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Oddo land on planning agenda

Plans to establish a subdivision on what is arguably Fayetteville’s largest remaining undeveloped tract will be presented Aug. 26 before the Fayetteville Planning and Zoning Commission. The 60-acre tract along Redwine Road is owned by the Oddo family which includes Fayetteville Councilman Paul Oddo and Fayette County Commissioner Chuck Oddo.

The Fayetteville Planning and Zoning Commission will hear a proposal to rezone 59.62 largely undeveloped acres along Redwine Road from R-30 (.75-acre lots) to R-22 (.5-acre lots). A portion of the property is the site of Oddo Brothers CPA located at 819 Redwine Road.

The surrounding residential property is primarily zoned R-40 (1-acre lots). The minimum home size for R-22 zoning is 1,800 sq. ft. The builder is identified as D.R. Horton.

The rezoning proposal aims to establish 77 lots on the 60-acre property. The lots would be served by a single entrance from Redwine Road near the southern boundary of the property and would include a number of cul-de-sacs lots.

The proposal submitted by Rochester and Associates indicated that the homes would be compatible with existing homes in the surrounding neighborhoods and would include sidewalks and landscaped common areas.

The proposal notes that stormwater management would be provided by a series of detention ponds.

Owners of the property include Councilman Paul Oddo, Commissioner Chuck Oddo and Warren Oddo.



Does this bother you like the school supt?

I think he should resign as well as those who approved the nepotism. Maybe I should apologize for the for the eaves dropping.

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While I haven't been impressed by our current super for several reasons, the nepotism is not new. The last 2 full time supers also had wives/girlfriends given jobs under them. This practice will continue until the people make it an issue with the board.

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The BOE, "created" a new position, then hired someone that will report to her husband. Think of what the staff up and down the organization chain must feel. Why is it that out of all of the people across Georgia and the nation that could have applied for this job, the BOE saw fit to hire the Superintendent's wife? While I have no proof, I think there was a wink and a nod during the hiring process to the Superintendent to have his wife hired, this to sweeten the pot in getting him to accept his position. Just my speculation on this.

This approval process isn't over yet and the citizen's elected these men, they shouldn't be punished for public service. I assume that they are well known to the citizens? I don't know them at all.

You can un-elect them, but you can't fire the Supt. wife.

No one should be punished due to being elected fair and square. And yes, he will step outside when council discusses the zoning issue. But a mensch wouldn't put themselves in a position for others to second guess their motive. Wasn't your point on the other issue that elected officials of past were beyound reproach?

Nothing is questioned if no variance is involved and it's a simple land deal.

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I see your point, but there's honor and then there's money. Being an 18th Century man, I would never put myself in such a position. I would wait until I was out of office before pursuing any variance. However, that's just me, others would see nothing wrong with it. What these gentlemen do, reflects on their character, but how this play ends remains to be seen.

So, we shall see.

"Wasn't your point on the other issue that elected officials of past were beyound reproach?"

Would you clarify this sentence?

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): Every fiber in me compels me to believe, "An honest man is a Nobel work of God." There is no variance; there is no other interpretation. The standard is high for public officials and I am obliged to pray for them. There integrity must be above and beyond reproach. If I thought I could sustain public opinion, I would submit to public service. Public officials must maintain more responsibility than I am. If our public officials will openly stand up and subject themselves to public scrutiny on personal issues effecting their public service, that is enough. Otherwise I can see only one honest alternative, resign. Our kids need honest leaders with integrity. Otherwise, what influences remain? I apply my opinion to all elected and appointed public officials.

If I am convinced, by the facts, an elected official financially profits, directly or indirectly, due to his position, I will do whatever I can to burn him and those who helped him make the profit. Whereas, the State of Georgia appears to me as somewhat weak on the subject of ethics, the federal Government is somewhat more definitive. I still believe in the meaning of "above and beyond reproach." The evidence of such activities are not easily hidden, even for accountants, their practices, firms, and families. However, at this time, I believe Councilman Oddo is indeed an honest public servant and gentleman.

They have every right to sell the property. They also have a right to request a change in zoning, which will probably result in additional profits. They could also simply sell the land before it comes up for the rezoning request and not put the other council members in an uncomfortable position.

I am simply asking PTCO, what if any, differences he sees in the two scenerios?

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