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PTC gets food truck parking site request

A local company wants Peachtree City’s blessing to establish a “food truck lot” on Ga. Highway 54 near Willowbend Road that would be active on Mondays during lunch and dinner times.

The problem is that such a concept is currently illegal under the city’s outdoor display ordinance, according to city staff.

Grazing Here Properties and Big Vision Holdings are asking to have room for no more than two food trucks on the property from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The City Council is expected to consider the proposal at its regular meeting Thursday night, but if the concept wins approval it will require a subsequent editing of the outdoor display ordinance.

In other business Thursday, council will consider a staff request to add up to six “wayfinding” signs to direct visitors and residents to the facilities at the McIntosh Trail recreation complex. The signs would denote the location of the Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater, the Gathering Place senior citizens center and the city’s welcome center. The area also hosts the city’s BMX track and Shakerag Knoll.

The signs would be located along Peachtree Parkway and Ga. Highways 54 and 74, staff said. The funding for the signs would come from money received from the Georgia Department of Transportation for the second phase of the Hwy. 74 south road widening, according to a memo circulated to council members in advance of the meeting.

The city also is slated to hear two deck-related variance requests for the city’s rear setback requirements. One would replace a porch and extend 10 feet into the building setback at 305 Harcourt Place within the Sagamore subdivision. The other request relates to a three-foot setback encroachment on an existing deck that was built by a previous property owner at 240 Masters Square in The Fairways subdivision. The variance is necessary for the owner to be allowed to cover and screen the existing deck, according to city staff.



If anyone is asking.

Real question would be "Why not"? But don't see how they could make it on a Monday only operation.

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Why limit it to two trucks? What happens when three more trucks want to share the same lot? In fact, why don't we just let anyone who wants to set up shop with a food truck just do it anywhere they want to?

1. We are a planned community, that's the reason a whole lot of people moved here. How does a food truck fit into this?
2. Trucks don't have a whole lot of fixed costs compared to fixed location shops, so marginal sit down restaurants would likely go out of business. This will cause empty store fronts to spring up around town.
3. I suspect that just like construction sites, we will end up with a lot of paper floating around the parking lot.

Other than that, I see no problems with it.

For more on what's happening with Food Trucks around Atlanta link to:

Not a PTC resident so not personalissue with me. I'd think they would want to locate to take advantage of the Wed/Sat Farmers Mkt there. I know we visit there just about every Sat and just might patronize a food truck should one be available.

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I have no problem with that, but that's not what they are asking. If they want to join in on the Farmers Market I suppose they can do that now.

I guess i should have said that.

Fees etc should apply.

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Even I know that this is not a good idea at that location but a few private equity trucks may just be the ticket. I can see the red, white and blue awnings with the cornucopia logos now.

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another person trapped in a not so real world.

Explain to me you distaste for the idea of private equity, what in your mind are the three or four worst things about the concept of private equity. I would like to hear from someone that has a cogent well thought out argument against private capital formation.

Please after you.......

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Where in that tongue-in-cheek, mildly ludicrous posting do you see any hint of a distaste for the concept of private equity? Should I have specified non-GM trucks?

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your humor went right over my head.

We are only looking at doing this once or twice a week- hopefully, that protects local restaurants.

This fits into the planned community because we are designating one area where people can compare the offerings, then sit down for a picnic. We asking staff to come up with a plan that will ensure that we get unique food offerings, that are not presently offered in town. We will not allow this to become a parking lot where trucks are shoveling out food from
a 7-11.

The ordinance will also be designed to ensure the area stays clean.

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there be a limit to the number of trucks?

I believe that was brought up multiple times.

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that's reassuring, now we just need to keep the number "reasonable" in the new ordinance.

FYI, I just returned from Europe and there are a considerable number truck vendors throughout Germany and Austria. These are mostly owned by Turks serving kabobs and coffee. Small tables are situated in front of the trucks with umbrellas or roll out awnings. Very nice as the trucks are not allowed to have advertisements on their sides. The covered area is in case of rain, which seems to happen everyday in the afternoon during the summer.

In all the food is inexpensive but excellent and the coffee good. It is also interesting to hear the ideas the Turks have of the Americans. All good I might add.

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They have them where I am at and most are good to very good. While I am not familiar with the regulations imposed, there isn't an "abundance" of them and they aren't a nuisance or intrusive so obviously they are controlled in some manner. Like you observed in Europe, these trucks usually have awnings and setup some picnic tables out front, but there aren't big ads or signage.

Some are lunch only types and a few others are dinner only. Overall, I find them to be very inexpensive and with food quality as good as a lot of sit-down restaurants.
Within the proper framework, sounds very workable in PTC and FC and I applaud PTC Council for taking a serious look at the idea instead of just yelling "HELL NO!" as a lot of jurisdictions would do.

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Actually the local restaurants need to protect themselves.

If local restaurants provide tasty food & good service at reasonable prices, they have nothing to fear from food trucks. Some folks will only buy a tricked up burger & greasy fries for $8.50 from a food truck one time. And the cheapest hot dog is 6.75--don't think so. However, I give kudos to the folks willing to take the financial risk to serve a selective audience.

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I would be surprised if there isn't considerable resistance from the restaurants regarding food trucks. I am not sure that this has been thought out beyond the initial jubilation for the possibility of new business. I hope it does not look too much like a carnival if it does come to fruition.

Hey, it's burgers, hot dogs & chili--who will complain? The chains who sell that stuff have their dedicated customers and they can sell at a cheaper price. It's just another convenience issue and again, kudos to those willing to invest in a business venture in their community.

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No to the truck
No to deck #1
No to deck#2
Yes of course to the city erecting off-site directional signs on property it does not own - a no-no for any private business owner.

Not that I agree with any of those choices, just a prediction of how our "business-friendly" government will act.

Live free or die!

Yes on the truck. We asked staff to draw up an ordnance that addresses things like safety and cleanliness, as well as making sure that we have a program in place to aggressively scout operators with unique offerings. We want this to be a PTC food truck program.

Yes to deck one- this was the one with debate. In the end, we decided that we would grant the variance due to the fact that the law is written to allow the homeowner to level the land and build a patio, without seeking a variance. This would have caused the homeowner significant expense, and possibly damage the lot. Government is not here to infringe on a homeowners right to improve his property- so we didn't.

There was precedence for similar variance on deck two. It was approved with little debate.

The wayfaring signs were approved, but will need to meet GDOT standards. This means that they will be on breakaway poles and a little higher of the ground than we would like, but we have no choice.

Most of us want new businesses and to help homeowners make their home their own. I think last night was a good night if judged on that criteria.

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This shows a big change in attitude. Way to go. Hope the votes were unanimous. That would also be a good sign.

Next step is to figure out how to use the visitor's center and it's funding to attract more businesses to PTC.

Live free or die!

Well, we are happy to surprise you in a positive manner. We had a really good briefing from the FCDA- they are on the right track. They should have some exciting news over the next few months.

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Good news from FCDA? What about all that howling from the mayor from about a year ago? Perhaps when a positive announcement is made we can refer back to all those doomsday scenarios espoused as PCDC was disbanded.

That should place an exclamation point on his tenure!

If you watch the meeting, there are 3 business' in various stages of moving here. About 500 jobs total. The FCDA has done an excellent job, regardless of past fears- some of which I shared. After getting the job they hit hole hard and picked up a first down. Now they just have to keep moving the ball- and I am confident that they will.

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That became Pathway years ago, then went under within the last year. It was not disbanded by Council because it was a private business.

I supported the add of a Development Authority person to the FCDA, along with their pledge to be more proactive.

What I warned against and opposed was using an Economic Development Coordinator position, which had no development authority powers at all.

So, DAPC was eliminated and then the Coordinator position was left unfilled and a Development Authority person was hired.

I got what I said we needed and this demonstrates I was right.

I have an excellent relationship with Matt Forshee and Chris Daniels. Chris has two of my framed maps hanging in his PTC office for referencing.

Again, you cannot get your facts straight.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

The 2 of you clearly can't get your facts straight! Read Don's post above and see he quotes below:

"I supported the add of a Development Authority person to the FCDA, along with their pledge to be more proactive
I got what I said we needed and this demonstrates I was right.
I have an excellent relationship with Matt Forshee and Chris Daniels. Chris has two of my framed maps hanging in his PTC office for referencing."

Don is responsible for bringing in all new businesses (directly or indirectly), not FCDA. Same way he takes credit for the seniors program that councilwoman Vanessa did all the work on.

In fact he is taking credit for the new Needs Assessment Committee...yet if you go back to city council's August 2 budget meeting you will see where it was Kim Learnard who first brought up this idea and talked Mayor Haddix into starting this group to. This is documented in the minutes, shown in the Council Packet for last night's council meeting and posted through the PTC website.

Many PTC residents already know about our mayor taking credit for just about everything, in fact The Citizen publisher referenced this behavior in a recent editorial.

Don Haddix's picture

It is sad you have no problem with dirty tricks.


You did the same kind of antics that resulted in you no longer being on Planning Commission.

As well, you have been called out by other bloggers numerous times for false statements.

I have tried to get Council behind gathering data from the citizens for three years now. They refused.

Go watch the video and see the full discussion around the Needs Assessment Committee. It did not begin with Learnard, as she made very clear.

And go back to prior meetings and workshops, where I also brought it up.

Enough said.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Out of respect to Theo, who I served with on Planning Commission, I have decided to end this conversation. You have proven how far down the barrel you can and wil go proving you are unfit to serve in any public office.

Let's outline

1-Your accusation regarding "antics on planning commission".
I resigned because of your ignorance and lack of leadership.
Citizens can go to the video records to see the discussion at the planning commission meeting when a citizen stated that members on council guaranteed them that specific project would not be built. That was a real shocker to hear since every developer deserves due process. As documented by J.Mumford, you did your normal fingerpointing and in the very end when you were repeatedly warned about speaking out on projects before planning commission it resulted in the NorSouth lawsuit. NorSouth sued under Federal discrimmination laws but it was a result of your comments at the planning workshop. Council,Planning Commission and City Hall staff who witnessed it, know it.

So, item #1 above just re-enforces what a habitual liar you are, but I realize that most citizens realize that about you.

2-Thank you for shouting out Huntington Learning Center on this blog...I am glad you did because it further re-enforces your total lack of intelligence because in an effort to "protect your political life" you identified my business which was not necessary but clearly based on some twisted idea that it would impact my business. Otherwise why do it?

This proves that your personal interest is far more important than governing which includes encouraging business growth and development. You crossed a "public" line. What next? Does this mean that anyone who personally opposes you will call out their business? Maybe call their employer?

3-As for dirty tricks, seriously??? All anyone has to do is the read these blogs for the past 6 years and your letters to the editor.

Mr. Haddix, now its clearly "enough said", by you!

You will not hear anything from me, until the next mayoral election and only if you should decide to run again. My business, will contribute $5,000 towards a DirectPAC to clearly outline why you should not be given another term. That's assuming it is legal as outlined by the Georgia laws governing PACs.

Should you feel the urge to respond here and keep this conversation going, let me help that urge by saying if you do, I will increase this pledge.

Meanwhile, anyone wishing to start to organize this PAC by filing the state paperwork and/or participate can reach me at All information will be kept confidential.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

and that is deemed legal, you shouldn't have to worry too much about an anti-Haddix reelection PAC being legal. You may find it easier to just team up with one of the existing PAC's. Bost, Richter and Hofrichter all seem to have them although I can't keep straight who hates who. But surely one of those would see the wisdom of not reelecting Haddix.
Of course the problem takes care of itself if we can convince a viable candidate to run for mayor - you could do it, Todd Strickland, Scott Bradshaw, Scott Rowland, Bob Ross, Mike King, Terry Garlock, Mike Harman all good men and all would beat Haddix like a drum.

As I said before, I don't think he'll try for reelection, he's likely to follow in Logsdon's footsteps and quit after 1 term and seek higher office - county commission seems likely. McCarty and Brown both up for reelection in 2 years.

Sounds like he really got under your skin, Larry.

Live free or die!


Nope, not at all, but I have to concern myself with 4 full time employees and 38 part time employees, most of whom live in PTC.

I'll just wait to election time.


Mike King's picture

OK, I meant Development Authority. Not all of us are as perfect as you claim to be.

Would you care to elaborate on the conversation your spouse had with the development guy named Grisham? How about that nasty little e-mail you sent him regarding a previous mayor. You know the one that eventually got you sued costing your constituents some ten grand leading to an ethics complaint that you currently face.

Don't forget the lie he told on the blog that his wife NEVER said a thing.

FYI, they set up for Lunch on Sat at the Farmer's Mkt and Wed at the Immediate Care facility next to the Hospital already!

Yes, the owner is the gent that gave council the presentation. Excellent product.

rolling stone's picture

First let me state that I am all for the success of a food truck and if it were mine I would set up at the library if I could. My question is related to the location that is being proposed. The truck that is at the farmers market is a sizable rig, which it needs to be to conform to GA regulations and it goes well with the farmers market. Will two or more be a good fit, visible from 54, on a divided roadway, with more signage than a lot of store fronts? Parking? Traffic pattern impact? I am just curious because being a rolling stone does have its advantages.

RKS's picture

They got plenty of vacant lots to them in and it's become the kind of town that they would fit right in. Plenty of room in the waterfall joint that Mr. Cathy is gonna do somethin' with someday. Or, let em park around the square in F'ville!

Don Haddix's picture

There is nothing to say they will not also be in Fayetteville. But they will have to also get a license, etc. there.

The food inspections are by the Fayette Health Department, so it should not be a problem. But if it is, I sit on the Board of Health and it can be fixed.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>


Since you sit on the Fayette Board of Health, can you explain the horrendous conditions in the kitchen of the Longbranch Steakhouse that was easily identified in the "Restaurant Impossible" TV show in just one day?
- Roaches in the ice chest
- Roaches crawling around the walls
- Filthy conditions throughout the kitchen
- food left on the stove for days, then servcd.
- Contaminated food
These conditions did not appear overnight, but were long in the making.

Where was the Fayette Board of Health prior to this?
Why were they not cited and ordered to close down until the conditions were cleaned up?
How many other restaurants in our county are in the same condition?
Can we really trust our County Health Department to provide a proper inspection of restaurants in Fayette County?

Maybe someone needs to inspect the Fayette Board of Health for apparently not doing their job.

Don Haddix's picture

I saw the show and it most assuredly is an issue I am addressing.

I do understand these shows hype up situations. On the other I saw issues that, shall we say, were less than satisfactory to me.

As for doing jobs, the BOH is not the "top dog," so to speak. The District 3 administration is.

There are also department heads, etc.

We meet once every 3 months.

Those are not excuses, just trying to give a feel about being on the BOH.

None of the Board Members have received any complaints from anyone about this or similar situations.

Bottom line is I have a lot of questions that will be answered.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Thanks for identifying the business. We can always use more advertising and publicity. Do you want to write a testimonial for us?

To be frank, I am actually surprised you can find the time for blogging. Shouldn't you be working with your $300/hr high priced Atlanta lawyer that you are billing PTC for to defend your ETHICS Charges.

You know, the $10,000 you tried to "get away" with?

Why not do the right thing for the city and resign? Or, at least pay back the $10,000.

Remember, I told you I have no interest in running for a PTC political office, my only goal is to expose the real you. So keep posting and responding, PTC needs to see who they elected as their mayor. Keep on exposing your tactics because this is the same "stuff" you pulled on the last city council (except Doug), the last mayor, Cindy Plunkett, Eric Imker and anyone who stands in your way.

Hey Don, are we at the bottom of this barrel yet? Or should we let the citizens know about "MCDUFFY", your other email account with 49 names on it where you send messages out to get assistance on these blogs to manipulate the facts? Should we?? Should I assume you have sent a shout out to these people now to come defend you by attacking me?

As you so famously say: ENOUGH SAID

MajorMike's picture

I was more than a little surprised when Cal let you back in these blogs after you had stolen someones identity in order to further your maniacal obsession with Haddix bashing.

You really should get some professional help. Why don't you talk to your family about it? One would assume that they love you and want to see what is best for you.

You know...that's great advice.
This is a complete waste of time and effort!
The voters already know



Don Haddix's picture

I received an email of concern, on the city email, over what Councilman Dienhart has said on the blogs. After reading the posts, some clarity and corrections need to be made.

The ordinance is required because they are currently not allowed.

What it will do is to set a reasonable standard for how many trucks at a time, where, how often, cleanliness of surrounding areas, etc.

There are hours of operation the proposer sees for himself, but that does not mean that is exactly what they will be in the end.

We will not, as the city, be seeking out food trucks. That is not our job. The gentleman who made the proposal will be doing his own advertising. Others can come in on their own.

He will also be opening his own fixed place establishment to be able to operate everyday.

It will not be limited to offerings not already offered in the city or to protect existing business from competition. That would be illegal.

Nothing has been decided. Staff has not even begun its research or formulation. This is only a very basic proposal and concept at this time.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>


PTC Observer's picture

That would be just too easy to do for Mr. Haddix, it's considerably better to just make himself look "big", without showing you any courtesy. That's because he is a "little" man in so many ways.

If I was foolish enough to hire him, he would last approximately five minutes as one of my employees. That's exactly what I hope to help make happen when he's up for re-election.

I think you did a great job explaining the situation in conjunction with John's article.

So why the repetitive blog?

Nervous energy because 1 person sent an email or an attempted slap down?

Anyway, be are the only other council member to blog here. This may be a territorial issue.

I wonder if Mayor Stubs in Alaska sprays his territory?

Don Haddix's picture

It has been quite awhile since Imker blogged. So who is this other Council Member who has been blogging?

My response was because George said "we", not "he." If he had spoken for himself, I would not have posted to correct at all.

Just clearing up that little detail and asking a question, Mr. Huntington Learning Center. (more free advertising)

There have been more comments on this than the email. I cited the email because it was addressed to Mayor, Council Members and the City Manager.

All comments and suggestions are welcome. They can be of great aid in formulating an ordinance. Just email them to the City at

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>


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