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Commissioner McCarty wants to permit chicken keeping

Fayette County Commissioner Allen McCarty wants to change the county’s zoning ordinances to allow citizens to raise up to a dozen female chickens in all zoning districts, except for subdivisions in which such is prevented by neighborhood associations.

The matter will be discussed at Thursday night’s commission meeting, which starts at the county’s Stonewall government complex in Fayetteville at 7 p.m.

Currently county ordinances only allow chickens to be raised in a district zoned for agricultural-residential use, which requires a minimum lot size of five acres.

County Zoning Director Pete Frisina will be asking the commission Thursday if there is enough interest in pursuing the concept so he can propose official amendments to the county’s zoning ordinance to allow the chicken-raising in all zoning districts, according to a memo issued to the commission.

Currently chickens are listed as livestock under the ordinances, which specifically prohibits animals on all lots except those zoned AR, including horses, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, ducks, geese, mules, rabbits, ostrich, buffalo, fox, mink and llamas.

The agenda request form for the item notes that chickens “provide major insect control, eggs for family and neighbors consumption, can be kept as pets and often provide chicken dinners which helps families control their food budgets. Allowing chickens will also help maintain Fayette County’s rural character.”

Earlier this year, a pro-chicken raising group made an unsuccessful bid to launch a chicken-raising pilot program in Peachtree City.



Do not change the ordinance. This is the most ridiculous thing the commissioners have come up with.


Naturegirl, I don't know much about you, but if you think this is the most ridiculous that the commissioners have come up with, you must not have been paying attention.

I don't see a thing wrong with wanting a few fresh eggs from animals that are NOT nearly annoying as barking (or biting) dogs and that are not very likely to stalk and kill the birds and chipmunks that gather at your bird feeder like cats do.

Chickens are easy to feed and care for and actually provide a valuable service in return for their keep (unlike some dogs and almost all cats). Not only do they provide eggs on a daily basis, but they will eat any insect within their reach.

I love dogs, but have seen dogs that are completely useless except to bark and annoy anyone with earshot. Cats are mostly useless except to make folks feel good about taking care of something that has no use for their owners. However, no one seems to want to make it illegal to keep cats or dogs as pets .

So perhaps you can share with us why this is not a good idea to let citizens keep a few hens?

Yes, pass it please! Let individual HOA's decide if they want it or not.

Yes, pass it please! Let individual HOA's decide if they want it or not.

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