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Man caught after early morning robbery in Senoia

It was a robbery that probably did not go as the thief had planned. Quick work by Senoia police officers led to the capture of an Atlanta man after he robbed a Senoia convenience store early Saturday morning.

Senoia Police Capt. Steve Tomlin said Dantoine Kitchens, 24, was charged with robbery and shoplifting in the incident that occurred at the Marathon store on Ga. Highway 85 near Ga. Highway 16.

The incident began at approximately 1:12 a.m. when Kitchens entered the store and attempted to pay for a cigar, Tomlin said. Once the clerk opened the register Kitchens leaned over the counter and snatched approximately $100 from the till, said Tomlin.

Tomlin said a minor struggle ensued when the clerk attempted to detain Kitchens. Those efforts were unsuccessful and Kitchens was able to flee the business on foot, headed in the direction of the nearby Hwy. 16, said Tomlin.

Tomlin said officers Resmondo and Woods responded to the scene where they obtained a description of Kitchens and viewed the store’s video of the incident.

Officers searched the area and subsequently found Kitchens in a nearby residence. The residents knew Kitchens but had no knowledge that he had robbed the convenience store, said Tomlin.

Kitchens was transported to the Coweta County jail.



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