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In line for a shot at stardom

People from around metro Atlanta and beyond converged on Pinewood Atlanta Studios Aug. 16 for a casting call for the upcoming Ant-Man movie now under production at the studio. New Life Casting reported that hundreds arrived for the casting call. Photo/Ben Nelms.



Looks like California is starting to fight back by upping the ante on the tax credits.

This has been in the works for a while, but now its getting closer. It will also have a school but trumps FC with student housing, mixed use development and a hotel. Guess we need to take it up a notch to keep up with the Joneses.

It will be interesting to see if California's proposed new tax incentives (that will beat GA) bring most of the production back to the west coast and leave GA with a Studio bubble that will burst like housing did a few years ago.

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Hollywood had been moving away from California before some states got heavy into the game and was already shooting a lot in Canada. The reason? No unions for all the people besides the actors that go into making a movie, so less costs and much less hassle.

Don't think that Cali is going to win back Hollywood and this is closing the barn after the horse already left. Geez....they even ran-off the "adult" film-making industry with a mandatory condom policy they are now trying to repeal so porn companies and all their big $$$ might return again. Once again, the law of unintended consequences and no politician with any foresight to see the inevitable about to happen.

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I love the commercials on TV by NY State, saying "please come back we really didn't mean it."

To deny that taxes have no impact on communities, states and countries is laughable.

That's why public companies are merging with companies headquartered in low tax countries. We first lose jobs to the laws of economics by shipping them offshore to lower cost labor markets. Now we lose the capital formation engine in public equity. Of course Mr. Obama simply calls it "unpatriotic" and threatens Executive "action". He's a Harvard man that knows nothing about the laws of economics or what he signed up to protect.

Instead of taxing the American economic engine, government needs to get out of the way. You reap what you sow.

Ga. is a right to work state, but can someone in the industry confirm that union affiliation is not required for some. And though the local union halls are not as empty due to the current construction surge, the Atlanta unions are starting to recruit out of state again. And I can see the various union trades start to organize if all these studios pop up. It's called opportunity. It may get nixed when it comes time to vote, but a promise of more money and representation could sway some.

I just don't think it was a wise decision to put all our eggs in one basket based on an industry that selects locales based on tax incentives while producing entertainment based content. As you can see, some other state will always up the ante to lure them away. I agree whole heartedly with the state recruiting the likes of Caterpillar and the pharmaceuticals. They may have received tax incentives, but the also produce goods and have salaries that people can live on.

A studio is cheap and easy to construct. There are studios all over Atlanta built in old warehouses that produced lots of hits. It's much harder to lure away an industry that has invested capital like the pharmaceuticals and Caterpillar.

I'm probably not as wise on the porn industry as some, lol, but I think the aids scare and the proliferation of the internet doomed that industry. But maybe we will get lucky and see a few flicks made here. With your good looks and big.. Ego, you might even get recruited. Lol.

I saw the gate and notices about Redwine closures. Is this Walking Dead? Are they going to show Georgia that is more suburban than country homes in Coweta and Meriwether county.

The only information I have seen is on the PTC PD Facebook page where there is this:

Have you seen the Wall in Senoia? Those townhomes and new homes are going to be the setting for the Alexandria Safe Zone outside of D.C.

Here's an update. Yes, it is TWD. They are filming Mon. & Wed. inside either 343 or 345 Summer Pl (grey house) and across the street in the red 2 story house.

The entrance to Foreston on Redwine has the gate up (still open) and the yellow smiley face sunburst in the road at the entrance to Kraftwood is part of it, too. Mon. thru Wed. will be closures in that area.

All this is from local LEO and security for TWD.

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