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Copeland fighting unsettled DUI charge

The Aug. 21 runoff election between attorney Ronnie Mabra and Fulton County school teacher T.J. Copeland will decide the winner of the new Dist. 63 seat in the state House. But surfacing just days before the election is the report of a 2010 incident in Atlanta that remains unsettled, one where Copeland was charged with a DUI and other misdemeanor offenses. For his part, Copeland said he is fighting the charges that are being transferred from Atlanta Municpal Court to Fulton County State Court.

Attorney Lamar Willis on Friday said Copeland decided to fight the case, a move that requires a greater length of time than would have been needed if he had decided to plea out on the offenses from late 2010.

Documents from Fulton County State Court Solicitor General Carmen D. Smith dated May 29 note that on Nov. 14, 2010 Copeland was charged with DUI alcohol less safe, driving the wrong way on a one-way street, driving with a suspended or revoked license and driving with a revoked, canceled or suspended registration.

The incident from which the charges arose occurred at 2:26 a.m. at the intersection of Piedmont Road and Lindbergh Drive in Atlanta, according to police reports. The incident did not involve an accident, reports said. All the charges are misdemeanors.

The Ga. Dept. of Public Safety incident report noted that Copeland was stopped after driving the wrong way on Lindbergh Drive. The officer asked Copeland how much he had to drink after smelling a strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle. Copeland told the officer he had consumed one frozen alcoholic beverage, reports said.

The officer performed a standard field sobriety evaluation and attempted to perform a preliminary breath test but Copeland refused, according to reports. The officer then placed Copeland under arrest for DUI, reports said.

Willis said the case was initially bound for Atlanta municipal court but was moved to Fulton County State Court after Copeland decided to fight the charges. That move, to date, resulted in his client still not being informed of a court date, Willis said.

“To fight a case you believe you’re not guilty of takes a long time. In Fulton County (State Court) it takes even longer,” Willis said. “If you refuse a breath test you’ll be arrested whether you’re intoxicated or not. We could have taken the pleas but we’re fighting this because we believe he will be exonerated.”

Willis said Copeland’s drivers license has been re-instated and that once that occurs charges are typically dismissed.

Copeland and Mabra were the two top vote getters in the July 31 primary election, with Mabra securing approximately 48 percent of the vote and Copeland coming in second in the three-person race with approximately 28 percent of the vote.



How do you have an unsettled DUI since 2010 in the first place?

I thought Ron Mabra lost the residency complaint and was to be taken off the ballot!

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on his residency issue and then became the top vote-getter in the primary.

A true product of Fayette County and Fayetteville! Fayetteville and Fayette County should be proud.

<cite>Ronnie Mabra was born and raised in Georgia. Ronnie Mabra is a proud native of Fayetteville where he was a standout varsity athlete for the Fayette County High School Tigers. Despite several out-of-state opportunities Ronnie was committed to staying in Georgia and attended the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech).
Today, Ronnie Mabra is a dedicated trial lawyer and founder of the Mabra Firm, LLC., a personal injury firm in Midtown Atlanta, which is committed to serving injured Georgians. Ronnie is an active member of the legal community. He is a member of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association and the Fayette County Bar Association. In 2011 Ronnie Mabra was selected by Georgia Super Lawyers magazine to appear on its Rising Stars list, which features outstanding young lawyers throughout the state. Ronnie Mabra and his team dedicate considerable time and resources each year to pro bono work in order to help indigent Georgians with their legal needs.</cite>

He didn't build that!!

Sununu, Arizona Sheriff, etc., etc., etc. Come on AHG - don't join the line of 'angry white men'. This young man has worked hard, made good decisions, etc., etc., etc. - and still you're going to attack him? That is what causes so much distrust. Even if a young person does the right thing, there are some (not necessarily you) who judge by skin color only. Cute retort. . . .but it puts you in a category that I don't think you deserve IMO.

The president's comment (which I think you are referring to) means to most of us that 'no man is an island' - and we all have someone to thank for the support we received in achieving our goals.

As much as you'd like to make it so, my cmt has absolutely nothing to do with color, skin or otherwise. And you can make what you wish of the cmt by POTUS--I make it a slap-in-the-face to individual accomplishment and a reminder that you must feel indebted to the Govt--no thanks.

Sorry I misjudged your comment. Thanks for the clarification. You're quite a secure guy!!

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Maybe to you DM, as a charter member of the "angry black women" group. I thought it was nothing more than a timely political joke. Someone who sees every comment made on a black president or any black candidate as an attack puts them in a category that I happen to think you do deserve to be in. A person who judges everything by race.....

And I congratulate you for judging from your perspective, which I assume is not a black female over 70 years old. I make no excuses for my perspective, and I'm very grateful for my longevity and ability to live in a small Georgia town with neighbors of all colors and religions in peace and with respect. I do find it interesting when my friends who were brought up in the south are validated when they say that I have blinders on when I read some of the 'trash' here on the Citizen blog. I was warned about the 'code' words that the die-hards would use in trying to hide their feelings about 'blacks' who achieve. There are many contributors here who have valid issues for not agreeing with the policies of this administration - and I respect their views. There are others who have done nothing but share talking points and hate from 'white supremacy' websites. The interesting thing about the internet - is that websites are available to all. I also know that all conservatives in Georgia are not 'racists' - but those who use the code words are IMO.

AHG'S COMMENT: This is almost verbatim on at least two hate group website - as well as the GOP response to POTUS comment (taken out of context).

[quote]-I make it a slap-in-the-face to individual accomplishment and a reminder that you must feel indebted to the Govt--no thanks.[/quote]

Really a stretch.

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And I congratulate you for admitting you are a member of the "angry black women" group.

My perspective is white and several years away from 70 years old. I don't have a clue what these "code" words you reference are, so I might use one unintentionally sometime. I've also never bothered to even attempt to locate a "white supremacy" website on the Internet. I must admit I stick to mainstream news sources, local news, and sports websites. Guess I need to broaden my horizons.....

Judging another with little or no knowledge of their history or experience is not a quality of an informed American.
I respect your honesty. I will remember your lack of knowledge in reading your contributions from now on. I have found it enlightening to read many websites and their perspectives on current events in our country and the world.
I have found that in most discussion of issues - Americans have more in common in their quest for solutions to our problems then the media report of our opinions based on demographics would indicate. Have a nice day.

By the way - do you really not understand why I celebrate the race relations in Fayette County in 2012 as compared to the situation which existed in the '50's and '60's? Interesting. Only my religion and knowing that God is Love has released me from much of my anger. I'm human - and I have not forgotten.

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See your original comment to AHG. Judging is what you do here on a daily basis and you don't know any of our history or experience either.

Again you show your judging when you cast me as having a lack of knowledge because of the Internet usage I described. Knowledge comes from a lot of sources besides the Internet, try a book sometime. Besides, Al Gore didn't even invent the Internet that many years ago, so I had to fend for myself before that.

We're all human. None of us have forgotten. Most of us have just moved on, without you.

[quote]We're all human. None of us have forgotten. Most of us have just moved on, without you.[/quote]

Thank you moc, that's mighty 'white' of you. I have learned that many people here are understandably fearful of 'black' young men and have no hesitation expressing this fear because of criminal activities involving these persons. (even though statistics state that the majority of the victims of these individuals are 'black's) However, I am considered an angry racist when I express fear of 'whites' who have driven over and killed blacks, 'whites' who have killed numerous Americans within the last 10 years here in the United States; 'whites' who have molested young girls via the internet; whites who drive through black neighborhoods shooting for fun; etc.; I'm sorry - but this fear is not tied to slavery or Jim Crow - but the activities within the last 30 years here in the United States by 'whites'. When a black criminal is identified - some equate his/her actions with the entire 'black' race (yes often on this board) - however when a 'white' commits a criminal act - that white is seen as an individual and the entire 'white' race is not held accountable for his/her actions. Fortunately, I have had the personal experience of meeting 'whites' as neighbors, church members, business associates, etc., and I KNOW that race relations has moved on. I celebrate that. However, unless I see 'race relations' through a white persons eyes, based on a white persons experience - according to some, my perspective is the only one that is racist. Interesting. I have gained an understanding of your perspective - which is based on your shared experience. Most people who post here appear to only want to see life through their eyes - and don't want this view disturbed with another perspective which is foreign to theirs. Everyone must understand and adjust to your view? That is not the road to understanding. Why do minorities have to be more understanding, more tolerant, more loving than some 'white' people? If I 'moved on' - I wouldn't thoroughly enjoy the 'entitlements' that I enjoy today in Georgia - like voting; eating in restaurants with 'white' people; staying on the sidewalk when a white person passes; expecting fair justice from law enforcement,; drinking from the same drinking fountain as 'white' people; using the same restroom as 'white' people.etc., etc., etc. The vigilance is necessary when we read, hear, basically good Americans talk about 'going back to the good old days; when we see an article in the newspaper making sure that the 'race' of the student body is advertised - in a county where schools represent neighborhoods and are not STILL separated by 'race'.

The history of Fayetteville is filled with accounts of good people who assisted 'black' people well before and after the Civil War. The recent history of Fayetteville also has accounts of KKK activities. (Recent=the last 50 years) I feel the majority of the contributors here are well educated, informed and very comfortable with the life that they and their forefathers have provided. I have learned a great deal here - but I will not apologize for making some uncomfortable or for expressing my perspective of LIFE IN AMERICA. My perspective isn't wrong and yours isn't right - just different.

How did I miss this!

[quote]Again you show your judging when you cast me as having a lack of knowledge because of the Internet usage[/quote]

Sorry - Lack of knowledge due to your lack of understanding or exposure to American history. With the use of the internet today - everyone should be better informed.

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You never change do you? Always spewing hate and "please pity me".

I have ignored most of your post lately but decided to read your last. Frankly, it is too disgusting to finish.

Whites are out there murdering abd molesting blacks and you know it, you are always looking for the boogey man. Then you get on here and whine.

Anyone that doesn't pity you has a lack of American history, Well honey, I know a lot of American history and it don't jive with what you spew.

I've told you several million original, first slaves in this country were white Irish. I've told you that your garbage of wanting district voting and tilting the tables by the NAACP in that respect is equal to 'equal but seperate' or as you like to talk about 'Jim Crow'. You do it to yourself and then want pity.... most don't have any.

suggarfoot's picture

go find yourself a srink. Someone who is ....paid....might offer you sympathy

I was almost afraid you wouldn't reply. As I stated, most here are well educated and articulate. You're obviously are not among that group. Thanks for helping to validate my point. . . And thanks to those who read, are not offended, and expose themselves to different perspectives without feeling a need to change theirs. This may sound corney, but I have always turned to God, she's a pretty good 'shrink'!

suggarfoot's picture

you will never get the mental help nor pity you want/need on this board. I think you need to look in the yellow pages.

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you will never get the mental help nor pity you want/need on this board. I think you need to look in the yellow pages.

My comment is that exactly--all my own words, no help from a person or Govt entity! I know nothing about so-called "hate group websites"---unless it's one run by the DNC!!

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Now no matter what anyone says if you disagree you get to call us racist because we used "Code Words".. I guess I didn't get my super secret tightey whitey decoder ring.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

Lately, you have been 'politically correct'. (HA(!) Earlier - you didn't bother with code words. Your stand on minorities was very transparent.

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since you see everything through a veil of Racism. To the rest not so much..

DM I have come to truly enjoy your...uhh....views. It is an insight into the problems we face.

Hopefully my Children's children can live in a World where, while everyone will not ever be equal, they can live with the Black Community without having the chains of the past shoved in their face constantly. Then and only then can the community come together as a whole for the benefit of society. Now not so much....

You see much like Muslims who remained silent after 9/11 the black community has remained silent over people like Reverend Wright, Louis Farrakhan the the New Black Panther Party. Each have either called for "revolution" note the little "R" or outright violence.

Recently the NBP has called for bombing Nurseries to kill white babies...

Now you may say that's just enthusiastic musings of a 1960's social club that has forgotten that it's 2012 like Business Insider said but what if the leaders of Storm Front were making the same terrorist like statements about black babies? Would the black community be upset? Would there be arrest? So why the don't even have the excuse of death like the Muslim's do so....

So does the Black Community support these groups? I don't know the crickets are louder then they are.

Racism and bigotry is not owned just by us DM. It's alive and well right where you live.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

[quote]Hopefully my Children's children can live in a World where, while everyone will not ever be equal, they can live with the Black Community without having the chains of the past shoved in their face constantly. Then and only then can the community come together as a whole for the benefit of society. Now not so much....[/quote]

<cite> The future, our children, will not have to be reminded of history or false inequalities and be open to make the same relationship mistakes of the past based on one race being superior to another in the United States. Us =. White and I guess where I live = Black.</cite>

To continue to compare the radicals in our country and ignore the thousands of citizens right here in Fayetteville who are living together in peace and harmony is ignorance. Thank you always for your honest, heart felt responses.

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and living in the past.

Too many still want to live in the past instead of moving on. It's used as a crutch to excuse everything from poor grades, bad behavior to outright crime.

The excuses must end DM.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

History is the past - and those who refuse to learn the lessons from history will continue to fail by making the same mistakes which caused past failures. Most of the 'black's' that you come in contact with as neighbors in Fayetteville have achieved at one level or another - as most of the citizens, regardless of color. If any of these people were 'living in the past' - Fayetteville, Georgia would not be the Fayetteville of today. We are in the present - the eternal NOW. I have studied history from many different perspectives - and will not allow my grandchildren or my great-grandchildren to suffer by allowing the failure of past relations in the United States to resurface.
When one hears of and reads about the resurgence of the KKK and the growing of 'white supremacist' groups in Georgia - or the resurgence of a violent Black Panther group, it is time for ALL AMERICANS to be ever vigilant to see that this sickness does not permeate our society again. Don't you agree? The history of 'gangs' in the United States started way before 'race' gangs. We can learn from history how to prevent criminals from taking over our cities, our law enforcement, etc., etc., etc. Don't you agree? My family has had tremendous support from successful Americans of all colors. We do not need crutches. We have benefitted from a superior American education; superior opportunities; etc., for generations in these United States. People from all over the world marvel at what the 'average' person can achieve in the United States without a 'title' , or inherited riches. There is more than 'one race' in this country that is considered poor and uneducated. I cringed when I read that 67% of Georgians do not graduate from high school! This is unacceptable in the United States IMO. I may have made the mistake of assuming that you implied that I was living in the past. Or maybe you meant that blacks were living in the past and using discrimination as an excuse / crutch for poor grades, bad behavior, and outright crime. What is the 'white' childs excuse for poor grades, bad behavior and outright crime? What is the 'excuse' for 67% of high school students in Georgia or any other state for not graduating? Again, I certainly acknowledge that the percentage of black males/females who are not graduating from high school and not succeeding in today's society is too high - but it is a percentage of a minority!! We must take the blinders off and see what is happening to AMERICAN CHILDREN who do not have the advantage of living in a city like Fayetteville. {Just sharing my perspective]

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Read them and weep, from the Morehouse Initiative

No excuses......for those that want to excel in this country.

. . and Morehouse graduates between 500-600 black males a year. Of these males, many go on to Ivy League grad schools - as did Martin Luther King. This initiative is sent to almost every black educator in the US - to remind us that in spite of our success stories - THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO DO. As I stated - the percentage of the failure of our black youth is too high. But what is the excuse for the failure to too many 'white' youth? Just because the percentage is not as high - we should not be satisfied with any failure - because there is no excuse!! But children need a support system in order to succeed. In order for America to remain strong, we must continue to support a meaningful educational system which is available to all; (oh I've said this all before - and if some feel comfortable as seeing this as only a minority problem in the US - that will be a failure of judgement for the next generation to overcome)

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...will ALWAYS be used by those in our vast governmental system, especially at the Federal level, as a tool or instrument, to achieve political gain or favor. In a melting pot nation such as ours, with it's diverse and truly unique history, 'color' (nationality, religion, race, et al) have, and are, chips for political gamesmanship. Only making oneself aware of this and applying it to the aims of EACH pol & party can we vote with good conscience what is the best for OUR city, county, state, and nation. Rich or poor, white or 'other', Dem or GOP, we MUST be vigilant and as aware as possible that we are ALL being used & pushed to believe one thing or another.

In our workaday lives, most of us have precious little time to focus deeply on most big issues and are led by big headlines & posturings by the news outlets & such. I doubt most on this site - as they bicker on how this or that tax system/approach - have any real, specific idea of how this-or-that plan or tax will truly effect you or me, other than parroting those whose job it is to come up with the numbers, and then how they twist them to bias their statements/beliefs to support one view or another.

Anyway, here's to advancing, achieving, and propelling our nation to maintain and improve upon the high ideals our founders outlined for us; just be aware of what angle our reps are taking.

Agreed. :-)

You know, you seem to be a very nice, intelligent person but sometimes I think it must be hard to be you. It appears that you are ever vigilant for what you could consider a slight--usually racial--but you know it makes it difficult to have a conversation with you. Every sentence does not have to be dissected for a veiled intent. I almost said that it appeared you were always seeing boogie men where there are none--and then I realized you would probaby take it the wrong way. Why would you even consider putting AHG in the category of what you call "angry white men"? Judging from other things AHG has posted, I would venture to say that he would have made the joke even if it had been a Repub who had made the original statement. I have probably left myself open to your telling me how this feeling is a carry-over from what your family has had to endure in the past--but you know unless we all move on from what has happened in the past (not forget it but move on) we will never get to that place that you always say you want us to reach.

PTC Observer's picture

I have always heard that this term originated based on pirates in SE Asia.

Here's what wiki says -

Pretty interesting if you don't want a "scholarly" interpretation.

I don't think the 'bogeyman' ever had a 'race' when I was growing up. Thanks for the interesting information.

But you see, that seems to be the problem. We never seem to know just what you may take umbrage at in a conversation. Just did not want to step on your toes, so to speak.

When I 'step on your toes' (figuratively speaking) you and others have had no problem letting me know that your toe hurts. Should I hold back my perception of your idea so as not to hurt feelings? Some here seem that is not necessary to do for me - and I hope you don't either. Can't learn anything by being 'politically correct' all the time. You and others have learned to be honest without being disrespectful or nasty in the past. I hope you continue. I've been an American, a woman, and black for a long time now. I think I've been through the worst of all times - and I'm really enjoying the 'best' of all times here in Fayetteville.

Gort's picture

DMom, this is my favorite boogie man.

Snappy tune, eh? I bet Mitt Romney’s ballet horse could dance to it.

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote for the Democrat.

Gort's picture

DMom, this is my favorite boogie man.

Snappy tune, eh? I bet Mitt Romney’s ballet horse could dance to it.

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote for the Democrat.

I'm still dancing!! KC and the Sunshine Band - Americans at their best!! What a way to start the day!! Thanks!!

all seem to have their own version of the boogie, boogy, boogey--man. I grew up hearing about the boogie man as a child. We all thought that if you went by the 'graveyard' at night that the boogie man would get you. Needless to say we always made a concerted effort to not be anywhere around there after dark. We even avoided going there in the day if possible. It seems to have come to mean anything that someone can be afraid of--not necessarily a human, or ghost or any such but an idea or ideal. I think our latest boogie man may have been T-SPLOST. LOL

efdrakejr's picture

You're right about the TSPLOST bogeyman. Look back at the link provided by PTCO, substitute demagogue for parent and uninformed voter for children and you have the perfect scenario of the transportation referendum.

Gene Drake

(T-SPLOST)was very real and would have come back to bite us all in the nether region. Of course that would not be your take on it but then I am not in your shoes. See where you made nice at the coffee---are you being a good guy or are you just trying to butter us up for the next foray in this ongoing battle for T-SPLOST, which I am sure will be rearing it's hydra head before too long? Bet you didn't buy did ya? Saving those big bucks for when I can make it--we'll have to go to the Mexican restaurant (not being politically incorrect-just can't remember it's name) where we went several meetings ago. They have some big, ice cold maragritas--and you will be buying, right???? I seldom drink but if you are buying, I think I can manage at least two.

efdrakejr's picture

I missed a golden opportunity to be magnanimous and pay since there were only four of us. I could've gotten off easy!! Unfortunately, I didn't know who anyone was this first time until after I had bought my coffee. I'll be happy to buy your margaritas if the next gathering is for Mexican.

Gene Drake

I do believe you speak of "El Ranchero"!

ping center with IHOP, Longhorn's etc. Is it Taco Max or Taco Mac or something like that. We met there when Kevin came with his two sons. Sorry, having one of those senior moments that seems to be lasting for much longer than a moment-----by the way has anyone talked to Kevin lately? I will have to give him a call and see how things are going with him. Bet he hates he is missing all this mess on this site. LOL

There you are--got it nailed now! FYI< Kevin also brought his two sons to El Ranchero! Those guys can put away some groceries! On second thought, believe only one son came to El Ranchero.

his blogs. Liked the area must better when I knew he was around. All of you coffe klatch guys are great. Sorry had to miss last one especially since a 'reformed' Elfie was in attendance. Maybe the next one.

Maybe DM can make the next one. I keep feeling that at some point we will learn that DM is a twenty-two years old white male college student from Mississippi who has been pulling our collective leg all along.

NO, the surprise will be when she is escorted in by Steve Lindsey!

has not been heard from in a long time. Or maybe she is Lindsey----

Used to wonder about the old coot who got booted from here. Wonder if he is blogging under another name. If he is he certainly has changed his style.

Speaking of people booted off--surprised to see Larry Sussburg or whatever back here--he used someone else's name to spew venom--surprised Cal has not banned him permanently. He is right back where he left off.

Anyone have any of their posts available? Just curious.

AJC blog and then disappeared. She had disappeared once before and resurfaced.


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