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Construction in Fayetteville is on the rise

The growth in construction of single-family homes in Fayetteville continues.

With all residential categories combined, the city currently has 783 lots available. That number might be deceiving since 210 of those units include the Lafayette Square apartments approved earlier in the summer.

By category, city planning records show 33 available two-family residential lots, 114 medium-density single-family lots at .5 acres (R-22), 212 medium-density lots at .75 acres (R-30) and 18 low-density lots at 1 acre (R-40).

Eighty-two of the R-30 lots can be found on the Oddo property on Redwine Road which will go before the planning commission Aug. 26 in a proposal requesting R-22 zoning for 77 lots.

Records show 66 townhome/condominium lots, 16 residential-professional lots and 324 PCD (Planned Community Development) lots. Of those, 210 represent the Lafayette Square luxury apartment development which was approved but has yet to begin construction.

Pertaining to the city’s 17 subdivisions approved between 1998-2006, only 147 lots of the 908 lots contained in those subdivisions remain undeveloped. Nearly half of those include the 80 lots remaining at The Villages off Ga. Highway 54 near downtown.

The period this year between January and July saw 48 single-family permits issued along with 51 certificates of occupancy.

The increase in the number of building permits during the past three years has been nothing short of dramatic.

The city issued a total of four single-family building permits in all of 2011. That number increased to 39 during 2012.

But things changed quickly in 2013, with approximately 140 permits issued.


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