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Bowling center request approved

By this time next year, Peachtree City residents could be hollering “Strike!” as bowling balls glide down wooden alleys.

The bowling alley is part of a proposed family entertainment center located off Widget Drive near the intersection of Ga. Highway 74 and TDK Boulevard. The center passed muster with the Planning Commission last week and could be the latest addition to the city’s entertainment options.

“Today is National Bowling Day and I hope to see you all at the lanes next year at this time,” said developer Robert Matheson Aug.11.

The 42,000 sq.ft. building features 178 parking spaces and internal drives. The conceptual site plan was passed with several conditions including preserving the existing vegetation within the setback area at Widget Drive and having no less than a 10 ft. wide planting area between the sidewalk and the front and side of the building, where possible.

The development will include 28 bowling lanes, and indoor arcade and sports restaurant.



I can't find it to save my life.

I think its behind the (Racetrack?) gas station at 74/Crosstown/TDK

Doesnt Acme products from the Roadrunner cartoon have a facility on Widget?(joking)

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It might be a road behind the Pit Stop station at 74/Crosstown and I guess I never noticed it was called "Widget Drive." Good one on ACME :)

on TDK. The street sign says it is a "private road". Land owned by Hyde who owns Pit Stop. Another reason for golf cart crossing at Crosstown and 74. Kids on foot can cross there, why no golf carts?

So on the corner behind the Pit Stop sounds like where the parcel is. Thanks....

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There's a road in PTC called Widget Drive? Where the hell is this road? Never seen it or heard of it. Can't locate it either. Wait, it's near "The Exchange" and TDK? That helps about nothing.

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