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Time for Horgan to accept responsibility

Fayette County Commissioner Robert Horgan is appealing the ruling of his county ethics violation on the grounds that “he was not acting as a county commissioner at the time of his arrest nor was he in a county-owned vehicle at the time” (emphasis mine). Excuse me but that reasoning just does not hold water.

Many years ago I had a college professor in a business law class tell me that all of our law was based on “The Reasonable Man Theory,” what would a reasonable man think or do in a given situation. Would a reasonable person believe that a police officer, fireman, secretary or any other county employee should not be held accountable for their drug use off duty as well as on duty?

I’d be willing to give odds that any county employee that failed a drug screen or pled guilty to drug charges would be dismissed and our county commissioners would claim the dismissal was for the good of the county.

When taking the oath of office was there a provision to allow for illegal behavior when not at a county meeting? When stopped by a Fayette County citizen would any on the commission not stop and answer questions about the county’s business? No, I believe that when you swear to uphold the laws of the city, county, state or country, that means you swear to uphold them period (again my emphasis).

My personal belief is that Mr. Horgan made a series of very stupid decisions and that it is time to accept responsibility for his own actions.

Perhaps it is time for this gentleman and the rest of our government to remember this phrase, “Opera non verba” (deeds not words).

Edward C. Ragan, II

Peachtree City, Ga.



mudcat's picture

Opera non verba indeed Mr. Ragan, 2 sticks.
Horgan is completely innocent due to the "not on duty" defense. He was simply following in the footsteps of a much more experience politician - mayor steve brown, who moonlighted as Citizen Steve Brown, switching identities as it suited him. If the mission was to terrorize developers and create an illegal building moratorium (over the objections of the city attorney), then he was mayor. If the mission was to insert himself into an upcoming referendum - even getting free time and production on Comcast - he was Citizen Steve (because it would be illegal for mayor steve to do this). But if the mission was to fire the aforementioned city attorney - it was back to mayor steve.

Now Mr. Horgan may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he knows a good scam when he sees it and who can blame him for playing along. After all it is the only defense he has. Hope he and Brown can sit next to each other after January like 2 schoolgirls passing notes and giggling.

Git Real's picture

Your rants about Steve Brown have become about as boring and annoying as listening to David's Mom spewing her racial / bigoted blather day in and day out for years. WTH??? Did he brush off your advances or something way back when?

<em><strong>Stupid can't be fixed. We can only vote him out</strong></em>

mudcat's picture

The only thing I ever advanced to the city's worst mayor by far, was a few ideas regarding Fayette Beautiful, median landscaping and recycling. Listened politely, did nothing. So that's my rejection story. Boring compared to your fantasies, I'm sure.

The beef many of us have with Brown is the damage he did during his 4 years. Losing experienced people like Basinger, Williams and Lindsey and dissing the late Tom Farr was just the beginning. The moratorium which was illegal and expensive to defend was really ill-advised. The Comcast thing, the Wieland thing, the Walgreens in the church thing. The DOT thing. And many other things.

Just watch how he acts when he gets sworn in to Fayette County Commission. Just watch.

Git Real's picture

Losing those guys was a bad thing? Oh well....

<em><strong>Stupid can't be fixed. We can only vote him out</strong></em>

<strong>David's Mom spewing her racial / bigoted blather day in and day out for years. WTH???</strong>

I made a new year's resolution to deal with members of this discussion group with integrity. <strong>BUT ONLY THIS YEAR!</strong>
No one wants us to 'git' into it again. . . and I won't -<strong> but this year only!!!!</strong>

Git Real's picture

Do you ever listen to yourself on this blog? Or apply true facts and logic to the discussion you inject race into every other day? The answer is no. Your world in your mind is exactly as you desire it.

And don't give us that integrity crap. Well thought out and fact based points are presented to you on a regular basis resulting in you only changing the subject or skirting the issue. Integrity.... Sheesh....

You are such a sanctimonious and veiled bigot. Carry on......

<em><strong>Stupid can't be fixed. We can only vote him out</strong></em>

ptctaxpayer's picture

David's Mom--- I think you're in the minority on this one.

PTC Observer's picture

I assume your definition of integrity includes comparing your philosophical opponents to mass murders like Timothy McVeigh?

you. If someone mentions the sky is blue, your reply is "Yes, the sky was blue the day Steve Brown did-------". Joe Citizen breaks the law and your reply is "Yes, that scoundrel Steve Brown--------". I think most of us do realize you are female and your close ties to the 'old guard" through 'hubby' but it does tend to get old. The old guard is out in PTC an it looks like it is on it's way out in Fayetteville, so learn to live with it as you must learn to live with the fact that Steve Brown will never be yours. How horrible it must be to lust after something you will never have. So sad.

While being caught with a small quantity of marijuana may constitute a misdemeanor, it's different for high public officials. In Horgan's case, all the publicity, texting and emailing created quite a stir. It was big news that a county leader had been arrested for possession of marijuana. Yet, he was allowed to continue to serve the public as if nothing had ever happened.

I'm sure if you check with the Sheriff's department, you would find that, had Horgan been a deputy sheriff caught off duty, he would no longer be a deputy sheriff on duty. Why? Because sheriff's deputies take an oath to obey and enforce the law. What makes an administrative official above the law? County Commissioners are sworn in just like deputy sheriffs are. When children, especialy teenagers, hear their parents talking about a county commissioner getting away with drugs, they get the wrong perspective on law's who you are...not what you did.

Addressing Mudcat's comment, Steve Brown never broke the law, and no group of citizens ever banded together to get him out of office as they did Horgan. When it came time to campaign for Smith and Maxwell, Brown suddenly became everybody's favorite PTC villan. But, in the recent election, Brown won handily throughout the county, and carried more of the PTC precincts than he lost. He also proved how the voters were taken in by the 2003 SPLOST. He won all the precincts crossed by or near the West Bypass by large margins. His victory also proved that the majority of voters are against mass transit. Brown demonstrated strong leadership qualities by exposing the bypass scheme, and when the public heard what he had to say, they voted him in. Brown also sent in a LTTE about Commissioner Smith lobbying for Mayor Steele, who is said to be in favor of the West Bypass, to serve as the Second County Representative (alternate to the Commission Chairman) to the Atlanta Regional Commission. Brown's usually right with his logic, so I predict that Steele won't get the nods.

Mudcat certainly has a right to his opinion, but needs to realize that the election is over. The best thing he can do is gather his followers on the back of a bicycle, and ride off into the sunset.

or arrest people on the spot. I do think there is a HUGE difference in them and and The Sheriff's Department.

NUK_1's picture

hahaha :)

Brain fart for sure. Good catch. :)

NUK_1's picture

He was punished for the misdemeanor he was charged with, same as when PTC's City Mgr McMullen was punished for a DUI that happened at night, another misdemeanor. In Georgia, like the majority of the states in the USA, marijuana possession in small amounts has been decriminalized to a misdemeanor. He didn't get away with anything just because he got to keep his menial-paying position on the commission.

The requirements to be a deputy sheriff or police officer are vastly different from being a county commissioner where the only requirements are being a legal resident, paying your filing fee, and winning an election.

I imagine if he came out tomorrow and said he opposes WFB you'd do a complete 180 on this marijuana issue.

mudcat's picture

Steve, I don't think this pips1414 identity is as intersting as the one you have for Mrs. Fran Shelton - she's my favorite, Steve. Keep her alive. The purple hat thing is truly an American classic.

Anyway Steve, you know that mudcat is a female, so the "his" "him" stuff is just plain silly. And transparent.

But now, we get to the meat of the message

"Addressing Mudcat's comment, Steve Brown never broke the law, and no group of citizens ever banded together to get him out of office"

Are you kidding me? DirectPAC did exactly that - banded together to get you out of office - successfully, I might add. And breaking the law? Please. How many ways. The Comcast thing was enough, but why go on.

Grow up dude, you finally won an election and now it is time to serve. Stop the stupid blogging through your many phony identities.

PTC Observer's picture

Will pay for his "off duty mistake" when the citizens rule at the voting booth.

He's toast, we simply have to put up with him until he's gone.

Git Real's picture

Time will get rid of them. Not much else can be done til then.

<em><strong>Stupid can't be fixed. We can only vote him out</strong></em>

I agree any other county employee would have been cut loose.

Had to laugh at Mudcat's comparison of Horgan and Brown. Horgan had illegal drugs and an expired tag while Brown was condemned by the directpac for using his First Amendment rights, a lame comparison if there ever was one.

Steve Brown is about as open and honest as they come. He's uncovered more dirt in Peachtree City than my Shop Vac.

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