How is her expression or opinion a threat to who you are and who your forefathers were? I'm sure there are not too many people who are even bothering to read this stuff - but I'd like to share Websters definition of 'racist' or 'racism'

Definition of RACISM

: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
: racial prejudice or discrimination
— rac·ist noun or adjective
See racism defined for English-language learners »
See racism defined for kids »
Examples of RACISM

the racism that was the basis of apartheid
<Hitler's declaration of his belief in a “master race” was an indication of the inherent racism of the Nazi movement.>
The recording career of the Henderson band was brief … due partly to the racism of booking agencies that didn't take on black acts until the mid-'30s, when Henderson's career was on the downswing. —Greg Tate, Vibe, April 1995

There are many other definitions, but I think this is the one you are using to describe me. Your view may have been prevalent when I was 11 years old. I have met too many citizens in Fayette County who obviously do not agree with you today. If you really are a citizen of FC. - and fit the demographic of this county - why do you and others even bother to comment? I'm not trying to change minds here - just present another point of view. Disrespecting individuals based on their skin color or heritage is viewed as ignorant hypocrisy. My point of view is that of a black women who has lived long enough to see positive change in a suburban southern town since she drove through with her famiky some 63 years ago. Citizens have expressed fear of crime; lowering of property value, etc, These problems are not caused by the black citizens of Fayette County.

As far as calling me a 'whore', the men in my family feel exactly as the men in your family would feel if someone called your wife or mother a whore.

No matter your attacks, I will still voice my opinion on the progress that I have witnessed in race relations in our country and in Fayette County.

MajorMike's picture

There you go with the same old morally bankrupt protestations and feeble attempts to convert specific facts to politically correct generalizations.

The term used was the common garden variety phrase "race whore". Your pathetic and repetitious attempts to cherry pick dialog in order to portray yourself as the eternal victim is quite frankly .... boring. Simply put, I won't play a rigged game by your rules.

If indeed your fore bearers were actually persecuted in the numbers and ways that you incessantly drone on and on about, you might be due the courtesy of an attentive audience. The fact of the matter is that you have been caught dead square in so many lies on so many subjects that it would not be hard to believe that you would even lie about your gender.

You remain the reigning champion of cut and paste as you remain an insult to honest people of color everywhere.

If the "men" of your supposed family really object to your cherry picked
verbiage, then they should, as the old expression goes; "get their momma off the streets". Past that - deal with it.

There !!!!!! I've fed the troll (low rent skezer/race whore) all I'm going to in one day.

I guess from your answer - and your opinion that I skirted the question - you don't see a possibility of persons working together to solve problems. I think you're wrong.

Governor Deal never did appear before Congress on ethic charges. (He left before the hearings and was elected Governor of Georgia)

By the way - that 'shifty' California politician (Maxine Waters) was cleared of all charges by Congress after her hearings. Interesting.

Comes in all colors!

The Wedge's picture

It comes from the human heart, and from those unchecked by personal morality or lacking a general morality. It is interesting that you are highlighting this, though.

That nasty thing called 'greed' just seems to pop up at the most ugly time--not that there's a pretty time for it to show.

I would respect someone who stands up and admit wrong after unknowingly being duped into something dishonest.

Of course the facts don't matter to the anonymous ... It's easier to cast the stones.

Knock yourself out cowboy

hutch866's picture


Of course the facts don't matter to the anonymous ... It's easier to cast the stones.[/quote]
Was that your thought when you were posting under the identity of someone else....Randy Clokey (just to forestall the whiny posting anonymously hangup you have)

I yam what I yam

NUK_1's picture

We don't need you being sanctimonious on us, Larry.

hutch, are you on the FB group "You Might Be From Clayton County" also? I am and have seen some posts from someone either by you or with your same name. Great group too. Lots of memories and places I had seemingly forgotten.

hutch866's picture

Guilty as charged. Clayton was a great place to grow up back in the 60's and 70's. I don't think my parents even locked the front door till halfway through the 80's.

I yam what I yam

NUK_1's picture

Grew up in FC but spent all my time in Clayton back then because there was absolutely nothing in Fayette in those days. Moved to Clayton in the mid- 80's and it was still all good but within a couple of years, the downward spiral happened and it happened really damn fast.

I know Eastern going under propelled things, but, geez, the whole county started collapsing in the late 80's/early 90's so quickly and it's a real shame. Ugh. Glad for that FB group that has brought back a lot of very good memories and places I had forgotten about.

I lived in Clayton from 77-83. Went to Germany for 3 yrs and located in Fayette upon return. Change was evident. Just as example, when we returned, we visited a mall inClayco and our kids asked "why is all this trash in the parking lot?"--They weren't used to seeing such a thing inGermany.

and no, it doesn't hurt.

I admitted the error, and even though I thought it belonged to the person who gave it to me it was still wrong. I actually first found out when Cal reported the incident in the paper so I contacted him immediately.

Wrong, yes!

suggarfoot's picture

you are always sanctimonious

For goodness sake, we're bloggers...mostly anonymous. It doesn't get any lower than this!
I'll be the first to admit that! Lol

Lets see, we spend our time pissing on elected officials, local and national issues and occasionally on each other when the news is slow. Not an unsanctimonious soul on here except maybe Mr. Garlock.

Too funny.

Oh, just read your verbal attack on David's Mom, very unsanctimonious.

ptctaxpayer's picture

Sussberg you are a beauty. And now, for repentance, you are the broken record dogging Donnie Haddix. Got news for you--- the guy has enough support to beat back Lager Logsdon and get re-elected. "Sanctimonius" ? Yeah, I agree with Hutch.

Wow, this is genius.

Don, you have an alias name, and that of an old washed out disgusting comic.... Under this name you can insult Harold again, not get sued and keep the tax paper money....
Genius...a loser, washed out disgusting comic.

Don Haddix's picture

No, Larry, I only post under my own name, unlike you.

You need reminded the person you ripped off called me and was very angry. First, because you ripped him off, and second, because he is a supporter of mine.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

I apologized, something you are incapable of.

The citizens are waiting for your apology for the unnecessary lawsuits, the continual story telling and the $12,000 you took from the citizens when all you needed to do was apologize and retract your statement about the former mayor.

Instead you defended the lawsuit knowing you were wrong but also knowing you were going to take the citizens money.
In the end, you apologized in private and also attempted to secretly collect the money from GIRMA but couldn't. You spent even more tax payer money getting the city attorney to write a third request/appeal and never told city council as well. All in secret.

Talk about immoral. You were elected by the people and you betrayed the public trust by taking our money. That's a fact you can never hide from. PTC tax money is not your personal piggy bank for your private lawsuits involving your personal misbehavior.

Don, I will continue to repeat the truth about you right up to the election no matter what Hutch, NUK_1, PTCtaxpayer and others say about me. They should also vote for you too..if they chose to ignore your conduct.

To put this in calling me out on ripping off ....
Well, it's like a feral hog pissing on pig.

hutch866's picture

Technically I never said anything about you, I just asked a simple question. Me thinks you doth protest to much. As far as Dandy Don is concerned, he had nothing to do with this thread when I remarked on your post.

I yam what I yam

Actually, I thought it belonged to the person who gave it to me not someone else. Either way it was wrong and when I found out that I was lied to and it belonged to someone else, I wrote to the editor and turned myself in.
Either way, it was wrong since it violated Cal's policy of having 2 accounts, in addition to what happened to Randy.

hutch866's picture

You seem to be having a problem with my original post, go back and look at the 7:31 time stamp. I never asked what led to your enforced vacation. BTW, nothing has happened to Randy.

I yam what I yam

Actually, not a smart move. It was stupid then and stupid now
so I post under my real name and bear the consequences of my criticism.

cogitoergofay's picture

Sussberg/Cokely did something so dishonest as to render him irrelevant. Haddix certainly has faults but Larry--- what you did "took the cake."

Fair enough! Although I didn't steal his citizen account and it was given to me under false pretense I take full responsibility.
If you think Haddix taking $12,000 of tax payer money is not worse or some of the other stuff he has pulled is fine, well vote for him again and left him continue his antics.

I have to live with what I did to Mr. Cokely and any harm that came to him.
But here's the difference, I didn't open his wallet and take his money like Haddix did to all of us and I took responsibility and Haddix doesn't.

darn sanctimonious about everyone else. And your many many explanations (which are not necessary) seem to skew the situatioon some. As I remember it, you did no apologizing until you were caught red handed. Many people are still on this site who remember just how it went down. And by the way, Haddix was not the one who brought the incident up--but as usual you use it as an excuse to vent another of your diatribes. Honestly, now, can you say you would have 'fessed up' if you had not been caught? You constantly carp on how you post under your own name--if you feel so strongly about that now, why did you ever feel it necessary to use another's name--not a user name of your own but the name of an actual person? Get off your high horse and cut out the baloney.

Thank you for your comments.
If you check back and review the incident, you will find that I contacted the publisher after the incident occurred, not after being caught because once I found out what happened, I knew it was wrong. I believed that the person who gave me the user name was the owner. I admitted what I did then as I do now.

Are you ever going to "man up" for taking $12,000 of taxpayer money?

Return the tax payers' $12,000 and repay the city for time you used asking the city attorney to write the 3rd letter/plea to get the money back from this "private lawsuit".

PTC Observer's picture

You are posting under your own name because you falsely believe you are persuasive. You are mistaken. You simply continue to dig a bigger hole for yourself.

Now, I will ask you once more. When will we see an endorsement from your base of supporters? Who are they Mr. Haddix? Do they represent business, city and established leaders in our community? Let's see you convince them to publicly come out for you so we can see exactly who they are.

We will then compare your base of support against the other candidates in this race, is that asking too much from you?

if you are not already part of mimi's wackadoodles five, ease on down to the ezone end they could possibly explain to you that the booth will scream with endorsement, as the final vote is in. that is why we have voting booths, mendacious observer, allows privacy. as I explained to you before the voting booth will speak, all you need to do is get someone to take you when the time comes and show you what to do and you too will be able to endorse and support your candidate of choice.

we just don't need, nor are we interested in you comparing our base of support with other candidates (I note your name is not in the pot).

mudcat's picture

You say that you are posting under your own name "unlike you (meaning Larry)". That implies that Larry is using a name that belongs to someone else and I can't understand that. I have met Larry, like him and respect him for the work he does with children. I believe he is using his own name and why would he not?

Is this attack on Larry and your imaginary theft of Larry's name the best use of your time as mayor of Peachtre City? I think not. What say you?

The inference is attached to previous blog activity by Sussberg using another person't identity. Forget it. It's old news and irrelevant.

mudcat's picture

Why does he post it then when he is trying to get reelected? Is he just plain stupid?

Actually, a few years ago someone asked me to post a clarification on an a lie, I thought it was their account and I learned the hard way. When I found out it belonged to someone else I contacted Cal immediately and he published my apology.
No matter what, it was wrong.
That's the truth.

However, it's not going to stop me from keeping informed on what Haddix has done.
As you know, he ripped off PTC taxpayers for $12,000 plus the cost of labor used having the city attorney write his 3rd plea to GIRMA. And 4 years ago when PTC was heading into financial disaster, he fought to get a salary increase for himself. Ask Vanassa! Oh, the list goes on and on with this guy!

mudcat's picture

Has he apologized for the $12,000? No, so what makes him so pure that the feels he can attack you? You are not running for office, are you?

Why does he blog on here, btw? Isn't that stupid for a political candidate?

Hey, totally unrelated but I saw a girl on a bridge holding up a sign that said "OMG" second line was "Obama Must Go" Thought that was totally cool, but where it was, was even better. It was on a bridge over VA State route 50 near the Pentagon on Friday afternoon about 4PM on full display for government workers leaving their offices. Hope she wasn't shot down.

Actually, the issue popped up the other day.

However, since Haddix's post, the last 1 or 2 appear to be his buddies/supporters trying to keep the conversation going to discredit me. Probably at his request.

That's ok, because I am telling the truth, about what I did and what he has done.

I am sorry but I did not take Randy's identity, someone else apparently did but I did not know at the time but no matter I should haveot n posted based upon Cal's rules.I stood up immediately and took responsiblity

Don Haddix has ripped off PTC citizens for over $12,000 and takes no responsibility. it was a private lawsuit against him and only paid by GIRMA on a technicality because he sent his insults about Harold on city email. He should have apologized to Harold immediately, that's taking responsibility butinstead he dug in then paid he legal bills with our taxpayer money.

So now, he can stop directing his buddies to post, or we can keep this conversation going up to election day. Fine by me.

People need to be reminded of what he did.

"respect him for the work he does with children....

that is just frightening. do you honestly believe the hatred, the evil, bigotry and lack of self control this man displays in these postings does not come back and out in his everyday dealings with anyone he comes into contact with?

this person, if not already, sounds like someone who is on the brink of self destruction. he has already crossed the line on more than one occasion. I say "keep your children close, or at least away from evil as much as possible".

included would be "mimi's" wackadoodles five.

At least I would like to think so.


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