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Chick-fil-A to add store on 54W, but will close original PTC location

The new Chick-fil-A restaurant coming to Ga. Highway 54 West and Line Creek Drive will reveal a new direction taken by the company, featuring a brick and glass exterior along with various internal touches as a nod to the chicken chain’s beginnings.

The new concept, which includes an outdoor dining area, was approved unanimously by the Peachtree City Planning Commission Monday night.

While the new store is seen as a quasi-marketing vehicle for the company, it also may create a bit of a stir among fans of the Chick-fil-A restaurant in the Peachtree Crossing shopping center on Ga. Highway 54 East. That’s because Chick-fil-A plans to shutter the 54E store when the 54W store opens.

Planning commissioners expressed concern that Chick-fil-A might lose a number of loyal customers on the east side of the city, who might be unlikely to cross heavy traffic at the intersection of Ga. highways 54 and 74 to reach the new store on the complete “other side of town,” commissioners said.

Chick-fil-A director of development and construction Greg Wallace said the matter of opening a new store and closing the east location is one of the most heavily debated issues the company has had in quite a while. Wallace said he would share the commission’s concerns with the company’s real estate arm, adding that Chick-fil-A is actively looking for a new tenant for the location.

Part of the problem with the 54 east location is it used to be a Hardee’s and wasn’t originally built as a Chick-fil-A, Wallace explained.

“We understand the challenge with our customers,” Wallace said. “It’s one of those things where unfortunately we can’t keep them both open just from a financial standpoint.”

Closing the 54 east store, however, would be a blow to the community, several commissioners said. Commissioner Lynda Wojcik asked if Chick-fil-A could keep the eastside store open for a time after opening the new store, just to see if it will work.

“It’s easy to get in the golf cart and go there with the grandkids,” said commissioner Frank Destadio.

Commissioner David Conner said he and his family also frequent the eastside location on the golf cart, but if the store closes they won’t be able to.

“Either way, we do appreciate your investment in the city,” Conner said.



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You are not there to discuss business decisions for the applicant, You are an advisory group that is supposed to give advice on site plans to city council before they vote on something. Or, in this case - just vote on the site plan.

If you want a Chick-fil-A closer to your house - write them a letter - don't use your seat on Planning Commission to bloviate and distract. Just because you get to sit on the dais (as only Haddix refers to it) don't get a big head. Get it? - Big Head.

Back in the day when things were going fine, Planning Commission never knew the identity of any retail establishment seeking a site. They looked at footprint and landscaping only. What changed?

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Couldn't agree with you more!

Creeping overreach is a problem in all forms of government authority.

These guys need to be reminded that they are there to evaluate if it is safe in this location and does it meet our city standards. I don't really care about these know it alls opinions on the business plan. The mayor needs to shut them up and remind them of their duty.

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Agree this needs to be done, but I think it should be a majority of the council to adopt a position that shouldn't be all that hard - specifically - follow the rules that are in place. This meddling and overreach has come on gradually simply because staff doesn't speak up and council does not pay attention and possibly because council dabbles in overreach all the time so Planning Commission might think that behavior is ok.

It obviously did not have a bearing on Chic Fil A....

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applied undue pressure to business professionals making decisions about how they want to run their business. You can clearly see this in the Chick-fil-A's executive's responses to their "concerns".

This is not their function, nowhere close to it.

This would be one boring place.

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So true

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Chick-fil-A and the Cathy family have too much class to do anything like that, but others could and would and did.

Remember the inappropriate comments our mayor made during a joint Planning Commission and City Council meeting? Got us sued, we settled and now we have subsidized senior's housing.

I think when Planning Commission gets into business decisions they are way off base. Could get sued. Watch it guys,

Live free or die!

Mayor Haddix swears that the lawsuit had nothing to do with what he said in that joint planning meeting....Although The Citizen and those whoreported otherwise:

Notice this quote from that article:

QUOTE-'Norsouth’s racial bias claim was drawn largely from a comment made by Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix that he was worried about the apartments “becoming Harmony Village.”-END QUOTE

But ask Haddix and he will tell you its not true! Denies it

You see a pattern of not taking responsibility here?

Just to get Chic Fil A

Bad decision

CFA has every right to make a decision to relocate their site and I'm sure the decision was not made lightly. They're not foolish.

However, while the new store will be the same distance from my home as the store that will be closed, I'd rather drive ten minutes up to the Kedron store than spend 30 minutes in PTC's "red light district" on Highway 54 to get to the new store.

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Awesome term. The actual district is not so awesome. In fact, it sucks. I avoid driving there if at all possible. Take note, Chick-fil-A management...

I spent 45 minutes today to drive from Fresh Market to Sams Club. Good thing I wasn't in a hurry.

Just hate to see my chick-fil-a close.

How can this Chick Fil A be closed......?????
No !!!!!!
This one MUST remain open. !!!

I won't step foot in it. I said the same thing about Walgreen's and have not
set foot in the place. Dan Cathy what are you thinking, this store is packed all the time. It's a constant for McIntosh students especially in the morning, but that will stop. Remember Mr. Cathy, these students become lifelong customers remembering the fun times from High School, but you seem ready to through that away. And the excuse that is began as a Hardee's, so what, it's a Great location. This store has been a mainstay of PTC for 18 or so years, <strong>WHAT ARE THINKING DAN CATHY?</strong>

Is there a Walgreens in PTC? I always look away when I pass the site where they said they might build one.

mudcat's picture

I guess you mean - "What are you thinking, Dan Cathy? I added the "you" and the comma in honor of my 3rd grade English teacher, Ms. Gramiack.

Nevertheless, the teens will go to Taco Bell if they need a short drive or seek out Chick-fil-A at Kedron or south Braelinn (near the new Somerby). I realize it will be impossible for them to get to the new location unless they have a car. Oh wait, don't they all have a car?

The "excuse" that the old location started life as a Hardee"s in the 1970's is absolutely true and the site is like 35 feet wide - no room to do anything innovative. It will become an emissions check center owned by former city councilman Rich "Train Whistle" Parlionterri.

PLEASE don't close this Chick Fil A !!!!!!
Yes, I will write to Dan Cathy. This place is always busy with drive through traffic, golf carts and eat in. WEll, it's always busy, except for on Sundays.

PLEASE don't close this Chick Fil A !!!!!!
Yes, I will write to Dan Cathy. This place is always busy with drive through traffic, golf carts and eat in. WEll, it's always busy, except for on Sundays.

the new location is closer to me but I also refuse to get in that traffic to go to CFA, I live in Planterra and can drive to Kedron Target, buy what I need and get home faster than if I went to Wal Mart. It has taken me up to 10 minutes on some afternoons to get out of Planterra, because traffic is backed up beyond the tennic courts. I will not patronize the new shopping areas.

I have truly loved going to Chik-Fil-A at Peachtree Crossing all these years, but the last redesign made entry and exit with a vehicle a nightmare. Someone in Chik-Fil-A corporate who designs their store locations is lacking in common sense. The store just past Thomas Crossroads toward Newnan is also horrible for entry/exit. What are they thinking of.

Hopefully this new location will have worked this all out.. And mind you...WITHOUT entering Planterra's road.

Love Chik-Fil-A


Enter through the rear from the shopping center, park, go in get chicken.

I may just drive to Hapeville, at least they have straight fries, hot browns and burgers.

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I'd bet a Big Mac that whoever thinks the "red light district" is a good fast food location does not live in PTC.

I feel so very sorry for anyone whose life is ill affected by the loss of a junk food-drive thru.

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Couldn't have said it better myself. Those "chicken" sandwiches contain about 56 different ingredients, including;
• monosodium glutamate (which promotes neurological damage)
• soybean oil
• sodium aluminum phosphate
• dimethylpolysiloxane (an anti-foaming chemical)
• high fructose corn syrup
• ammonium sulfate
• soy lecithin
• sodium benzoate
• polysorbate 80
• yellow 5
• blue 1
• potassium sorbate

Dimethylpolysiloxane is a real treat. A type of silicone, is used in caulks and sealants, as a filler for breast implants, and is a key ingredient in Silly Putty. YUM!

East side Chik Fil A customers...the company is doing a favor to your health by closing that location. Gross!

Maybe you and your friends can open a vegan tofu drive through at the soon-to-be-vacant CFA location!

I was thinking along those same lines. Good call.

The vegan tofu drive through may only be visited by golf carts (electric), Chevy Volts and Nissan Leafs.

MajorMike's picture

Ditto on "great idea". Chick Fillet is always miles ahead of what comes in second best. That equation applies to their ethics as well.

Suddenly I feel the urge for a soup and sandwich lunch tomorrow at the Dwarf House.

LessThan3PTC's picture

A place that the main ingredient in the chicken sandwich is...chicken! My point was obviously lost on you. Must be all of the MSG you're eating. Bon appetit!

The Wedge's picture

[quote=LessThan3PTC]A place that the main ingredient in the chicken sandwich is...chicken! [/quote]
Are you stating that the main ingredient, by weight or by any other mass measurement, is not chicken? It is fine to be an advocate, but let's be a responsible and truthful one at the same time.

LessThan3PTC's picture

To the snarky vegan tofu comment. ;-)

PaperbakWriter's picture

Why do you consider the comment "snarky"? I thought it was a good suggestion. PTC is the perfect petri dish for a small, family-run vegan restaurant. In the past few years 2 farmers' markets have opened in the area, PTC has a Community Garden, and that cursed Peachtree Crossing Shopping Center hasn't lost Fresh Market yet. So, obviously the demand for fresher and more organic food is there. Capitalize on it, man!

Then, if you go out of business because everyone wants Chick-fil-a instead of a tofu burger, you'll understand that fast food chains exist because people want them. What they don't want is smug diatribes from obnoxious and pretentious people who hide behind their computer screens and wag their fingers in everyone's faces because they aren't living in a way acceptable to you.

LessThan3PTC's picture

Ha, ha! That's rich coming from a person with the name, PaperbakWriter. Bravo to your parents for giving you such an original and interesting name! I like it.

SPQR's picture

big difference between an advocate and a zealot.

The "all or nothing" mentality of some of these folks does not surprise me. To them, if you don't eat junk food, you must be a health food/vegetarian alien being when, in fact, we prefer to prepare our own meals with quality ingredients in our own homes. Last night, we had veal chops with porcini mushroom sauce and risotto made with homemade stock. Salad was heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, home grown basil, homemade garlic croutons with a spicy Italian EVOO and 10 year old balsamic vinegar. Dinner out of a paper bag? I think not. My favorite quote is that of Brillat Savarin "Tell me what you eat, I'll tell you who you are", or "Junk In-Junk Out".

And I still like the occasional Chic Fil A...

Am I a bad person?

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