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Senoia adds projects for 1-cent sales tax extension

It was a look a Senoia’s future needs that led to the Aug. 15 vote by the City Council to approve a number of projects to be included in a larger countywide project list that would extend Coweta County’s current 1-cent sales tax. The $3.12 million list was forwarded to the Coweta County Commission and will be included in the larger list expected to go before voters in 2012.

The list totaling $3.12 million in potential projects included $1.25 million for parks and recreation, $1.25 million for transportation improvements, $300,000 for public works, $200,000 for an early warning siren system and $120,000 for city hall facilities.

City Administrator Richard Ferry said the city’s Comprehensive Plan, the Short Term Work Plan and the draft of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan were utilized when compiling the list of potential projects.

Ferry said the $3.12 million figure from the Coweta County Finance Department represents the amount likely to be collected from an extended 1-cent (SPLOST) tax period. Unlike the current 2007-2012 SPLOST, the proposed SPLOST would run for six years and cover the 2013-2019 time frame.

If approved, the vote to extend the tax would coincide with the Georgia Presidential Primary in early 2012. That said, the current tax would be continued with no break in collections.

The Coweta County Commission will have a called meeting on Aug. 29 to review the lists submitted by the county’s various tax levying entities.

Ferry in commenting on the current SPLOST said Senoia to date has received $2.777 million in collections for projects that included the new police and municipal court building, the Rockaway Road Trail, road improvements, the Freeman Sasser Building, the Stone Lodge, phases 1 and 2 of the streetscapes project on Main Street and recreational needs.


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