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Bible not guide for democratic governments

I want to add a couple of things in support of Ralph Trapaga’s excellent letter pointing out the heart and generosity of the Christian population.

Mr. Trapaga was responding to a typical liberal attack that essentially accused conservatives of being horrible people who hate the poor, and are being disobedient to Christ, when we oppose programs that benefit the poor, specifically Obamacare.

First, the Bible is not, and never has been, a handbook for democratic governments; it is a handbook for individuals.

For example, when Jesus said to turn the other cheek, it was never meant to be a government directive against protecting its citizens from aggression.

Because Jesus gave us no instructions on government policies, being for or against one has nothing to do with obedience to him or his teachings.

Secondly, Jesus has no interest in forced compliance with any of his teachings; he is interested in our individual actions and the condition of our individual hearts.

With that in mind let’s take another look at this topic. While our president and vice-president are notoriously generous with money they have taken from others, consider their generosity with their own money.

Prior to the president’s first campaign for president, his typical annual charitable contributions was in the 1 percent to 2 percent range, the vice-president’s much less than that.

How easy it is to be generous with other people’s money, especially when you have the power to force their contributions. Contrast this policy of forced compliance with the typical donations of Christians who generously volunteer their money, their time and the work of their hands.

Make the case for unlimited governmental power if you wish, I just ask you to not misrepresent the teachings of my Savior when you do so.

Pepper Adams

Peachtree City, Ga.



Let's start with his first major point: "First, the Bible is not, and never has been, a handbook for democratic governments; it is a handbook for individuals."

Well-put, Mr. Adams. The point you make goes by another phrase: separation of church and state.

Mr. Adams's next point: "Secondly, Jesus has no interest in forced compliance with any of his teachings; he is interested in our individual actions and the condition of our individual hearts."

So, no forced Christian values by the government? Hmm, sounds like an argument in favor of choice. Most folks call that pro-choice. Interesting.

Then the point is made that the president is generous with other people's money. No doubt the Pentagon agrees, as it receives more than double what is spent on welfare. I'd say that many Afghans and Iraqi government officials also enjoy all the hundreds of billions of dollars that have been flooding into their nations for the last ten plus years. Generous indeed. New roads, bridges, schools. Wow, talk about generosity.

Adams's response goes on to talk about how much Christians give to others.

How would anyone know? Christians don't tell anyone how much they give. To do so means they get a pat on the back or an award of some kind--recognition. Those are earthly treasures, which is the only treasure you get if you tell anyone what you gave. Christians would rather give in secret. Now, I'm no mind reader, and for all I know those figures Adams posted about the president's donations might be accurate in total. But is it possible that he is, as he says, a Christian and gives in secret, only declaring a small amount? You may doubt it, but how would you know?

Finally, who argued in favor of unlimited government? Liberals? Was it the liberals who pushed for wiretapping US citizens, the PATRIOT Act, and secret detention centers around the world, along with the invasion of two nations who produced none of the 9-11 terrorists? Sure, some democrats voted for all that excessive and practically unlimited government power, but most liberals were very much against it.

PS. The teachings of the Savior are, indeed, important--critical, even. But much of what He taught seems inconvenient to the Ayn Rands of our nation. In her eyes Jesus was nothing but a man, and she would see Him as a foolish man for his unlimited compassion, forgiveness, and love for everyone, particularly those who least deserve it.

Now, I don't know about you, but if I see Jesus tonight (which would mean I die or He returns), and he asks me if I served Him well, I won't have a leg to stand on. I won't boast of my charity, my deeds, and I won't try to convince Him of anything. I hope I have the wisdom of Paul who consistently told the world that he was the least deserving of God's servants.

I am a weak, pitiful man (bet you won't hear Romney or Ryan say that). Before I became a Christian I was smart, and I knew everything.

Or so I thought.

For the record, I usually vote democrat, and the reason is that I do believe their policies are more in line with the teachings of Christ. I am pro-life, but I also believe that the right-to-life Republicans simply tie that issue, like a carrot, to the end of a stick and hold it in front of their wagon, knowing full well that they never intend to let the horses have it. Because then the horses pulling the wagon would lose their motivation.

So the horses keep on moving toward it with blinders on. All they see is that carrot, and it always seems so close, but they never reach it.

I don't think Republican leaders ever intended for them to, because for forty years they have had ample opportunities and more Supreme Coirt appointments than the Democrats. And yet, the carrot is still out there.

Take the blinders off. The drivers are playing you.

The next time you watch Fox News, listen to Rush Limbaugh or hear Michael Savage, get out your Bible, the one with the words in red.

Bet you won't hear those words once.

Then, call the show and quote Christ, paraphrasing Him so that it's not too obvious.

You won't like what they tell you.

If you go about speaking about the need to help widows, help the poor, heal the sick, and give love and understanding to the criminals and beggars, you're going to get Ayn Rand's brand of Godless hate thrown your way.

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