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King in the race for PTC Post 2, Bloom out of running for council

There has been a shake-up in the field of candidates seeking seats on the Peachtree City Council this November.

Vietnam veteran and retiree Michael L. “Mike” King has announced he will seek the Post 2 spot that is being vacated in mid-term by Councilman George Dienhart.

Dienhart is bowing out to make a run for mayor, thus whoever wins the Post 2 seat will serve the two years and a few days remaining in that term.

It also means whoever wins can take office right after the election is over instead of waiting until Jan. 1 like the remaining candidates for the three other seats up for grabs: the Mayor’s spot and the Post 3 and Post 4 seats.

Councilwoman Vanessa Fleisch is giving up her Post 4 seat to run for mayor and Councilwoman Kim Learnard is seeking re-election to her Post 3 spot.

The other three candidates in the mayor’s race so far are former Mayor Harold Logsdon, current Mayor Don Haddix and local businessman Ryan Jolly.

The only other announced candidate for a council seat is former Peachtree City Police Captain Terry Ernst, who has not specified which post he is seeking.

Though King is joining the fray, another candidate is bowing out. Resident Josh Bloom, in a letter this week, cited changes in his work situation as he will have to commute to Detroit for his position as a pilot for Pinnacle Airlines.

“I have come to the conclusion that I will not be able to dedicate the amount of time required,” Bloom said. “If I was elected, it would be unfair to the citizens of Peachtree City to have a councilman available only part-time.”

Bloom, who combined with a handful of other citizens to conduct a needs assessment of the city and analyze how citizens felt about property tax levels, said he hoped for diversity in the field of candidates who would “contribute a positive attitude, good ideas and lead our city to great things.”

King in his announcement said he pledged “to do my utmost to restore the dignity of the office and the thoughtful consideration of views opposite my own. In a democracy such as ours each of us has a voice, but we all must support the decisions of our institution.”

King said his main three goals are to change the election of council members to even numbered years to improve voter turnout; enact zero-based budgeting and establish a public safety director to oversee police and fire operations.

King ran for the Post 2 seat in 2007 but was defeated in a runoff election by Doug Sturbaum.



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I wish he would run for county commissioner, that being said, PTC couldn't do better then Mike. Sorry Mike if my endorsement is a detriment.

I yam what I yam

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I agree with my buddy hutch. You'll do well.


Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

You mean you support one of those versus a Throttle Bender? In this case that's ok. I know Mike and wish him well.

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You betcha. Just because one works in the "wheelhouse" of a flying bus doesn’t always make them a leader.

BTW, hello from Miami. Where all the friendly drivers honk and wave hello with one finger when you slow down and stop for a red light.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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I have friends in Miami Beach and they say the good thing about Miami is that it is so close to the United States.

You have friends? Wonders never cease!

and not a 45. There have been shoot-outs on US I because someone didn't go through that amber light. One time there were two latin ladies in their tight dresses and high heels shooting it out over some imagined slight taking shots at each other right in the middle of traffic at the peak travel hour. Didn't stay around to see how that ended.

is that Mike has become a blogger on this site like the current Mayor. In my opinion this site is not the appropriate forum for elected officials to engage in back and forth banter. It has not served our current Mayor very well. I hope that if Mr. King is successful in his election campaign that he ceases to be the blogger of past!

Wrong, wrong,he is nothing like the Mayor. You obviously don't know the man. A one-on-one might be useful--I'm sure he would be willing.

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I am sure Mr. King is not like Mr. Haddix, there's really no one quite like our Mayor.

I would be interested in what Mr. King intends with a Public Safety Director position. What would this person do exactly? Does he have a job description we could review? How much would this position pay? What would be the metrics for success? Who would measure these quantifiable goals? To whom would this position report?

I suppose I should be asking Mr. King these questions directly, but I think this forum is a good one to communicate where we can find answers to these questions. Don't you?

Now, if we can just get Mr. Haddix to answer questions so we can all judge his successes based on the wide support he has in our little community.

I purposefully avoid questions about PTC issues for I don't live there. I know Mike personally and feel he won't make decisions without principled advice from people he trusts. I also don't believe he'll use this forum as a campaign platform. Contact him--I bet he'll meet with you and answer your questions.

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Mr. King would meet with me and maybe even answer my questions, but it would have near the impact as if he put it in writing here for all to see. It would also get his message out consistently to a lot of voters.

So, my questions stand waiting an answering using this forum.

until you are in the office, you do not see the entire picture. and unless you are the mayor or in house, you do not know all of the issues and details that contribute to not being able to fulfill the promises and goals you have set.

like I told my grandsons......(and at one time or another have been with me) all the 'wackadoodles' say "play ball" and glue themselves to the games and even the tv, yet 98% I think it has been reported, never put themselves out there and played the game themselves. I love the 'wackadoodle five' with the gray hair and beer bellies who know how to get it done yet will never do it.

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I am not going to provide such a list of supporters anymore than any other candidate will.

This is a pointless distraction I heard in 2009 as well. The tally on election day is the only "list" that matters.

No other candidate lays out their positions more extensively than I do. If it isn't on my website, ask me.

If you or you and a group want to talk face to face, ask me. I will do so.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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Since no list exists, I didn't think you would provide it Mr. Haddix.

I have no reason to speak with you Mr. Haddix, your record and your character speaks for itself.

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We are a proud and somewhat overweight (the others - not me) group of exercise fanatics that went through Bonnie's Boot Camp and now continue to meet at Drake Field on M W F at 6AM. We have discussed your tenure as mayor, the subsidized senior's housing, your disfunction with other on council and the $12,000 we think should be returned to the city. If you would like to "lay out" your positions on these subjects catch us when we are done - about 6:50 at Drake Field. We will be the ones in black spandex - except for fat Peggy who insists on wearing pink, actually you'll see her first, but we are nearby.

So, talk to our group tomorrow or Wednesday - Friday we are expecting George Hamilton, so don't show up then. All we want is an explanation on the subsidized housing, the disfunction and the 12 large. OK?

Public safety directors are a horrible idea. You take someone who has absolutely no experience in being a fire fighter/ EMT/ paramedic or a police officer and have them make the decisions of what they need to do their jobs, dictate policy on things they know nothing about or how things work, and how many people they need to do their jobs. Its an extra department head at $100,000 plus salary that doesn't need to be spent.

So just how much experience do you have with them? Ever worked for one? Do you realize that this is a Leadership position, not a technical management position? I believe many County & City Governments operate with this sort of organization. Do you also believe that someone who has never served in any US Armed Force should not carry the title of "Commander-In-Chief"?

and catch the other brothers four wackadoodles.

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I will stop by city hall today and pick up a blank qualification form for city council - or maybe mayor. I do this every year there is an interesting election coming up and this year is certainly that. I never fill out the form or return it to city hall, but it is fun to terrorize the city staff with the possibility that I would run and could even win. I always tell them anything can happen in an election and their frown lines deepen because they know I'm right.

King, Ernst, Learnard and Imker seem like a good mature group that can work together. Who to be their leader Fleisch? Logsdon? Dienhart? I'm fine with any of the three really. 2014 is going to be a year of much improvement in PTC.

Live free or die!

With the exception of Otis Campbell, please no re-runs.

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I'm a little annoyed he got caught up in that statewide office thing because if he had run for a second term, we would have avoided the Haddix debacle and most likely we would be looking at Cyndi for mayor right now. Of course Haddix himself would probably be running against her. Oh well, we will never know.

Moving forward, things look good no matter which of those 3 gets to be mayor.

Live free or die!

Robert have you been knocking a few down with Harold???

That guy was a bum and did nothing but help the good old boys!!! Haddix beat Cyndi so that should tell you where she was.

I'd like to clean the council out.

our mayor, not a perfect mayor. a man who has lived here for nearly half his life and has seen and studied and cares for this city. a man who is professional and will meet anyone at city hall with an appointment to discuss issues or new ideas. a man of his word. a man that will tell you if he changes his stance and why. no one knows all the laws and politics of holding office until they serve. sometime you just can't 'fight city hall' because of it.

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Harold the "half drunk" did not run for reelection as Mayor in order to avoid a severe trouncing at the hands of Don Haddix. One of the first things Logsdon did in office was to pay off that million dollar illegal loan. A vice president of the bank sat in my office and told me that the bank never expected that loan to be paid in full by the City. Logsdon's run for State office was nothing more than a face saving sham. He bowed out of that race because he was running a far distant last place in the polls. And yeah we know about the health issues excuse.

Cyndi Plunkett got slam dunked because she got caught lieing about her voting record.

As it appears right now we do not have or are we likely to have a decent candidate for Mayor. I include Don Haddix in that equation.

All things considered, the only truly positive aspect of this race is that we got rid of a really bad city council.

Harold was there. it was a joke.

nice to see someone with an open mind, whoever may win. my money is on our current mayor.

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Haddix was going to beat Logsdon if Logsdon had run again. Besides what you mention, there was also his handling of the City Mgr. McMullen DUI that I thought was botched, but worse, Logsdon and McMullen then form a home remodeling company while both are still with the City. That was pretty brain-dead, not to mention lacking ethically.

Plunkett was squirrely on her voting record and I think I voted for Donald Duck or Cyclist in that race.

Thinking Deinhart myself.

MajorMike's picture

I couldn't vote for Deinhart for the same three reasons I voted for him initially.

1. Marine - Semper Fi means a heck of a lot more than loyalty to Corps. I figured that he had received enough teamwork / leadership training at Quantico, if not at PI in teamwork, to communicate effectively. He doesn't look it (note the "chester the molester" file photo), He doesn't' act it, and I can't see that he lives it.

2. He ran on a ticket of being a peace maker. He bailed out on that commitment in the first few months in office and started sucking up to the three nitwits. I've also seen indications that he has been sucking up to the tea party but without much "profit" in it for him.

3. He's half way through his first term and now he thinks he's ready for something better. Shades of Barrack Obama! We all see how well that worked out. Translation: lack of commitment (again).

At this point I think that a write in campaign for "Cyclist for Mayor" would be in our best interest if the old fart would get off his #%$^ and take the position.

My prediction: There will be a runoff but Haddix with take it in the end. Our best hope is with a competent and professional Council. I personally might have to "kneecap" Josh Bloom for bailing on us. He would have been a good one.

I will be voting for Mike King for Council. (period)

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You know Logsdon, Dienhart and the other guy running are going to beat him over the head about the stolen $12,000 and the Norwest Senior's deal. He has no answer and comes off looking like an idiot every time he opens his mouth.

Enter Vanessa Fleisch who will not attack Haddix's antics other than to say it is time to restore dignity to the office of mayor (and is that ever right). 1 full term on council, no serious mistakes, only criticism a very weak attack on the fact that she is a Realtor. In fact a Realtor's job is to be nice to the customers and sell property, a mayor's job is to be nice to the citizens (and others) and to sell the city and encourage economic growth. Seems a perfectly logical match to me.

Sure, there is going to be a runoff, but I look for Logsdon vs. Fleisch and I think she should prevail, but he probably will. That good old boy fundraising machine is hard to buck. As a woman, I can tell you that Deinhart and of course Haddix register with us at about the same level as some guy recently let out of prison. In fact, that needs to be the basis for Vanessa's campaign - get out as many women voters as possible and let the guys fight amognst themselves.

Come meet her at the free concert and fireworks Friday evening. Details on her website.

Mudcat, I don't think it will go down that way. I have heard Dienhart talking to his people at the GOP gun event a few weeks ago. He never spoke badly of any candidate and actually said that he was going to run a positive issue based campaign. I think you are seeing that. He hasnt bashed any other candidates and is the only candidate (Vanessa included) to provide any kind of platform.

Logsdon is another story- he has alienated the GOP, which was his base. He's a pariah relying on money raised for the last go round. He has very little support amongst "important people". He'll get into the runoff because people know him and he isn't Don Haddix.

Btw, I have also been around Vanessa. She is a really negative person. And her City Hall temper tantrums are legendary. You'll make your own decision, but to me there is a clear choice here- It's Dienhart.

I know about the fireworks at 8:30, what is up with a concert?

mudcat's picture

She's hosting a concert at Flat Creek for fans and supporters and contributors and they can stay and see the fireworks from there. Details on her website. Not sure if you have to call first, but I did. Sounds like a smart thing to do. I do support her and will vote for her and then again in the runoff.

In other news it sounds like 2 former U. S.Senators who were very vocal in their opposition of President Bush going after weapons of mass destruction in Irag are finding themselves on the other side of the camel in Syria this time around. Yes indeed, Secretary of State Kerry (former warrior) and President Obama are up to their dishdashas in this one. Interesting to watch.

Has just come out in front of the American Legion in Tx. to say Syria must be held accountable. When he throws his muscle around, welll, it's now just a matter of time, isn't it?
Barry, Joe, Johnny & Chuckie (haha Hagel) all have their panties in a wad over Putin thumbing his nose at them over Snowden.

Anyone googled Nostradamus WW3 beginnings lately? Just for kicks.

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There is a world of difference between Green Day (punk rock band that occasionally sings about servicing themselves) versus Third Day (Christian group). which one is it??? :P

MajorMike's picture

May we infer that you're supporting the fuzzy (brained) headed realtor and that I should too? I ... don't ...think ... so.

vajaja and not her brain? As long as it is a female she feels they are qualified. Unless one of the old regime is running and then her loyalties are divided. Logsdon vs. Fleish. Remember how she wanted an all female council last time?

He lives nowhere near PTC!!

He lives nowhere near PTC!

MajorMike's picture

We'll make allowances. :)

Cyclist's picture

Y'all must be getting desperate.

BTW, hello from a warm and toasty Phoenix, Az.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Cyclist's picture

They had some blowing sand south of Phoenix. I'm in my room at the PHX Hilton where it is a nice 68 degrees.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Downright balmy, eh?

Don't know when you left, but the tree pollen has gone sky high (heheh) the last few days. I saw a van today that has not moved for a few days and I could have written my name on the windshield. Or a sale price. Seems our summer is just a little backwards this year.

Happy trails and Tom Bodett said to tell you "We'll leave the light on for you." He also said he knows no way he will see you, oh Hiltonaire, but he'll still leave the light on.:)

clapping hands, bows and paying attention. thank you we will continue to follow the 'wackadoodle' club.

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. . . with your two-bit insult from anonymous safety, and I'll say above my real name I'm proud to have Mike King join me a few times a week for coffee and repartee about local issues, decomposing national standards and the increasing number of dimwits we encounter in daily life. If you ever muster the courage to rise from crouching behind the bush, stop by to say Hi sometime.

Terry Garlock

Terry Garlock, PTC

several of us elders are there often. never crouch never hide. you guys are just being paid attention to more. it's a good thing.

I was greatly impressed by Mr. King’s announcement declaring his candidacy for my old seat on city council. As I read through it, I realized that we saw eye to eye on two of his major issues- hiring a public service director and zero based budgeting. We have both been campaigning towards fixing two of our city’s major problems with the same solution. Mikes third issue is something I hadn’t put much thought into, but, in retrospect seems like a slam dunk. Changing the dates of our elections won’t be easy, but the larger voter turnout will be worth any effort spent to make it happen.

I know that Mr. King contributes to the blogs here- in fact it’s the one sure way I can reach out to him. Today I am going to ask Mike to help me change the course of politics in Peachtree City. I am going to ask him to join me in signing a “Contract with Peachtree City”.

The contract lies out several key points that need to be addressed in our city. I am now inviting Mike King to join with me as a signatory to this document. In adhering to the promises in this contract we can once again return responsibility, respect and common courtesy to our government. This will begin the process of changing the culture of government in Peachtree City. Currently, we have a reputation as being somewhere that is constantly in the news due to the numerous lawsuits that have been filed in recent years. We can act now and help the city reclaim the energy, enthusiasm and innovation that once made us a top 10 community in the United States. Mr. King, I ask you to be a part of the process that will ensure that Peachtree City remains the preeminent community in the Southern Crescent. In fact, I invite you to roll up your sleeves and help me make it happen
Contract with Peachtree City
On the first meeting upon being elected to Mayor of Peachtree City, I will immediately push for the passage of the following major reforms aimed at restoring the faith and trust of our citizens in their municipal government:

First– I will push for the implementation of zero based budgeting for the city. This will, for the first time, implement a system whereby council, after consultation with both the city manager and the Finance Director, determines the revenue ceiling, provides guidance for the upcoming year, and sets the priorities for city departments. Department heads will for the first time in recent memory be required to manage their departments with the resources provided just as you and I have to manage our personal and business finances.

Second- I will push for approval to instruct the city manager to begin the hiring process for a Public Service Director to oversee both the Police and Fire Departments.

Third- I will push for a resolution stating Peachtree City’s opposition to additional traffic light along the West 54 corridor to GADOT.

Fourth- I will conduct an immediate review of the grounds keeping contract – the next contract will include common sense metrics to measure and ensure that the vendor maintains our public right of ways in a manner consistent with the wishes of Peachtree City residents.

Fifth- I will initiate the process to change state laws to allow the election of all council members to even numbered years so as to insure a greater voter turnout and, in effect, have city officials elected by a greater majority of its citizens.

Finally, as your new Mayor I pledge to not only act in accordance with state and local laws, but to govern in a manner consistent with the morals and expectations of my constituents. I will provide an atmosphere of leadership by example, putting an end to the culture that has led to multiple lawsuits and an embarrassing atmosphere within our city government.

In short, responsible government will be restored to Peachtree City.

George Dienhart
Candidate for Mayor of Peachtree City

Mike King's picture

Congratulations on laying out your platform now as qualifying has just begun for the posts we seek. None of us have heard from the other candidates for mayor, but with this post I'm sure they'll respond.
The goals you seek are aggressive, but attainable. You will surely find those in opposition to the five tenets stated above, but when one looks to maintain the standard that is expected of a planned city, he or she must admit that you're on the right track. Whether or not either of us are successful in our elective bids, any member of Council would best serve our city by getting on board.
Most importantly, however, is that now you have shown that you possess the leadership potential to guide our city for the next four years.
Would any of the other mayoral candidates care to comment?

Don Haddix's picture

Since you asked, I will respond, but a correction first. You most assuredly have heard from me on issues. My website is the very detailed.

On moving the election to even years, I had supported it when the Legislature made an effort to do so either this year or last, which failed to pass. I expect the attempt will be made again. So, we can support it, but there is nothing for PTC to initiate.

On the Public Service Director, I have done research, but have made no final decision. I want to see more data, hear the arguments for and against, etc. I have talked to someone who was, now isn't, a Director. It is not a clear cut no brainer issue.

On Zero Based Budgeting it depends on how you define it. Is it the pure form or a modified form? We already use a modified form in PTC.

<a href="">HERE</a> is a good document from GFOA on ZBB, whose HQ is in Chicago. They have over 17,500 member states, counties, provinces and cities in the US and Canada.

To just say one supports ZBB doesn't really mean much until it is defined.

As the link document says, a key element to a ZBB is citizen involvement and service prioritization. You cannot do true ZBB with first having a Comprehensive Strategic Plan setting priorities, spending limits, etc. We have no such Plan, just the opinions of, ultimately, the five on Council.

We have data from the One Peachtree City and the Needs Assessment Committee Survey telling us what they want. Add to that one or two Townhalls at the beginning of next year and we can create the Plan.

Council has always decided priorities every year at the Council Retreat, which gives Staff direction on how to proceed on services and Budgeting.

The exclusion of citizen input has been a major reason for the issues you and I have on spending and service priorities. It means we end up with no spending caps, spend money where it should not be spent, do not spend where it should be spent and elected attempting to get a vote in their direction by trading off wants. Everything for everyone.

That needs to end. Budgets and services should always serve the citizens, not the occupations, personal wants, etc of anyone on Council.

A resolution on 54 sounds good, but that is the extent of it. It has no legal power.

The grounds keeping statement is vague. As well it again betrays the rejection of the One Peachtree City and Needs Survey where the citizen made very clear statements on the issue, as in being satisfied.

The personal opinion of an elected does not mean it is the opinion of the majority of PTC. We are elected to represent them, not us.

On obeying the law, I have done so for 6 years and will continue to do so. The rest of that statement is election year cliches.

Reality is the agendas presented, except for the Budget item, are not what the voters will focus on. Most will be looking at economic development (we need DAPC back and the citizens agreed on the Survey, etc.) and taxes, fees, etc.

The one agreement I would like to make with you is that we will address the issues, discuss them fully and then vote.

I will also extend an invitation for us to sit down and start talking now.

So, Mr. King, having answered your request, where do you stand on creating a Comprehensive Strategic Plan, taxes and economic development?

While a candidate and Mayor, I am also a voter who knows your opponent and where she stands on a number of major issues.

For other readers, my Agenda has been on the website below for months.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Robert W. Morgan's picture

a quote from da mayor to council candidate King:

"'.....I am also a voter who knows your opponent and where she stands on a number of major issues." Hmmmm.
"Opponent", "she". Pretty clear isn't it?

Since Mr. King is running for Dienhart's vacated seat and not against the only female incumbent running, Ms Learnard, this must mean that he is about to get a female opponent that only da mayor knows about. Pretty interesting. Can't wait to see who it is.
Other possible explanations - da mayor has confused Mr. King with Mr. Dienhart (who does have a female opponent that da mayor is willing to dish dirt on - namely Vanessa Fleisch) or he has simply misspoken or might be part drunk at 10:45 PM.

BTW, newsflash to all mayoral candidates, Mike King is not about to hitch his star to your wagon or your platform or anyone else's. He is probably the strongest candidate in all of the races with the most integrity and no bad vibes from past actions. Nobody is going to see any phony pre-election alliances with this man.

Live free or die!


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