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Historic rock recovered, relocated

The small boulder with an inscribed petroglyph stolen last week from the Line Creek Nature Area in Peachtree City and thought to be hundreds of years old has been returned.

“Just one week after its disappearance, a Native American trail marker has been returned to Line Creek Nature Area in Peachtree City,” said Southern Conservation Trust Executive Director Pam Young. “The small boulder with a sun engraving was discovered by a volunteer near its original location on Thursday afternoon.”

Young said the returned petroglyph is an indication that our citizens value our community, its heritage, and the quality of life we all enjoy.

"We extend our thanks to those who returned the petroglyph, to our media who saw the value of sharing the story and to the Peachtree City staff," said Young.

Young said the petroglyph, which is believed to be several hundred years old and a remnant of the Creek Indian society, has been moved to a secured location. SCT is working with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to determine the best way to conserve and return it to its natural habitat so that the community can continue to benefit from its aesthetic, historical and cultural value.

“Once news of the petroglyph's disappearance was publicized through media efforts, outraged citizens spread the word. Clearly our community has a strong interest in preserving and protecting our natural and archeological resources," said SCT board chairman Jerry Peterson.

Located along Ga. Highway 54 West, the Line Creek Nature Area first opened in 1993.



Washed it down the hill. Good story, though:)

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(Duplicate posting deleted)

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Comparing that picture to an earlier one of the rock, the top left of it appears to have been broken off. I don't think the laying of hands on it, as above, will heal it.

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It restores my faith in Fayette ciizens to see that our rock has been returned. It would have been a great loss to the entire community.

I truly wish more of our citizens were concerned for other historical aspects of our county.

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