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PTC woman dies after crash on Hwy 54, Huiet Road

A Peachtree City woman died from injuries she received in a motor vehicle crash Friday on the new spur of Huiet Road at Ga. Highway 54 East, sheriff’s officials said today.

Amy Layton, 21, was driving a 1989 Toyota MR2 north on Huiet Road

when she attempted to cross the eastbound lanes of Hwy. 54 around 3:54 p.m., officials said. As she did so, her vehicle was struck on the driver’s side by a 1995 Oldsmobile Alero traveling eastbound, causing Layton’s car to spin into the westbound lanes of Hwy. 54, officials said.

Layton suffered serious injuries and was transported via air ambulance to Atlanta Medical Center, where she later died from her injuries, officials said.

The Alero, driven by Mansur Mujahid of Sharpsburg, was traveling in the left eastbound lane of Hwy. 54 when the collision occurred, officials said. The crash also involved a third vehicle that had to take evasive maneuvers, leave its travel lane and strike a construction barrel.

Deputies are not expecting to file any charges related to the crash.

The intersection, which is part of the West Fayetteville Bypass, is under construction and it could be several months before the necessary traffic light is installed because the mast arms for the signals remain to be manufactured.



I had to drive by this accident just after it happened. There are so many barrels at that intersection, it's amazing that this hasn't happened already. This Fayetteville bypass is a joke anyway. I hope everyone is happy now. I have to travel this way every day going to work. The traffic light should have been installed long ago. Shame on the DOT and the county commisioners for insisting on this useless and dangerous bypass. I'll fear for my safety and the safety of my children when they have to drive through that maze of barrels for the next several months.

I too drive by this intersection every day on my way to work. Those barrels seem like they are everywhere and make it very difficult to see. Unfortunately my daughter and the rest of the children on her bus had to bare witness to this accident. They should really put up a light here, I have seen police every time I pass, but they are in their cars adding another object to block the view. My deepest sympathy goes out to the victims families. And I do hope a light goes up soon.

Thank you for the information - you can bet I will be writing to these people now. I really did not know who to write to.

Thanks - Madman1

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to the young lady's family. I hope the other driver makes a fast and total recovery.

Ok gang listen up, here's a simple rule to follow ; <strong>look twice - save a life.</strong>

Another public safety announcement from Cyclist.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Cyclist - see my other post. Unfortunately, you could look a thousand times and it wouldn't matter - they have so many barrels there you can't see. It's negligence on the part of the construction staff to the point that it should be criminal.

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The whole thing is tragic.

If the traffic cones obstructed the line of vision then the contractor and or sub(s) could be culpable. This might be hard to prove unless there're numerous photos showing positions of all the cones.

I'm curious though, you mentioned police were directing traffic. Was it because of the obstructed visibly?

This is not the first time something like this has happened.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

I drove this way on the way to work last week, and stopped my car to tell both the foreman and the police officer directing traffic, to please - PLEASE - move the barrels back from the road. It is IMPOSSIBLE to see the oncoming traffic. Both of them basically shrugged their shoulders and said they couldn't do anything about it.

And a young lady died because they did nothing. What a sad waste of a young person's life.

To the Layton family: I am so sorry for your loss, and I will pray for your family.

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My condolences to the family and friends of Amy. I can't imagine dealing with this loss as a parent....

<em><strong>Stupid can't be fixed. We can only vote him out</strong></em>

Amy was a friend of mine, and a wonderfully sweet and caring girl. She always had a quick smile and friendly greeting that made you feel special. She was also a PFC in the Army Reserves, and just this past Monday found out that she did not have to deploy to Afghanistan. I will miss her for many reasons, most of all her smile.

To Adam and her family, my deepses condolences. I will pray for all of you to find God's strength comforting in your darkest hour.

There are 2 schools just down the road from where the accident occurred. Police are there to control school traffic. Prior to the construction there were no traffic control officers. may tell you something.

So sad - I live in this area and was opposed to this road, my neighbors and I went to the hearing but like everything else our voice does not count. We need to remember the people who we elect who don't care about our opinions. I am terrified every time I have to go out now because you can't tell which way to turn. I almost got hit on Friday in the same spot. If they had done their work, they would have put a light first but they are not that concerned because I bet none of them live near here or have relatives here. This road is a joke, what a waste of money.

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Tiger Dad, I'm a Tiger Mom. In one way or another I have been fighting the lunacy our county commissioners call the West Fayetteville Bypass for the last 25 years.

It breaks my heart that a wonderful young lady has lost her life due to the lunacy involved with the WFB.

I feel so so sad for Amy Layton and her family.

If our county commissioners haven't done enough to the citizens of Fayette County by insisting upon building the WFB and lying to us all by saying it has to be built because it is a "mandate" of the voters, now a young vibrant woman has lost her life because of it.

If all of that isn't enough, Jack Smith intends to wield his iron fist and cold steel will after he is no longer in office. Jack Smith has been lobbying Fayette County mayors to reinstate Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele as the county's mayoral representative to the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) and as the county's representative on the regional transportation roundtable. Mayor Ken Steele is all for the WFB and the regional mass transit plan.

The voters of Fayette County defeated Jack Smith's and Eric Maxwell's bid for reelection based on the fact that the MAJORITY OF FAYETTE VOTERS are squarely against the WFB and the regional transportation roundtable.

Jack Smith has proven again and again that he does not care what the voters want. He intends to control Fayette County government and the people of this county after he is out of office.

This week, the five Fayette County mayors will vote to select one of their members to represent the county on the ARC and they will vote to select a representative on the regional transportation roundtable. I implore every citizen in Fayette County to email Mayor Daniel Langford of Brooks and Mayor Gary Laggis of Woolsey and voice your opposition to the selection of Mayor Ken Steele as the Fayette County representative to the ARC and the regional transportation roundtable. Mayor Don Rehwaldt of Tyrone and Mayor Don Haddix of Peachtree City do not support the West Fayetteville Bypass and the regional mass transit plan.

Mayor Daniel Langford's email address is :
Mayor Gary Laggis' email address is:

We all need to speak on behalf of Amy Layton and her family.

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I am curious how you got all this information. if you are willing to share.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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Madman 1, Tiger Dad and all other Fayette citizens against the WFB, if you would like to know that you have voiced your opinion against the truly destructive West Fayetteville Bypass, write to the folks who will listen. You can write a letter of opposition against the WFB to the District Commander of the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Acting Regional Administrator US EPA, and the Regional Director US Fish and Wildlife Service. Also, it certainly couldn't do anything but help if you would write an email opposing the WFB to Lee Hearn, Herb Frady and Robert Horgan. Encourage them to preserve their seats on the Board of Commissioners by opposing the WFB.

Tell these folks about how the citizens voted Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell out of office due to their stance on the WFB. Point out the fact that the WFB will cross 8 different streams and wetlands. Point out the fact that the road goes against the County Land Use Plan. Point out the fact that our commissioners have never provided any justification for the road. Point out the fact that the road is routed to go through significant groundwater recharge area and that violates our own land use plan which directs that we will protect such areas. Point out the fact that the planning of the WFB has proceeded along a route that is clearly among the more destructive from an environmental impact perspective than other possible alternatives. Also, Social impacts have not been adequately addressed for this or any other possible alternative.

I have been advised by Joe Rivera with the Corps of Engineers that each and every letter of opposition is taken into account and made a part of the permanent file on the WFB. Below, you will find a list of all the addresses you will need.

Colonel Jeffrey M. Hall
District Commander
US Army Corps of Engineers
P.O. Box 889
Savannah, Ga., 31402-0889

A. Stanley Meiburg, Acting
Regional Administrator
US EPA, Region 4
Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center
61 Forsyth Street
Atlanta, Ga., 30303

Cynthia Dohner, Regional Director
US Fish and Wildlife Service
1875 Century Blvd., Suite 400
Atlanta, Ga., 30345

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Is it a secret?

Engaged citizens always find out Mr. Mayor.

It keeps our politicos in check, sometimes. ;-)

Thanks for your support on this issue.

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No. But neither is it required to be a public hearing.

I was not worried about it, just curios.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

This guy Ken Steele is a jerk, period. I have had run-ins with him personally and he pretty much talked to me as if I were a second-class dog, much less a human. He looks at the citizens of Fayetteville like they are beneath him in a way that makes me sick. He runs every election unopposed. I hope and pray he is not elected to represent the county on anything. I also hope and pray that someone will step up to the plate and run against this idiot during the next mayoral race. I wish I could, but I do not have the money or resources necessary. If you people don't believe me, go to one of the city council meetings and try to say something or just observe how he interacts with the citizens. Good luck...

I no longer go this way on my way home on Thursdays nights. I go the back way. You can't see the traffic coming over the hill. The plastic barrels were not there when I was using the road, but its not worth the hassle.

Are with the family of the young woman who lost her life in the accident. She is now with God and a guardian angel to her family and friends left behind-

Get this mess cleaned up fast or more innocent people will be killed at this intersection. Today as I passed by I noticed a cop standing to the side of the road talking and being useless. Why no traffic light yet???? All the obstacles around there and nobody can see much of anything. What a useless bypass! Just so certain people could make alot of money and it makes me sick to know that an innocent girl lost her life on Friday where this mess can't seem to get cleaned up!

I hope you get to read this but i was the first one on the scene when this accident happened and i have been watching every day to find out her name and if she survived. I want her family to know that we all did as much as possible. One woman who came up right after me prayed the entire time and called her angel. We did not know her name so thats what we called her. I wish i knew the womans name but she was a wonderful person who constantly prayed for her. I am so sorry that such a young life was taken . all i could do was think of my own 3 daughters who are close to the same age and i could never leave her and i did not until they made me. If you would like to talk to me feel free to get my number from the police dept. but do remember that she had alot of prayers and alot of people around her to comfort her. Once again i am so sorry for your loss.

I was a good friend of Amy's and to hear that she wasn't alone at the accident puts my heart at some ease. She was a very loving and kind person and there was never a day that went by she didn't make you feel like you were the highlight of her day. Its tragic to lose a loved one and friend. She had a lot of things going for her. She was engaged, served our Country in the Army Reserve and was getting ready to deploy. She will be missed and i thank all of ya'll who were out there praying for her and who stayed with her until the ambulance got there. A piece of me has died today but i know that i'll see her later. So thank you again.

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From another Fayette County citizen who is extremely upset about Amy, I would like to say Bless You. I, too, have a daughter. I have a niece who is the same age as Amy. I have two granddaughters. Thank you both for staying with Amy. Thank you for praying for her and her family. You are truly Good Samaritans. We need more folks like you.

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Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I'll miss you
Until we meet again!

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As of now the DOT doesn't have plan for a light. The DOT first has to have a study on the intersection before a is put in place. Jack Smith and his "group" keep saying,"The citizens of Fayette County voted for the West By Pass". Not knowingly for sure and by voting you and Mr. Maxwell out, that should speak loud and clear!!!! The West By Pass was "hidden" in the SPLOTS as transportation improvements. The voters had no clue improvements ment "New By Pass". All in the name of money Mr. Smith. You should pick up and move!

has anyone contacted the state DOT. hwy 54 is a state highway maintained by the State DOT. Dont know why fayette county is working on but Im sure State dot is In charge ( would have to aprove) all desicions and is ultimatley responsible/ liable for the safety of this intersection.

Most of the time there wasn't even a flag man on that construction site. Then they go and open the intersection without a traffic light and construction barrels all over the place.

Our condolences to the Layton family.

On behalf of our family, I would like to thank those who have left wishes and prayers for Amy and us on this site. We are truly humbled by everyone's concern for our daughter and our family. As you may imagine, we have so many questions and we just can not wrap up all of our thoughts.

We are blessed with a family, extended family, and loving friends that have held us and kept us in their hearts. I have learned the strength of those bonds and words can not express how much they mean.

Everyone we have spoken with who knew Amy truly remembered her and her spirit and had been touched by her love. If you ever met her you would understand. She never met a stranger and once she met you she never forgot you and always cherished the fact that you had come into her life. We were always amazed at the special way she had to make friends so quickly and be so sincere in her love for them.

We do understand that there were many people with Amy after the accident, and we would love to talk to each of you personally to say "Thank-You". You need to know how important it is to us that she was not alone and that she had new friends. I do have a phone number Jenny, and as soon as I can talk with you and keep it together, I will call.

Again, thank-you to everyone and know that all your efforts and thoughts are helping our family handle this painful time. Bless You!

It's times like these when one realizes how important are family, friends, and community. Amy's dad - bless you and yours.

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I am truly sorry for your loss.

Amy was one of my best friends.....someone who I could call anytime for anything and she'd always be there for me. She had such a vibrant personality and made me laugh, a lot. She was definetly one of those friends who, no matter how long it had been since you talked, if you were to just see her out of the blue it was like nothing had changed. I met her when I was a freshman in high school and we played volleyball together. When she went into the military, we wrote back and forth the whole summer while she was at boot camp. I will never forget Amy. I've been going through old photos, and I have so many of her and I.....she was honestly like a sister to me. I miss and love her very much.

I didn't personally know Amy, but I work at the Dry Cleaners where she used to bring her clothes! She always greeted me with a warm smile and cheerful hello!! My prayers are with her family and with Adam.

melissa scott

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