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Hwy. 74S to be re-routed for repairs

A section of Ga. Highway 74 South will be closed several days over an upcoming weekend so crews can work on drainage for the road widening project.

Hwy. 74 between Rockaway Road and Redwine Road will be closed Friday evening Aug. 27 and it will reopen very early Monday morning Aug. 30, according to an advisory from the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Motorists in the area will be detoured onto Holly Grove, Robinson and Redwine Roads to circumvent the closed work area on the highway.

The road widening project, once complete, will widen Hwy. 74 from two to four lanes from Cooper Circle all the way south to Ga. Highway 85. The other upside of the project is a big one: the realignment of Rockaway Road, for which paving is anticipated this week.

Once Rockaway is complete, traffic will be rerouted to the new Rockaway Road so vehicles will be able to take advantage of the existing traffic light on Hwy. 74 at Holly Grove Road.



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Has the DOT announced what time this closure will begin on Friday?

Will there be exits from the roundabouts? I've noticed that some people in Fayetteville have difficulty with entering/exiting traffic. Will we have an opportunity to 'train' for maneuvering 'roundabouts?

There are those that no amount of training will help when it comes to driving. Some people have no clue when it comes to 4-way stops and I'm sure they would be the same at roundabouts, even though roundabouts are much easier to go through than a 4-way stop.

ATTN: PTC Police Department revenue opportunity..
Speed limit on Holly Grove is 30 all those people flying down 74 and detoured will have no idea and be sitting ducks for PTC $$$.

I tend to disagree.

There is a stop sign on Holly Grove Rd at the intersection of Holly Grove and Robinson Rd. When you come to a stop at this sign while heading east on Holly Grove it is blind, i.e. you can't see the traffic coming from either direction on Robinson Rd so you are forced to move your vehicle forward until it is partially blocking the southbound lane of Robinson to get a clear view before you go. At times when there is heavy traffic on Robinson it is very difficuly (dangerous) to deal with this intersection. There will be accidents here during this Hwy 74 detour if the Police don't monitor this intersection.

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