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August 21 runoff election results, final but unofficial

Aug. 21, 11:03 p.m. FINAL but UNOFFICIAL ELECTION RESULTS — All 36 Fayette precincts have now been counted. Here are the results:

Fayette Commission Post 2 Republican — David Barlow 5,382 (61.78%), Sheila Huddleston 3,330 (38.22%).

Fayette Commission Post 3 Republican — Randy Ognio 6,263 (71.55%), incumbent Lee Hearn 2,490 (28.45%).

Democrat Primary (no GOP opposition in Nov.) Ga. House District 63, 10 of 10 Fayette precincts reporting:

Ronnie Mabra 693 (70.71%), T.J. Copeland 287 (29.29%).

Counting the remainder of the district's 25 precincts, Mabra rolled to a victory over Copeland 1,667 votes (65%) to 907 votes (35%). Mabra will be District 63's next state representative.


9:04 p.m. UPDATE — Still 34 of 36 precincts reporting. Final tally seems to be awaiting counts from two precincts: Kenwood and Oak Grove. Kenwood votes at North Fayette Baptist Church, 409 Kenwood Rd, Fayetteville; and Oak Grove votes at Oak Grove Elementary School on Crosstown Road in Peachtree City.


8:32 p.m. UPDATE — With 34 of 36 precincts reporting, it’s

Barlow 5,382 (62%), Huddleston 3,330 (38%)

Ognio 6,263 (72%), Hearn 2,490 (28%)

Mabra 693, Copeland 287 (9 of 10 Fayette precincts reporting)


8:26 p.m. UPDATE — With 31 of 36 precincts reporting, it’s

Barlow 5,064, Huddleston 3,130

Ognio 5,905, Hearn 2,329

Mabra 645, Copeland 257 (8 of 10 Fayette precincts reporting)


8:21 p.m. UPDATE — 31 of 36 precincts reported:

It's all over but the shouting.

Barlow 61.80%, Huddleston 38.20%.

Ognio 71.71%, Hearn 28.29%

Mabra 71.51%, Copeland 28.49%


8:07 p.m. UPDATE: Seems the first count represents returns from Fielding Ridge precinct, NOT early vote. That's the north Peachtree City precinct voting at Kedron Fieldhouse.


With two races on the Republican ballot and only one on the Democrat ballot in Fayette County, here are unofficial results so far:

David Barlow leads Sheila Huddleston for the Post 2 Fayette County Commission slot with early voting tallied (one precinct).

Barlow — 1,238 (58.37%)
Huddleston — 883 (41.63%)

For Post 3 Fayette County Commission, Randy Ognio leads incumbent Lee Hearn.

Ognio — 1,456 (64.45%)
Hearn — 671 (31.55%)

In the Democrat runoff for District 63, Georgia House of Representatives, Ronnie Mabra leads T.J. Copeland in the Fayette vote.

Mabra — 91 (69.47%)
Copeland — 40 (30.53%)



suggarfoot's picture

Where is the Smith, MARY KAY run off? Is that suppose to be later or did I miss something?

Smith has switched to the Democrat Party. She will face Mary Kay in November in the General.

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I wish I could be there tonight with all yall at the party, but I'm way down here in Mississippi. This is one celebration I would love to attend. First, Dr Marchman and now this tonight. It is wonderful.

It has been a long hard fight, but we have taken back our county.
For some it was too late, like ginga and pipps, their property destroyed. But they fought on for others. Such noble and good people came together. Mr Bosh has taken a beating in the papers, just like Steve Brown, and Barlow. But they never backed down. They are all our true fighters and we are the winners for having such good people to lead us. Thank you all.

ginga1414's picture

Thank you for believing in us and Sam!

Thank you for your continual support!

Last but by no means least, thank you for taking the slings and arrows, here!

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