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Dienhart resigns to make it 4 open seats on PTC Council

Peachtree City Councilman George Dienhart has tendered his formal resignation from office, setting the stage for his mayoral bid in the November general election.

Because that will leave Dienhart’s Post 2 seat on council vacant, the city council on Thursday authorized a special election for the Post 2 election to be conducted at the same time as the general election.

That means voters will have a chance to fill Dienhart’s Post 2 seat at the same time they are casting ballots for the regularly scheduled election for the mayor’s post and the Post 3 and Post 4 council seats.

While the election is slated for Tuesday, Nov. 5, voters also will have an opportunity to cast their ballots several weeks in advance through absentee or early voting.

Dienhart issued his resignation Tuesday, specifying that it would become effective on Aug. 30 or upon his qualification in the mayor’s race, if that is earlier.

Dienhart is one of five who are unofficially in the mayor’s race until qualifying begins Aug. 26. Current Mayor Don Haddix is seeking re-election and will be opposed by Councilwoman Vanessa Fleisch, former mayor Harold Logsdon and local businessman Ryan Jolly along with Dienhart.

Dienhart’s resignation raises the possibility that Peachtree City voters could elect up to four new faces to office in November.

Dienhart’s current post will be open, Councilwoman Vanessa Fleisch’s post will be vacant because she’s running for mayor, and the incumbent Mayor Don Haddix is running for re-election to his post.

Post 3 Councilwoman Kim Learnard is seeking re-election, and residents Josh Bloom and former city police captain Terry Ernst have said they will seek council seats as well.

Candidates must qualify at City Hall during regular business hours between 8:30 a.m. Monday, Aug. 26 to 4:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 30. The qualifying fee for the mayor’s race is $270 and the qualifying fee for a council seat is $180.



It's Conan!

Are coming soon. Keep your eyes open!

That's the best picture you could come up with?

Well, the official campaign portrait is pretty high up on the todo list.

They go a long way to what people think about you. And like it or not, public image is a big deal. Not everyone knows you and if this picture is the first thing they see, well....not good.

I promise to have a better file photo ASAP . Thanks for the input!

MajorMike's picture

The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw that picture was "Chester the Molester".

Don't overly worry about it though. I voted for you for three distinct reasons. I will never vote for you again for the exact same three reasons.

Can anyone just imagine having that "Family Guy Creep" as Mayor. Surely we can do better than this in PTC. It is not just his looks - it is the whole package. He is disgusting in every way.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Deinhart's seat will be vacant when he qualifies for mayor - meaning he will no longer be on council and won't attend meetings or vote. That's a vacant seat or Post. And because it is vacant, whoever wins the election for this seat will begin serving immediately but only for the rest of whatever was left of Deinhart's unfinished term.

Vanessa is also running for mayor but she did not resign as her term expires at the end of the year. She has simply chosen to not run for a second term. She will attend council meetings and vote the rest of the year, but since she is not an incumbent running for reelection - that seat will be open.

Kim is running for reelection so her seat will be contested if any challengers emerge. If none do, it will be uncontested.

Da mayor is also running for reelection and he has drawn challengers (like flies) so his seat is technically contested, although for all practical purposes most of us see it as open. Again, a Deinhart/Logsdon runoff seems most likely.

BTW< I love Mike King's idea of aligning city elections with congressional and presidential elections. This will increase turnout and make it more difficult for questionable candidates to tiptoe into office with a few hundred votes proving Lincon's sage advice that one can fool some of the people once very easily - especially if 80% of them don't show up and vote.

Live free or die!

This is one of those OMG moments. Is he serious? The only candidate with any integrity is Vanessa Fleisch. The rest are a bunch of little boys strutting their stuff.

What do we know for sure about this candidate or any of the others for that matter.

I think we need to look at the education/work background of all. This time I think we need to be serious about it...there is a local businessman that could have helped us make a better decision in the last mayoral election. I understand his legal parameters but still....

We need to look at the way these people handle their own fiscal responsibilities if they can't be responsible with their own money we don't need to give them our taxpayer money.

What do we really know about any of these candidates?

Right now we are embroiled in 3 or actually 4 lawsuits because we voted for stupid people who in turn hired stupid people ie: the fire dept. , 1 lawsuit, police dept. 2, mayor with a loose lips telling us what all of us already knew, but you don't say that kind of stuff out loud!!!?? Sheeesh, we all knew, and we joke about it can't say those kind of things when you are an elected official....

So far we really don't have any good choices.

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