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Tax hike vote is Thurs.

Peachtree City residents get two more chances to have their say before a proposed millage rate increase is voted on by the City Council tomorrow night.

The second public hearing is set for 7:30 a.m. tomorrow at City Hall, while the third and final public hearing is during tomorrow night’s 7 p.m. City Council meeting. Three public hearings are required by law when a tax hike is anticipated. Last week’s first public hearing during the Thursday City Council meeting drew a meager crowd of fewer than 10 residents to hear a brief presentation of what the city plans to do with the anticipated $1.7 million in new revenues for the new budget year.

Finance director Paul Salvatore and city manager Jim Pennington explained the funds would be used for items residents have said needed fixing. More than $600,000 is budgeted for bringing the landscaping back in house after running into problems with private companies that were contracted to do the job. An additional $717,000 is allocated for additional street paving, while $75,000 will be added to the cart path maintenance budget.

Bridge improvements total $200,00, while litter removal accounts for $45,000 and nearly $71,000 goes for technology improvements. If approved by the City Council, the city’s millage rate would increase to 7.756, while the bond millage would remain unchanged at .0332 mills. Pennington explained that the increase was not just something thrown together. Countless workshops and discussions since January have led to the city’s decision to increase the tax rate. Mayor Vanessa Fleisch said one of the biggest complaints she hears is about the poorly maintained landscaping, and the millage hike should help solve the problem.

As for the future, the millage rate would result in the city using about $350,000 in cash reserves over each of the next four years, which would leave the reserves still in a healthy position during the fifth year at 26 percent of the city’s overall annual budget. City policy requires those cash reserves to be kept at a minimum of 20 percent of the city’s annual budget. The city is projecting to end this fiscal year with a fund balance of 33 percent, equal to about $10.26 million. The council will also consider the budget resolution for fiscal year 2015. The staff is recommending a budget of $32. 2 million for the next year, including the funds from the millage rate hike.



More tax and spend liberalism!!!

This "is" Tax and Spend Liberalism. Moreover, the landscaping piece should be more aptly described as mismanagement of contractors and inept negotiation to contract out the work. I cannot believe there is not a vendor who can fulfill this need for less money. We don't need to hire/re-hire more government workers.

Big Business has been very successful in outsourcing work... This is not rocket science.

The other idea, since Peachtree City has such an admirable arrest rate; put community hours workers on all landscaping work that does not involve skilled use of machinery. Gotta think that would be a huge chunk of the labor cost, and would impact the number of "heads" the contractor would have to engage for mundane tasks.

Just some ideas.... NO TAX INCREASE PLEASE.


rolling stone's picture

"I tawt I taw a wiberal! I deed, I deed tee a wiberal!!

A PTC chain gang, now that's the stuff. Weeds need pulled, arrest rates go up.

everything important. Like traffic studies that tell us what we already know (70K). Pay studies that we don't need since we issue 3% raises before the results are in (20K). When the results do come in by the end of the year, more raises and more positions and more reclassifications will be needed (ka-ching).

Every stormwater project there is (fill in the blank) Watch for the 2x year "fee" increase coming again). Attorneys ad nauseum. (sky's the limit...just fight long as the hours are billable).

Impact fee study, (gosh, it's been a whopping 5 years since the last one). What are the repairs that are going to be done to the tennis center this coming much? Who cares, it's only a couple hundred bucks a year.

Community workers on landscaping? Gee, they are already out there, have been for a while. See how much better it looks? Like da mayor says, would you rather pay over $20. an hour plus equipment costs for a paid city employee to pick up you and your kid's litter and trash that you and they throw out the window and along the paths? Would you? Please remember the most important issue facing the city in the long term. Sea walls. Yes, sea walls that are so urgently needed to be built on clay where 1) there is no sea, except in the minds of those hurricane lovers named Sandy and 2) once a year some funny looking multi-person canoes are floated out every Sept. (that no one can see from lakeside since there is no place to view them from) and the difficulty scale of getting in and out of one is just off the charts, oh my, and 3) be sure to build this so called sea wall on a lake that is already due to be drained and dredged within a few months and now just might have to be ripped out to get the dredging equipment in and out of the so-called sea of Peachtree.

Not to worry, we will now have more tax dollars to fix it. Seventeen percent more tax dollars. Did you get a raise of seventeen percent this year? Did your expenses go up seventeen percent this year? Did your portfolio go up seventeen percent this year? Did your retirement income go up seventeen percent this year?

Do we figure recreation expenses without including any expenses such as electricity and water to maintain the fields and venues and claim we are just fine in that area? Do we need not one, but two senior buildings that we get no income from, we pay all utilities and maintenance on (including phone and internet), to serve the 20 to 30 who show up a few times a week (don't forget to include the Cowetians who love it)? Do we provide them free print costs of advertising their programs in our city rec. brochure, too?

Did I forget the pool deluxe and hockey rink expense? The crumbling roads and paths? Is our city so ugly that we take a photo that is not even within the city limits of our PD and FD equipment for the header on their facebook page? Are we falsely advertising?

Taxes, who cares? Add 'em on, add it in, bill it and pay it. As long as everything looks nice and pretty for the over 4000 pre, perio and post menopausal women who are coming Sept. 6th to enjoy everything we have. Pinestraw in Battery Park? Wow, that will last a long, long time. Might just cover up those ciggie butts that show up there every good weather night. Check out the run routes and see the beauty factor just skyrocket in the next 2 weeks. As long as the promoter collects his 3 to 500 thousand bucks, promotes a charity for you to contribute to in....Florida, and the city collects....Bret Michaels for them.

Seventeen percent.

I remember how the City used to look, and it is looking better already this year with the changes that have been made. If it costs me a hundy or so a year for every 275k in value or so, so be it.

Those in opposition, have you studied the budget and submitted proposals that would bring the level of service back to where it was without a tax increase?

Me, I say hire our own landscapers.

I don't see any improvements to landscaping. Where are they?

working in the medians of Peachtree Parkway south, around subdivision signage etc. Adding pinestraw etc at the parks, Battery Way Park in particular, I don't frequent others. It is a big white Ford 250 and a white trailer with PTC logos on it, a crew of about 4-5 doing the work. They are out there for sure.

We have a lot of neglected landscaping and it is going to take time.

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