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Senoia holds tax rate to 6.11 mills

The Senoia City Council was expected to adopt the millage rate at a called meeting Friday morning. The council maintained the same rate of 6.11 mills that has been in effect for the past several years.

Recent reassessments decreased the value of some properties in the city by a $1.512 million. Meantime, the city added approximately $8.519 million in real property value to the digest, crossing the $100 million threshold. A total of $100,646,798 in real property value, combined with $12.7 million in personal property, $6.53 million in vehicles and $78,218 in mobile homes brings the net digest to $119,921,803.

The council at the Aug. 2 meeting was told by city administrator Richard Ferry that the city can meet its budget obligations without any increase in the millage rate. Mayor Robert Belisle agreed, noting that the city has maintained the 6.11 millage rate since 2006.

Ferry said that even with holding the 6.11 mill rate the city would collect approximately $35,000 more in taxes this year.


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