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1st hearing is set for altering school lines

Anyone keeping up with the Fayette County School System knows that one of the cost-saving measures up for consideration later this year involves the possible closure of one or more elementary schools and one middle school. The school system in order to get input from parents will be holding its first public hearing on Aug. 30 at Fayette County High School.

School system spokesperson Melinda Berry-Dreisbach said the first public hearing will be held at 7 p.m. in the Fayette County High School cafeteria on Aug. 30.

She said all parents and concerned citizens are encouraged to attend to give their input. The hearing will be conducted in small groups so that all participants will have an opportunity to make comments and suggestions.

The meeting will begin with Superintendent Jeff Bearden providing an overview of the purpose of the school closures and redistricting process. Bearden will also give a report on school system finances and the school system’s enrollment history.

Berry-Dreisbach said information gathered from the hearing will be shared with members of the Fayette County Board of Education and the redistricting committee. It will also be posted to the Fayette County Board of Education website in an effort to keep the public informed as the process moves forward.

As for the overall school redistricting process, it is currently expected to include a total of four public hearings. The subsequent input gathered will be posted on the school system’s website and will be provided at the second public hearing.

Further into the redistricting process and once the maps are finalized, two additional public hearings will be conducted prior to the vote by the school board, expected to occur in December.


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