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Fayette tax digest up 1 percent

The value of all property in Fayette County saw a small but significant increase in 2014.

Information supplied by Fayette County Tax Commissioner George Wingo showed an increase of approximately 1 percent in the 2014 tax digest.

Though small, an increase of 1.022 percent over the value of all real and personal property in the county in 2014 is a marked improvement over 2013 when the tax digest finally climbed into positive territory but was essentially flat.

The 2014 increase of 1 percent would have been a 2.2 percent increase had it not been for a $57.8 million decrease in motor vehicle taxes stemming from the one-time 6.5 percent title ad valorem tax. The tax on vehicles sold after spring 2013 replaced the annual “birthday tax” on vehicle decals.

Nonetheless, the change in vehicle taxes included, the county’s value grew by just over 1 percent.

Pertaining to the tax digest, taxes are based on 40 percent of the fair market value of a piece of property.

The county’s 40 percent value for 2014 totals $4.683 billion. That figure compares to a 40 percent value of $4.639 billion in 2013, a difference of approximately $44 million.

As might be expected, residential properties at $3.117 billion account for the largest block of value in the county. Lagging behind in value are commercial properties at $753.7 million, industrial properties at $329.5 million, motor vehicles at $296.9 million, utilities at $74.6 million, agricultural property at $66.4 million and land in conservation at $40.1 million.

While the Great Recession ended officially years ago, the reality is that property values in Fayette County took a sharp dive that resulted in a 20 percent drop in value countywide. It was only in 2013 that property value stopped falling and began to climb incrementally in the other direction.



A special called meeting Tuesday...for what?

Anyone know? Or is it a surprise?

Is it be too much to ask for the reason to be listed on the public notice?

Why wouldn't they want us to know what's it about? Did anything happen at the meeting Thursday?

Is it be too much....sorry, twas late, meant to say would it be too much.

Well, it's all how you look at it. 4 lawsuite and 1 pending in executive session. Is that strange?

Taking Redwine Rd. and adding 2 school crossings, two new 25 mph speed zones and thousands of dollars a month of sheriff time to stand there and direct traffic at each one, no money to do any of it. Adding another path to Redwine with no money to do it. No thought at all to how this will affect the traffic movement along that main east west road across the county, when we already have another one bogged down further north. Not to mention the other schools that will request the same from the county if this one moves along.

You can listen to every health issue in the world blamed on flouride if you listen to the meeting, too. The resident troll wants a new aquatic center paid for with tax dollars that the county doesn't even qualify for and the one in Clayton isn't good enough and her NFL buddy just didn't want to hand over his hard-earned cash for it.

Now that you mention it, nothing really happened.

Sounds like I will be fast forwarding that meeting.

Now the county needs to tell us the reasoning for Tuesdays meeting so we can decide whether to attend or not. I think they call it transparency.

Steve Brown's picture

We will be discussing land use issues and methods is my understanding.

To be very honest, I am not even sure how this meeting was called. The Board has to call such meetings and I was not consulted on it until a meeting date was being set. Regardless, it will be a public meeting, so please come.

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