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PTC adopts $29.5 million budget, lowers millage rate

Most Peachtree City homeowners can expect a slight break on their property taxes this year as the city council voted Thursday to keep the same millage rate for maintenance and operations.

The city will also be decreasing its bond millage rate by .09 mills because the city is no longer paying on the airport general obligation bonds which were paid off this year.

The millage rates will raise $11.76 million in property taxes for the general fund and $578,613 for the general obligation bond debt service fund, City Finance Director Paul Salvatore reported to council in a memo published in advance of Thursday’s meeting.

Salvatore noted that the city’s tax digest dropped by approximately $14.8 million due to reassessments, but the decline was offset by new “added growth” in the digest. Once all was calculated, the digest actually increased by 1.9 percent, Salvatore said.

Despite that increase, city staff expects no additional tax revenue based on the pending property tax appeals filed by local businesses and residents, Salvatore said in the memo.

Property taxes paid by homeowners and commercial property owners account for less than half the city’s total tax income. A big chunk comes via the city’s portion of a county-wide local option sales tax (LOST), which generates about $6.8 million for the city.

Getting 47 percent of the budget ($13.924 million) is the public safety sector — police, fire and emergency medical services.

A distant second is public works at $5.6 million (19 percent).

In third, recreation and special events get about $2.4 million, or about 8 percent of the total budget.



Good job
Eric, Kim, Vanessa, George and city staff.

Also.....see this quote:

QUOTE -Salvatore noted that the city’s tax digest dropped by approximately $14.8 million due to reassessments, but the decline was offset by new “added growth” in the digest. Once all was calculated, the digest actually increased by 1.9 percent, Salvatore said.

Despite that increase, city staff expects no additional tax revenue based on the pending property tax appeals filed by local businesses and residents, Salvatore said in the memo. - END QUOTE

This indicates the businesses are generating $55 million to offset the decline in real estate resulting in a 1.9% increase.

FCDA is doing it's job for Peachtree City. The professional team at FCDA with Ms. Poole assigned to Peachtree City is far better than the old DAPC -Development Authority of Peachtree City.

Again....thank you Eric, Kim, Vanessa and George for killing DAPC and going with professionals not volunteers!

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A number of those improvements generated by Industry were initiated under and/or by DAPC.

The renovations at the Glenloch and Braelinn Shopping Centers were DAPC accomplishments. The FCDA played no role.

Those kinds of improvements ended when DAPC was dissolved.

We need DAPC back. The FCDA has its role and DAPC has its role. They partnered before and will again.

If the FCDA can do it all, explain why Fayetteville has its own authority.

By the way, George Dienhart played no role in dissolving DAPC. He was not on Council.

Now, for a complete picture on taxes, etc, click <a href="http://donhaddix.com/showthread.php?t=231">HERE</a>. As you can see we are no where near balanced on income and spending through 2018 by their plans.

As for history on the DAPC issue, click pages. <a href="http://donhaddix.com/showthread.php?t=170">HERE</a>

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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While I would prefer that PTC be in charge of it's own economic development and I think Todd Strickland and the others who selflessly served on DAPC are fine people, this is not going to fly as an election issue. This is viewed as your pet peeve that you keep bringing up long after those on council made it clear they disbanded it. With 4 potential new faces on the dais coming up - there will time for a do-over by the new group in 2014, but not now.

What we need is a new mayor who will calmly discuss the many issues involved with economic development privately with each councilmember (after the election) and publicly after there seems to be some common thinking. It is called consensus-building and is a visible element of effective leadership. More important than the name of the organization or the people who staff it would be what the PTC economic development goals are (hint: it ain't retail) and from where the funds needed for staffing and marketing are to be found.

I do think what should be an election issue is how openminded various candidates for both mayor and council, are about the many different formats for economic development, the knowledge that the candidate possess about each format and the importance of economic development to PTC (another hint: #1 on any list of priorities - even more so than a balanced budget). Any candidate satisfied with the current arrangement through FCDA should be dismissed as an incompetent fool.

The actions needed to be taken by the new mayor as described above in the second paragraph - especially the words "calm" "consensus-building" "leadership" and "goals" pretty much eliminate all the mayoral candidates except for Harold Logsdon, although George Deinhart could rally in the next couple of months after his slightly rocky start.

Live free or die!

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Then you eliminate Harold Logsdon as well. He wanted to defund DAPC and only have them on the books for any potential bonding issues. We stopped him on a 3-2 vote.

George Dienhart ran on supporting DAPC then switched to praising the FCDA arrangement. A flop flop just like supporting the 54 light and now opposing it.

Vanessa Fleish voted to dissolve them.

Kim Learnard voted to dissolve.

Josh Bloom has states support.

I don't know where Terry Ernst stands. Simply have not asked him to date.

Mike King has also stated opposition to DAPC repeatedly. He also recognizes we are going to have to do change in services, etc, so, I expect he will support a Comprehensive Strategic Plan, where everything is on the table to look at and consider. Diehart, Fleisch and Logsdon do not support such a Plan.

Private conversations requires people willing to talk. That does not exist with Fleisch, Learnard and Imker, who only talk to each other. They even exclude Diehart and me from emails.

Logsdon never wanted to discuss, just tell everyone what to do. As he said, as a Colonel he was used to giving orders not discussing and debating.

You need to think very carefully who you support. Is your dislike for me worth getting someone who does not support your own goals on economic development, etc? You did say, "Any candidate satisfied with the current arrangement through FCDA should be dismissed as an incompetent fool."

The point is, in politics, if they won't take, you take it to the public. Reagan proved it works.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Or was it more than that?

Yep, you missed that apology, but never mind,if you're a good boy, perhaps Pumpkin will let you be a member of that click (sic)!

this response is part of what I look for. professional, knowledgeable, one that I read and read again. I am so tired of the nasty and uncalled for comments of some of our citizens and I cannot understand if it is lack of education, friends and clicks or just plain ignorance as everyone accuses me and others of.

when a citizen enters office they find there is so much more they were unaware of. Opinions can change, you become more aware, educated and allowed to see parts of the puzzle and in house information, issues not always available as a citizen.

I am thankful you read and respond to the on line comments. You put yourself out there and again as I have said more than once, I have not always agreed with you, but you state your case professionally.

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No one agrees with everyone all the time.

You are absolutely correct. What one thinks they know about the workings of government versus the reality is often extreme. Nor do they have access to all the information, as you stated.

Those who try to evaluate municipal government by corporate and other laws are shocked to find out how different the legalities are. Many reforms are needed.

If Mike King wins, he does have a lot to learn on many of his comments versus what he can actually do or what it takes to do it. But that is normal for any newly elected and you never stop learning more.

GMA, with the Carl Vinson Institute, offers a lot of extremely valuable classes. Unfortunately some, like Dienhart and Imker, think they do not need them. They do or did.

As with the moving of the elections to even years. That has to be done by the State Legislature, not Council.

In fact, it was already attempted and failed to pass.

His ideas on zero base budgeting and a Public Safety Director are issues I am willing to discuss as part of formation of a Comprehensive Strategic Plan. There is already data on both, but let me see what he has to add to the conversation.

The handpicking of issues (band-aid approach) does not work. Everything relates to each other in some way.

I have no idea what kind of Councilmember King would actually become over time. But I do know we would have to work together, not the "If you do not agree with me I won't talk to you." attitude of the current Councilmembers.

He will also experience the wrath of some of the bloggers. Guaranteed!

My firm belief is we will see at least 3 new Councilmembers this election. I say "at least" because many believe Imker is going to declare for Mayor as well.

We will know in 10 days all who are running for what. Then the election will tell us who will be on the next Council.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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Why in the world would you say something so stupid? Imker does not want to be mayor, nor does he have a chance of being mayor. There enough people running against you. Why would you want more Are you stupid?

Why do you keep posting your stuff on here? It certainly does not help you get reelected. Of course nothing will. Vanessa rules and I'm going to her fireworks concert and party and donating some money. She's going to be a cool little mayor.

King, Ernest, Learnerd and Fleisch for mayor. And Imker as the crazy old holdover uncle in the attic. What's wrong with that lineup?

Isn't it illegal for you, mayor Haddix to comment on upcoming elections? Thought I read that somewhere and I got the impression it was at the very least inappropriate, if not illegal. No matter - just shut up - we don't need to hear from you.


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Is Pumkin your main support within the community?

When will your supporters stand up for you publicly?

Who are they and why do they support you?

Still waiting for your cogent reply.

it's called a V-O-T-I-N-G Booth. drop by city hall or the library most anyone would be willing to help you.

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Nor will they help anyone else to do so. As professionals they will help everyone who needs help in voting, but nobody at either place is going to point to the Haddix button. Neither should you, btw.

I will bet you a dinner at Pascal's that Haddix gets fewer than 200 votes. If I win, I want you and him there with me - he eats crow, I'll have the grouper (yes you can have that Malbec, but only 2 glasses this time).
If I lose, I'll just send you a check for $150. Or, if you can get NUK_1 to attend, I'll spring for $200.

Live free or die!

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I don't see pumpkin putting their money where their mouth is on the Mayor's race. I definitely see Haddix with less than 200 votes in a crowded field and my forecast at this moment is a run-off with Deinhart and Logsdon. Things could change some between now and November but Haddix is looking at 4th place right now.

it's called a V-O-T-I-N-G Booth. drop by city hall or the library most anyone would be willing to help you.

it's called a V-O-T-I-N-G Booth. drop by city hall or the library most anyone would be willing to help you.

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Question was for Mr Haddix to answer, he hasn't bothered to respond.......so you can and others can draw their own conclusions.

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There are people who live here and like it and never read the paper, attend a city council meeting or are even aware of these blogs. For the most part, they don't vote either. But some do and the sum total of their research is that nothing bad happened (that they know of) to them in the last 4 years so the incumbents must be doing their job. Or they saw their neighbor's yard sign and vote based upon that - after all if the neighbor has a yard sign he must have done some research, so that's good enough for them.

I know it is hard to believe that some of our fellow citizens could be so clueless, but if they commute and work out of town 12 hours a day and don't have kids in soccer or go to church, it is entirely possible that they could remain clueless for years.

Haddix will get votes from that group as he did last time and he will confuse incredible ignorance and apathy with support. The actual support shows on the financial reports. The ones that are proud of their support donate more than $101 or they allow their name to be used in a newspaper ad. Wait with bated breath for those supporters to surface.

Live free or die!

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Yes, I know. Mr. Haddix has no support or he would simply ask people that support him to come out publicly for him, support him in his re-election, give speeches on his behalf and try to get others to get behind him.

They would list all the fine reasons why they support him.
They would come from both public and private concerns.
They would be leaders in our community.
They would be highly enthusiastic.

All I hear are crickets.

Now, Mr. Haddix, if you don't have such a support base, just say so. If you do......get on with it. Let's hear from them.

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Haddix is a useless piece of crap who will not get elected again under any circumstances. And he won't.

Long term I am more worried about the dolts, the clueless, the uninvolved, the disconnected, the uneducated. You get the idea. Some of these people actually vote. It is how we got Obama and probably Haddix. Can we just, like, not do that, like, again? Please?

Logsdon is an adult, a business person, a military officer and someone who listens more than he bloviates. True Dinhart is some of those things, Vanessa less so, but vote for one of the three non-Haddix candidates and let it be sorted out in the runoff. OK?

I am so embarrassed for Peachtree City that this silly little man still has a place on the stage. True, when you listen to what he actually says, it is all BS, bud sadly some just look at the photo and the title and judge our city by that. I want him gone and a adult in office. Anybody disagree?

Live free or die!

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agree, that's why I don't believe democracy works as a political form of government and that we need to limit the franchise.

Who votes in a democracy?

People that get something for nothing and can vote themselves more and more.

Others just vote because they believe it's "the right thing to do", even if they know nothing about the candidates. This is likely why Mr. Haddix was voted into office. Has anyone ever figured out what this guy did for a living? Maybe Mr. Haddix can tell us in some detail about his vast experience in private enterprise. Then again, maybe he can't.


When you took those classes at GMA, with the Carl Vinson Institute
did you take a long potty break during the sessions on how to maintain and honor public trust and the proper and respectiful way to communicate as an elected mayor?

You must have missed the section on public trust that covers how not take tax payer money as reimbursement for private lawsuits (aka the $12,000 you took from all of us).

The GMA must have also taught how to keep your city out of public lawsuits by not opening your mouth at joint planning meetings.

Finally GMA should have had a presentation on how you should always properly and respectfully communicate and conduct yourself by not slamming other elected officials such as council member, county commission chairs, etc. with Letters to the Editor and on public blogs....

You must have missed all that.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Nice to see you taking the high road. I think you'll find the real problem in this failure to communicate next time you look in the mirror.

As usual, you are letting the fog of your obsession with DAPC obscure the real issue. First of all, someone voting to defund DAPC is not the same thing as - and I'm paraphrasing myself here - "...being openminded and knowledgable about various economic development formats and understanding the importance of economic development to PTC"

I would suspect that if any of those you diss for their DAPC vote is willing to talk openly, you will find that their DAPC vote was simply a vote against you because of your obsession. Proof of that will come when Logsdon and Kim (the 2 most likely to get elected) lead the charge by opening up an economic development discussion after you are no longer at the table. Of course they can each speak up now and say they don't care about economic development as you seem to be implying - but they probably won't.

Another view of this is that while "your" DAPC is not the answer because of your lightening rod status, someone else's version of an economic development entity has a real chance of getting support from the new mayor and council. You, as did your predecessor Brown II have the unique ability to be both right and wrong on the same issue at the same time. Hard to do.

If nothing else, voters and reporters attending political forums should be asking the candidates for their thoughts on economic development. And (I repeat) if anyone says "Oh everything is just great with FCDA handling it for us" please don't vote for that incompetent fool.

Live free or die!

Don Haddix's picture

Anyone who votes for or against something because of the stance of another person is neither a leader or mature.

Remember, Logsdon had his position before I even ran in 2007.

I agree the question on economic development should be front and center. If you keep your word on this issue, you will not be voting for Logsdon or Learnard when they answer.

We will see with time.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Robert W. Morgan's picture

witness this:
"Anyone who votes for or against something because of the stance of another person is neither a leader or mature."

I guess voting against those who think late term abortion - like really late term abortion - is wrong, sets them up for your new standard? Or maybe when someone in temporary power forces us to buy health insurance. Maybe when he votes with his actions to kick off his political career in a terrorist's house. Or the dog on the roof of Romney's station wagon. Or Herman Cain's imaginary victims. Or, best of all, voting with your e-mail to call a former mayor part-drunk.

Oh yea, you owe us $12,000.

I have spoken to Ms. Learnard and Mr. Logsdon about economic development and both are open-minded and more than willing to discuss future options. You may not know that since they don't speak to you, but there it is.
Have a meeting set up with Vanessa next week and expect I will know more about her stance on economic development that you ever will.

Glad you reminded me about 2007 - that's when the real estate market turned into crap and also when the city started its downhill decline. Go away, you troll. When do we get our $12k back?

Live free or die!

Clearly you have hung your hat on the disbanded, defunded DAPC.

The new council to be elected in November will most likely not approve a new DAPC and will continue to work with FCDA. So, if you are re-elected as mayor the citizens can expect more of your same old antics which is fighting and finger pointing at new council members to try to get your own way.

More proof you need to step aside. You have burned through 2 city councils in 6 years and clearly if you are re-elected you will try to bully then burn through a 3rd city council.

Meanwhile, you voted for the new city budget. yet you swore you would never vote in favor of a budget unless DAPC was funded. You broke your promise!

Also, for 6 years you have complained and finger pointed at the council for being TAX AND SPEND, yet you voted for this budget. That's quite a change.

Mr. Mayor
Regarding DAPC, can you provide concrete examples of how Mark H and the other members achieved the Braelinn Shopping Center renovations?

1-How many times did DAPC meet with the out-of-town owners of the center?
2-How many times did they meet with the managers of the center THE SHOPPING CENTER GROUP?

3-Can you provide the details of these meetings, the incentives DAPC provided that caused the owners of this center to spend the millions of dollars to renovate? Any data? Provide the details?

Its time for you need to be specific with your statements on this blog. FACTS, DETAILS, $$.

In outline form, recap each meeting, with whom, what was discussed and how DAPC "achieved" this multi million dollar renovation.

Please provide the Braelinn DAPC accomplishments in detail!


Don Haddix's picture


<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Read what?

There is nothing but Haddix chatter here, no facts or proof of achievement.

You can't provide any details or proof because DAPC did nothing on Braelinn. I know it, you know it, Mark H knows it and representatives from The Shopping Center Group who represent the owners of Braelinn know it!

DAPC had as much to do with Braelinn as they did with PhotoCircuits when you posted in July 2011 they could have been involved when the property was being sold to someone and by the DAPC by laws they couldn't do a thing! That was an absurd post!

Stop your BS. I just called you out and you can't produce because there is nothing!

You wanted PTC to fund $150,000 for group of volunteers who organized a few shopping center tenant meetings to try to get them to promote their centers that went no where and had a PTC booth in the Atlanta Park at an event.

Fact is the city was in financial trouble 4 years ago losing over $2 million a year in tax revenue (over a 5-6 yr period) and you offered no financial solutions, tried to push your personal salary increase and fund the DAPC for $150,000 then went on the war path with city council because you didn't get your way. DAPC funding got shot down because the budget proposal had no real value or focus for achievement. Buying tickets to the Fred to entertain potential businesses and printing PTC brochures are not a focus.

As for the budget, 47% is public safety and when the city was in trouble either revenues needed to be raised or large cuts in public safety were needed. You offered no solutions, no alternatives to the actions taken by council which was to raise taxes and all you can do after 6 years in city government is chatter vaguely about DAPC and a comprehensive budget plan.

No concrete plans in 6 years, just DAPC and recently after your last committee, another committee for the budget.

Stop wasting your time on the blogs unless you can start to produce real facts and numbers which you can't.

As for your reference to Fayetteville and their development authority, that's a very specific downtown redevelopment authority. If you wanted a development authority to establish aPTC downtown such as building Huddleston Rd into a downtown then you should have proposed that and with that explain that you wanted a funding authority, one that could raise money by issuing bonds.

Council was very clear that PTC did not need or want another independent bond issuing authority when they dissolved DAPC and we surely do not need an entertainment authority buying Fred tickets to entertain people interested in PTC.

Stop wasting everyone's time. And don't respond until you can prove DAPC really accomplished something.... Facts!

And don't bother lecturing on your knowledge from GMC or GMA seminars etc because that's crap too. It's not that complicated and the information is accessible.

This has nothing to do with "politics" or "the bloggers", it has everything to do with whether you deserve 4 more years as mayor. You are the incumbent and your record is on the line.

Stand up on your record with facts and figures. Stop flipping the conversation to opponents and council members to change the conversation.

Enough said!

Don Haddix's picture

When you keep posting more false statements and bumping posts.

You never have gotten over getting caught making false statements as a Planning Commissioner. In embarrassment you resigned.

Then you launched a continuous campaign of attacks and erroneous claims against me.

That included ripping off the identity of a supporter of mine to blog under two names in violation of law and the Citizen rules.

I have never violated any law and won everything thrown at me. You cannot make the same claim.

Your facts on a DDA also lack. We could establish a Downtown Development Authority if we wished. I already know the legal way to do so. But DAPC can do the downtown redevelopment and more. A DDA is too limited in scope.

I am trained in both DA and DDA work. A DDA requires a certification, which I have.

I am also a Georgia State Arbitrator and will remain so for six years after I finally leave office.

I most assuredly will stand on my record of accomplishments. Anyone reading this post can click <a href="http://donhaddix.com/">donhaddix.com</a> and read. The site is not full of cliches like my opponents. It has details, which you do not want them to read, thus the attacks.

By the way, since I posted on the Council Meeting regarding the SPLOST, etc, there has been 114 reads at this time. On my Agenda 1,837, Fleisch 1,714, Dienhart 1,383, Jolly 1,353 and Logsdon 85.

So, keep attacking and I will keep pointing them to the real facts.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Again, you are flipping this on someone else.
You are doing exactly what you always do....and not providing the facts because there are none!

I have made no erroneous claims or attacks either.

Produce the facts on DAPC and Braelinn. You are the incumbent, produce the facts. Otherwise stop posting these vague statements, making claims that when you asked to substantiate you don't.

Trying to discredit me with a serious false accusation implying that I'm a criminal is very strong...

BUT, you still have not answered the question.
How did DAPC accomplish the renovation of Braelinn?

Don Haddix's picture

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

In my opinion, there's nothing of substance there answering the question.

I know you will not apologize for your false and libelous accusation that I broke the law...you do understand that you made that statement with your signature as the mayor of Peachtree City?

Don, you went too far with a very serious false statement.
I'm pointing to issues that you raise on the blogs and you turned this into a personal and false attack on me personally.

Done, finished...best of luck in your re-reelection bid.

Don Haddix's picture

You have falsely accused me of committing crimes of theft, liable and slander repeatedly. Never happened.

I have never threatened you with retaliation, which I could do, as that would be petty, but provable.

Now, as for you breaking the law, here is something you need to be aware of:

[quote]Georgia - 1


IDENTITY THEFT RANKING BY STATE: Rank 7, 91.6 Complaints Per 100,000 Population, 8744 Complaints (2007)

Updated: November 30, 2008

Current Laws:
A person commits the offense of identity fraud when he or she willfully and
ï‚· Without authorization or consent, uses or possesses with intent to fraudulently use, identifying information concerning an individual;[/quote]

You did not have the authorization or consent to use his information. You represented yourself as him when registering and posting. You did so for your purposes and agenda.

Take care of what you accuse others of doing and what you do. It can turn around and bite you.

This exchange has proven this issue is not about the election for you. It is a personal.

Time to move on for both of us. I am not going down this road with you.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

I'm on the same website, you posted the first paragraph of the law...nothing else. The details and description of what defines a crime such as use of social security number, credit cards, WILLFULLY taking someone's identify. Call local authorities and check too. Do the research not cut and paste the first paragraph of a law without full research.

Breaking the "law", your comment is unbelievable and you continue a personal attack of me under the signature of the office of mayor. Have you learned nothing from the past 4 years?

Agreed, time to move on.

Don Haddix's picture

I defined "identity fraud." You are talking about the definition of "identity theft." Different issues, definitions and penalties.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

It's one in the same, a 9 page document outlining both. Read it word for word and stop trying to personally discredit me as the mayor of Peachtree City.

You just can't let this go...stop

NUK_1's picture

Last Word Larry against Last Word Haddix is utterly boring as hell.

I am not sure the Mayor deserves all the attention a certain blogger is giving him.

Agreed, time to give it up. You would think someone running for Mayor would have the sense to not respond. Tells me a lot about who NOT to vote for.

At your website. Very impressed how you think everyone else is a failure.

Busy Bee's picture

After looking at Haddix's website I think I will have to vote for Vanessa since Haddix mentions her so many times. He spends a lot more time complaining about other people than he spends talking about his proposed solutions to our problems...

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