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South Fayette water plant back online; manganese problem fixed

The South Fayette Water Treatment Plant is now producing water again, according to an email update from Fayette County Commission Chairman Steve Brown, and environmental regulators report the water is meeting state guidelines and is thus "safe to drink."

The plant was shut down Tuesday of last week after a spike in manganese was discovered in lab testing, officials said. The county commission held an emergency meeting Wednesday afternoon to extend a contract with an engineering firm that was working on the water treatment plants so the manganese problem could be addressed.

The consultant, Stuart Jeffcoat of CH2M Hill, was able to make changes that reduced the manganese levels to zero parts per million at the South Fayette plant, Chairman Brown reported. Meanwhile, the manganese levels reported at the Crosstown water treatment plant were being reported as 0.006 ppm from the 2 million-gallon clear well and 0.017 ppm from the 4 million-gallon clear well.

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division has confirmed that at these levels of manganese, the water is considered safe to drink. Ted Jackson of EPD's water quality program told The Citizen that manganese in drinking water is generally not considered a health risk unless the levels become high. It can, however, cause problems with taste, odor and appearance.

Moderate spikes in manganese must be monitored from the raw water supply to determine how to appropriately treat the water, Jackson noted.

"They need to know that, very much, so they can adjust their treatment accordingly," Jackson said.

"We owe a debt of gratitude to Stuart Jeffcoat of CH2MHill for assisting our staff in resolving our water emergency," Brown wrote.

Both plants are in full production, Brown reported.



Now please explain why the state ticketed us for 10 violations and 147 deficiencies from the states July 25th report.

Care to tell us how waiting 20 days after receipt is transparent, while your constituents drink this stuff? And why do you allow the county administrator to leave town before cleaning house?

has been providing the engineering for the water system? Cancel the contract immediately, if it hasn't been done already.

Disband the phony, useless BOC "Water Committee".

BOC..encourage the state to file criminal charges against Parrott. Do the same with the plant managers, and if fraud is found on their part, do the same. If not, get information from them and use it to make the case against Parrott (kind of redundant). The Secretary of State should rescind/cancel all state licenses from any operators who allowed this negligence to occur.

How long before Tony lawyers up? Probably already has. Rapson had to wait for this report to have the proof to fire his incompetent butt. I would not rule out intentional negligence on his part, just so he and the former BOC and Kracker Jack can have some yuks at the expense of the Chair of the current BOC. Let him finish his vacation. He's going to need this rest. A few more days won't change anything. Sounds like Jeffcoat is slowly getting a handle on some of the issues.

Mallett has had it's finger in every county construction project for years. Probably would not exist without the county business it gets a cut of. Look at the fees it charges to bidders just to look at construction plans.

To think they were the firm used for the dam at Lake McIntosh. I would not want be a homeowner downstream from that dam.

Tony Parrott had 3 licenses from the State of Ga. renewed on 6/28/13 for the next 2 years.

Water Operator Class 1

Waste Water Operator class 3

Water Laboratory Analyst

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Has Steve Brown become the official spokesman for all Fayette County news? He is the quotes source in all county news stories.
I suppose he has turned the Board Chairman job into a full-time position like he did with the Mayor's job in PTC.
Probably good to keep him busy.

Nice to get a solid answer on the water problems. Yes... Having competent people to provide answers and solutions really helps. And thank you to Steve Brown and the Commission for their frontline involvement. WHY would we expect any different... I am glad you are keeping us informed. And yes... I for one am glad the Commission is articulating news here.


In 2010 if you used 2,000 gallons will pay more a month, a 76 percent increase went into effect. This is beyond comprehension for a below standard product or even if they were above standard.

We must have special water with gold in it because a few miles either direction outside of this area, rates plummet.
I am tired of mismanaged facilities taking my money like I was some ATM machine.

As soon as prices recover enough on homes, I'm out of here. When is the last time you heard of people moving to get away from a water company that charges as if they were running Perrier through your pipes?

I wish the state would take them over and a class action lawsuit would follow.

Fed up in PTC!

One of my neighbors stopped me last night to have a conversation about the water. Didn't last long because of the rain drops and I needed to finish walking the dog, but he said he was going to look at a lawsuit against the water dept and county based on the negligence. He has a spouse with cancer in remission and has been cooking with bottled water since the spring.

I guess a lot of people are thinking the same.

The rate increase came from sewer. WASA is a city authority. Water comes from Fayette County. They bill together to save money on the billing.

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