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Caution: Liberals using Bible texts

To Mr. Parker and all Christian haters: It truly amazes me how many people will take a verse or a few verses from God’s word and try to further their own agenda.

Mr. Parker has taken the story of the rich young man found in Mark chapter 10 completely out of context that Jesus was trying to tell the young man.

The young man’s primary problem was his wealth and therefore Jesus’s prescription was to rid him of it.

There is no indiction that Jesus’s command to him was meant for all Christians. It applies only to those who have the same spiritual problem. “Treasure in heaven” is the gift of eternal life or salvation. This treasure is not to be earned by self-denial or giving of one’s material goods, but is to be received by following Jesus.

In giving away his wealth, the young would have removed the obstacle that kept him from trusting Jesus.

If you truly believe what you wrote, how much of your wealth have you given to the poor? Have you sold all you have and given it away? How much of your time have you given to help someone in need? Have you ever taken a Thanksgiving to someone who needed it? Have you ever given a can of food to someone who is hungry? Have you ever bought Christmas presents for kids who otherwise would have none?

There’s an old Chinese proverb, “He who lives in glass house should not throw rocks.” We all need to search our own hearts before we begin to search other people’s hearts. We all need to take God’s Complete Word and not just some of it.

David Shaw

Peachtree City, Ga.



Dillik's picture

Based on your subject addressing only the use of the Bible by liberals, should we assume you're more comfortable with conservatives using the Bible for their own ends? Or are we assuming that true believers in the Bible MUST naturally be conservatives because that's the one Godly path? Help me out here.

Personally, I'm not sure we have enough information in the New Testament to conclude with certainty how Jesus would have voted on immigration, foreign aid, national defense, income taxes, gay marriage, drug enforcement, affirmative action, and so on. Compared to the people of his time, he seemed kinda hippie-ish, if anything. But, hey, who's keeping score?

PTC Observer's picture

Like your avatar, the answer to your question is.....


rolling stone's picture

The question to your answer is....which one: The one that we create or the one that created us?

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pick one, hope you're right. ;-)

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for keeping score and being judgmental: the one we create, the one that is just like us.

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