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PTC gets hip to food trucks

Peachtree City staff will begin researching rules that will allow for the creation of a food truck parking lot.

The city council gave unanimous approval to a staff request to begin drafting such rules to allow food trucks, which are currently banned by the city’s outdoor display ordinance.

Jimmy Daniel, owner of the Grazing Here food truck seen at the Peachtree City Farmer’s Market, said the idea is to create a place for local residents to enjoy food trucks on an occasional basis, but not seven days a week.

City Planner David Rast said the concept would capitalize on a request from citizens in the One Peachtree City planning process for “something a little different than other communities.”

Daniel said his company raises its own beef that is grass fed with no hormones or pesticides on its grass. The whole idea is to offer different food than found in traditional restaurants, Daniel said.

“The movement of food trucks gives you authentic food you can not find in a two or three thousand square foot restaurant,” Daniel said.

Daniel suggested that a food truck ordinance established by the city should seek to go “above and beyond” to insure compliance and make sure the “right food trucks” visit the city.

Daniel said he has been working with the city to identify potential food truck event sites that would have enough parking, golf cart access and also trash service. There is a potential to attract different food trucks from the Atlanta area on a weekly basis, he added.

Councilman Eric Imker said he could envision a number of food trucks descending on the city for the annual July 4 celebration.



Food trucks in Peachtree City? A BAD idea! First, Mr. Daniels feels they would be only on an "occasional basis", then he says we should allow "different food trucks from Atlanta on a weekly basis". Weekly? Is that occasional? Who is going to determine what are the "right food trucks"? What is the definition of the 'right' truck? By whose standards? The article in last weeks Citizen said the trucks were being considered for a parking lot near Willowbend Road and Highway 54 during the lunch and dinner hour on Mondays. First, do we really need more traffic issues on 54 so close the the 54/74 intersection during those times? Second, why only Mondays? Again, is the 'occasional'? Isn't it a short step from Mondays, or occasional, to 5 or 7 days a week? If someone wants to serve food to Peachtree City, they should do what the brick and mortar restaurants currently do. Make the commitment to a lease. Pay the taxes and payroll a brick and mortar does. Invest in advertising. Show you are truly committed to THIS community by demonstrating you are planning to STAY here. Play by the same rules a B&M does. It is hard enough for small restaurants to make it without the additional competition of food trucks!

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Whatever happened to the free market system? Let the trucks come on in. If they can make an agreement with the landowner for space to park, the all-knowing gov't needs to get out of the way and let the free market system operate.

I'll let them park in my driveway for a 5% cut of revenue. ;-)

If the food is good and a good value, they will survive. If not, they'll move on.

To say that they need to abide by the exact same rules as a brick and mortar restaurant is one of the dumber things I've heard today.

it's a nightmare most of the time.

There is a reason we chose to live in PTC and it's not because it looks dumpy and anything goes.

I am for the trucks, within rules. I don't want them parked all over town willy nilly....

That said, reasonable people can disagree...but I can't abide with "ANYTHING GOES" when it comes to my home town.

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A food truck with the appropriate paperwork (business license, health inspection, etc) should be able to park it with permission from a landowner and make a living.

A food truck parked in a parking lot for an hour or two at lunch does not make the town look dumpy. In fact, it will most likely drive up foot-traffic at neighboring businesses.

Check out the Atlanta Food Truck Park ( )
PTC would greatly benefit from something like that.

I'd much rather see some new interesting variety than to build another brick and mortar C- grade restaurant. We have plenty of those already.

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Take the family, everybody gets something different if they want. Good community social event as well. I would think weekends make more sense than Monday, but don't be discouraging anything that makes our community unique.

This would also be a great asset to support events like the Triathlon or Dragon Boat Race. And we don't need to over regulate, all we need to do is sell them a business license, provide a designated site and insure clean up.

If there is a designated spot - the parking lot at Drake field is pretty obvious - you could designate say 20 spaces and that's it - 20 trucks and it is full. Need some picnic tables down there anyway, this would be a good reason to go get some.

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Plenty of empty space there...don't muck up PTC with it. They can make Truett Cathy's Waterfall joint the Food Truck Park.

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