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EPA would ban gas carts from roads

Peachtree City is currently considering a plan that will not allow new registrations of gas-powered carts and in 10 years will ban all gas-powered carts from the cart path system.

A vocal minority is expressing the view that this is government interference and an infringement of their rights.

There is a different perspective. This is an example of government acting on behalf of the citizenry and attempting to correct a long-ignored problem.

There were enough complaints about gas-powered carts that a survey was done that showed 80 percent of Peachtree City residents want to ban them, largely because of the unmuffled noise and the “smell.”

This smell is the exhaust from an engine that has no emissions controls. We are allowing vehicles on our cart paths that the EPA would not allow on our highways. We are walking and exercising alongside vehicles that emit eight times the carbon monoxide of a full-sized car.

Peachtree City has 18 tunnels on the cart path system, and if you have ever followed a gas-powered cart through a tunnel, you know how noxious and persistent the fumes are. Carbon monoxide, which can’t be smelled, is linked to a large number of health problems.

The cart paths are to be used and enjoyed by everyone. The reason an overwhelming majority of Peachtree City residents want gas-powered carts banned is because they spoil the cart path experience.

A small number of people chose to buy gas-powered carts because they felt those carts better suited their needs. However, the ability to use a gas-powered cart on the cart paths of Peachtree City is not a right; it is a privilege.

When that privilege interferes with the right of everyone to breathe clean air while on a cart path, that privilege needs to be revoked.

The way the ordinance is set up, current owners of gas-powered carts can continue to use them for 10 years, by which time most of the already old and tired engines will have died. Any time during those 10 years they can sell their cart or wait till the ban goes in effect.

The ordinance is about as fair as you can get. Some people will not be happy with this ordinance, but the alternative is that everyone on the cart paths will continue to be subjected to the noise and air pollution of a few.

If you would like to have your views on this subject expressed to the mayor and City Council, you can email them at or call them at 770-487-7657.

Rick Schultz

Peachtree City, Ga.



Dan Akroyd said it best, “Rick you ignorant ….!”

“We are allowing vehicles on our cart paths that the EPA would not allow on our highways.”

No golf cart, gas or electric, is allowed on Georgia highways you idiot. They’re also not allowed on Peachtree Parkway or Crosstown Drive.

BTW, the current Georgia emissions standards exclude motorcycles, mobile homes and RV’s. Additionally, senior citizens can receive a state emissions waver so their cars don’t have to pass the emissions testing.

Should we ban senior citizens from driving too?

“the ability to use a gas-powered cart on the cart paths of Peachtree City is not a right; it is a privilege.”

What communist state do you think you live in?

The use of the path system in PTC is indeed a RIGHT and NOT a privilege. My paying city taxes insures that the use of the path system is my right.

“We are walking and exercising alongside vehicles that emit eight times the carbon monoxide of a full-sized car.”

As gas powered golf carts are not tested I find your statement above to be without fact. Please continue to make up any additional “facts” that you think will help with your argument.

As a matter of record, the single main cause of Georgas air pollution problems are <a href=”“>coal fired electric generating stations</a>. The same coal fired electric generating stations that you and 95% of cart owners in PTC use to recharge your electric golf carts.

<em>“ In 2006, Georgia's coal-fired power plants produced 82.0 million tons of CO2, 619,000 tons of sulfur dioxide, and 109,000 tons of nitrogen oxide; coal-fired power plants were responsible for 48.8% of the state's total CO2 emissions.”

“On May 10, 2010 Georgia environmental groups filed two petitions to set up hearings to challenge permits for two major proposed coal-fired power plants in the state. Attorneys from GreenLaw and the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC), acting on behalf of seven citizens’ groups, are fighting the proposed plants with claims against the water and air pollution permits proposed for Washington Plant, to be built in Sandersville, Georgia and against the air pollution permit for Longleaf Energy Station, to be built in Early County, Georgia.”</em>

From the <a href=" Lung Association</a>, “Coal-fired power plants are among the biggest polluters, especially in the Midwest. Power plant pollution kills people. The risk of death and disease caused by coal-fired power plant pollution threatens the millions of people who live here.“

Now let’s all charge our electric golf carts!

F.Y.I. your beloved, emissions tested, cars and trucks account for about 35% of the Atlanta area air pollution. So do you ride your bicycle to work and shopping trips?

“This is an example of government acting on behalf of the citizenry and attempting to correct a long-ignored problem.”

This is an example of government acting like a NANNY-STATE!

“80 percent of Peachtree City residents want to ban them”

As someone else posted, “If the city took a pole about allowing drinking and driving golf carts the number would be far greater than 80% approval.”

How many more people in PTC do you think own 2-cycle week whackers? Should we ban them next. Tell Home Depot that they must stop selling anything 2-cycle because you can’t breathe?

Why not take your argument to the next level and mandate that all golf carts be solar powered? Solar powered golf carts are available at only 2 to 3 times the price of your current electric one.

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The Schultz argument would give us the right to ban smokers from the cart paths - especially in the tunnels.

A quick look around the parks shows how considerate the smokers are. They leave their evidence everywhere to show their ignorance.

That said, I don't get the big issue with banning the gas carts. I would be in favor of getting rid of the 10 year clause, let those that have them run the wheels off of them. When I moved here years ago, I thought I wanted a gas cart, then I rented one, and realized my Snapper mower is just as quiet, I rarely ride my Snapper around the path system. :)

I am not clear on some of yoyr statements.
Let me tell you what I think you meant and you can say whether or not?

No golf cart on the highways: I would assume the intent of the emissions problem meant was that if gas autos weren't allowed without emission reducers, then carts would not be!
Senior citizens also must have newer vehicles inspected.
You have no "right" to a cart path! The city could close them tomorrow! Since they are there you have the "privilge to use them.

We do use a lot of coal but those emission have been reduced considerably.

"I am not clear on some of yoyr statements." Evidently.

"I would assume the intent of the emissions problem meant was that if gas autos weren't allowed without emission reducers, then carts would not be!"

I have no idea what you attempted to covey with that butchered combination of words. I'll not call that a sentence. Was that even in English?

Go, Bad, sock it to'em! So 80% says ban gas carts? That may be be 80% of RESPONDENTS, not total citizens. Not a very meaningful statistic.

It's not just the respondents but the marketplace, since about 95% have voted to use electric. I don't like them and I live near 1 of the fueling stations so I see them more than most. Loud, smelly, all of the above. Seems fair to just not register any new ones, let the current ones buy/sell and end up on blocks. Let those who think they need an exemption apply for it, maybe there is a good reason. Since the rental shops probably do all the maintenance that the individuals do not (tune-up, mufflers, etc) let them continue to rent but not resell. Smokers should be banned from the cart path. If the kids can't paint a boulder for abusing the priv. ban the smokers for leaving their butts. I also believe a .25 cent fee for every take-out should be levied to clean up the mess left by the users.

80% of just over 1,700 respondents

Ain’t statistics wonderful?

I really don’t want people that were elected by less than .05% to start writing or amending laws because .05% of the people in PTC think it’s something they should impose on everyone else.

That’s about the same percentage of people that voted for Cindi Plunket for Mayor. That alone should tell you something. (There are at least 1,700 stupid people in PTC that voted.)

When laws start to be changed on just the <em>presumption</em> that something smells bad than McDonalds is in for a world of hurt.

It has been stated by experts, local business owners, that banning gas carts would have an adverse effect on their rental business. That sounds just like something PTC needs to start doing, let’s put yet another impediment in the way of a locally owned and operated business to make a profit and pay taxes.

No studies, NOT ONE, have been done to prove that gas carts have an environmental impact on PTC, yet .05% of the citizens demand that they be banned. Why not simply demand that that same .05% leave PTC, never to return? Problem solved.

It’s apparent, especially from last Thursdays PTC Council meeting, that there are other, more important, things for our current city council needs to be concerned about right now.

If you, that .05%, insist on being tree-huggers than start by spending $10,000 on a solar powered golf carts and riding bicycles to work and shopping. (Form-fitting spandex suits are optional but NOT desirable)

Then, maybe than, I’ll listen to your arguments. (Just after I stop laughing)

Oh, BTW, will PTC be disposing of the two jet skies and the four-wheeler they own? Neither of them will pass future EPA standards either.

Additionally, will PTC be amending the lawn service contract to ban the contractor from using any 2 stroke equipment? For that matter will PTC ban Home Depot and Walmart from selling anything with a 2 stroke engine?

Will I have to forfeit my weed eater, lawn mower, trimmer, leaf blower and edger too, or will they be grandfathered as well? Just asking.

In other words GET A LIFE and leave mine alone.

I assume shortly I'll no longer be able to mow my lawn with a gas lawn mower or trim my weeds with a gas trimmer? My neighbor used to wake me up Saturdays mowing. He's interfering with my right to sleep!

Maybe if you complain about it to the right person you can get mowing the lawn banned on Saturday and Sunday mornings before 11am.

Bad PTC is right across the board and let me go further.
The carbon monoxide in levels you experience being a non issue. I promise you are not in any outdoor area experiencing an even mildly dangerous level of C.O. Why should you decide what others drive. Next is yellow golf carts or maybe we legislate only earth tones are allowed. Where does it stop ? In addition there are emission regulations for off highway gas engines. These have been in place for years. Unless you are charging your golf cart with magic, charging your golf cart generates carbon dioxide and an assortment of other chemicals. Maybe you should set the example unplug your house and use someone besides Southern Company for power. I look forward to the results.

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Knee-jerk, stupid reactions of liberals drive me crazy. They never stop to think things through logically. Even when given more time and facts, they continue with the same reactionary positions.

I don't think so. While doing my normal walking routine Saturday morning, I was passed by runners/cyclist on the cart paths. The stench of the cheap perfurme was overwhelming. I'd rather smell a good ol' gas cart any day. In fact, I'd rather smell your B.O. vs the smelly cheap perfume.

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