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Bloom drops out of PTC race

Last April, I announced my candidacy to run for [Post 4 on the] Peachtree City Council. I made this announcement because I wanted to invoke change. On the forefront of change, I had important issues that I wanted to address. I decided to run because I believed I could make positive changes and lead the city to improvements involving both short and long term goals.

But change can come in many different forms, and there has been change in my personal life.

As some people are aware, I work as an airline pilot for Pinnacle Airlines. Recently, my company closed the Atlanta domicile where I was employed and moved it to Detroit.

This means that the amount of time I am able to give as a potential city councilman is no longer available.

Now I will be commuting to Detroit and the chance of a domicile reopening in Atlanta seems quite slim for now.

Since this change, I have re-evaluated my decision to run for public office. I have come to the conclusion that I will not be able to dedicate the amount of time required. If I was elected, it would be unfair to the citizens of Peachtree City to have a councilman available only part-time.

With this conclusion, I am withdrawing my candidacy for Peachtree City Council. I truly hope that we have a diverse group of people running in the upcoming election that will contribute a positive attitude, good ideas and lead our city to great things.

I would like to say thank you to all the people who have supported me this year. It has been a great experience.

Josh Bloom
Peachtree City, Ga.



Sorry to hear you are withdrawing from the council race.
Best of luck to you and the family.

And may DAPC rest in peace!

I'm not sure someone who refers to his office as a domicile would have been a wise selection for council. Mayor maybe.

Must have been cruising the thesaurus to select that one. lol

Good luck Mr. Bloom

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It typically means where a transportation employee's company calls its home base for that employee. Long distance truckers that serve a distribution center in Dallas for example are considered "domiciled" there, even if they live elsewhere. It is the same thing in the airlines

My pilot friends talking their lingo

or home base. Mr. Bloom's use of it merely indicates he has a knowledge of the English language, which is actually a plus in this day and time when too many are semi-illiterate. This definitely would have been a plus for our city.
May you always have fair winds, Mr. Bloom.

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Fortunately, if I understand you correctly, you and your family will remain residents of Peachtree City - that is still a plus for PTC.

From what I could tell from both reading and talking to other interested PTC citizens, you are/were one of the very, very few of the announced pool of candidates to possess any significant degree of credibility.

Best of luck to you.

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You and Scott Bradshaw need to flip a coin or draw straws or something and determine which of you will be running for that 3rd council seat. King and Ernst have announced and are fine people, but there is a third spot available and we want it filled by someone of substance, someone with gravitas.

There will be questionable fringe candidates emerge, but either you or Scott would dominate.

Live free or die!

You could always ask for a transfer to Delta, the Parent Company!

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Thanks all for the kind words. This was not an easy decision and my hopes of Delta re-opening our ATL domicile has been dashed and rumor has it that we will be opening a JFK domicile instead. Without a doubt I will be staying here in Peachtree City as I have said before, I have lived all over this country and PTC has got to be one of the best places I have ever lived.

As far as flying for mainline Delta, hopefully my time will come soon. I have been with Mesaba/Pinnacle (now Endeavor Air)for the past 14 years and ALL of the major airlines has started to hire...finally!


look at that photo. THAT is a photo for a candidate. Put the arm's length iPhone and Photo Booth away. Clue to Jolly, I will never and have never voted for someone I have never seen. Good grief.

And good luck, Josh.

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