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Fayette gets miles out of teleworking staffers

To help save the environment and also employee commute times and costs, Fayette County government has started a pilot telecommuting program.

So far, the county has found the cost of equipment and support infrastructure for teleworking to be minimal.

Furthermore, County Commissioner David Barlow noted that the Clean Air Campaign has helped make the transition painless “with documentation and expert training, at no cost to the taxpayers.”

There are also thoughts down the road of how teleworking can pay off for the county in the event of a disaster or inclement weather.

“The telework program is helping us develop ways that we can still maintain vital government services away from our offices if the need arises,” said Commission Chairman Steve Brown.

Fayette is one of the first county governments in Georgia to adopt a teleworking pilot program. Commissioner Allen McCarty noted that the county’s success has allowed it to “spread the word to our local businesses and our citizens that teleworking is a smart move.”

The teleworking process, in addition to removing cars from the road during heavy commuting times, also leads to “satisfied employees” and maintained productivity, officials said.



How teleworking can be deemed a success after a few weeks? Is there a matrix showing how people are as or more productive than if they were at work? Have the citizens of the county been affected in any way because someone isn't available?

What type of employees are actually able to perform their duties off site?

I am all for taking people off the roads, but this is a little premature.

Husband and fat who what ,

you sound like my boss there is more wishing you could do and envy then really hoping it works
If you can t do it do let anybody else do is that your mind set.

Sure all the police telework and answer calls from there houses

and fire dept to

what a toad

Oh IM back

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You're back? Sorry, but I must have missed you the first time.

Back from where: road trip? prison? remedial English class? Troll training?

Please share! Inquiring minds want to know. On second thought ....... please don't share.

I have been telecomuting since 1995 and love not having to drive everyday. It has great value when you are working on detailed projects since you have fewer interuptions. Sometimes I have to go work at a client site for a week or so and find I get so much more done at home. It takes discipline to do it and you need an appropriate office space to make it work. I also love how much money I save by not having to drive and buy office clothes and lunch.

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