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Bost honored by Air Force

Fayette County Issues Tea Party co-founder and former Fayette County Commissioner Harold Bost was honored Aug. 10 at the Heritage Hall Gunter-Annex located at Gunter Air Force Base in Montgomery when he was inducted into the Air Force Enlisted Wall of Achievers.

Former Fayette County Commissioner Greg Dunn, a retired Army colonel, was one of the more than 100 people attending the ceremony honoring Bost.

“I know Harold to be a true patriot. He loves his country and he loves his community. As a former military man myself, I am proud to see someone like Harold receive such an honor,” said Dunn.

Annex museum curator Bill Chivalette said honorable military service at a high level is required for those who do not make the Air Force a life-long career.

“Inductees are then considered under a high criteria and standard for remarkable life achievements and contribution to society,” Chivalette said, noting the thorough review of Bost’s military service and his accomplishments in business and his active role in the community. “It was hard to get Harold to talk about his philanthropic donations. He is man who gives so much, but does not want to draw attention to it.”

Bost, 77, is the owner of Fairburn-based Estex, a firm manufacturing a variety of products for the aerospace, airline, public utilities and other markets. Estex business partner Brent Wilkes said determination is the word to describe the newest inductee to the USAF Enlisted Wall of Achievers.

“When Harold accepts a project, he attacks it like a heat-seeking missile. He’s a determined soul, with a very big heart,” Wilkes said.

Bost joined the Air Force in 1954 and served for four years beginning at Selfridge Air Force Base in Michigan, eventually earning the rank of Airman First Class while in Korea managing air operations and flight status reports.

Bost at the ceremony credited the opportunities he received in the Air Force in bringing him out of his shell and giving him the inner strength to tackle anything in life head on.

At the conclusion of his remarks, Bost acknowledged how much he appreciated all those who had come to celebrate his honor with him. He thanked the Air Force for allowing him his opportunity to serve the nation and the military men present for their award in choosing him for the Air Force Enlisted Wall of Achievers. Bost also thanked his wife, Evelyn, his friends and his business associates.

Bost said he left school midway through his sophomore year in high school to help his ailing father by managing the family dairy farm. Bost said his job was the farm, the care of the animals and getting the crops in. From the farm he went into the Air Force, and from the Air Force into the work force.

Other Air Force Enlisted Wall of Achievers recipients include Brigadier General Chuck Yeager, Johnny Cash, James Stewart, Flip Wilson, Clark Gable and President George W. Bush.


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