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Warning on ripoffs on manicures and pedicures: Get pricing in advance

This is advice to all those women (and men) who have manicures and pedicures. Be advised! Last Saturday I had a pedicure and my daughter had both a manicure and pedicure here in Fayetteville (and her eyebrows waxed).

The salon employees did not ask me what I wanted, so they did a lot of massaging and scrubbing on both of us.

When I went to pay the bill it was outrageous: $75. It was not at all the prices that were advertised on a large sign posted at the front of the store.

I planned to put a tip in the check so they said I had to make the check out to “cash.” They also told me I had to write two checks because they couldn’t take a check over $50 and both had to be made out to “cash.”

This whole experience has made me very angry. Are they cheating by not asking customers ahead of time what type of “spa” treatment they want? Then why did I have to make the check out to “cash”? They are very aggressive in asking customers for excessive services.

I have learned my lesson to pay exactly prices as stated and not be taken advantage of again.

Suzie Lusk

Fayetteville, Ga.



you are adding the tip is because they do not want to pay taxes on the tip. The salon I go to has a big sign up saying if you are paying by credit card, you add the amount of the tip into the amount of the service, not show it as a tip. I refuse to do this--why should they not have to pay taxes on their tip, others in the service industry do--waiters, etc. Just a way to cheat the govt out of that percentage they would have to pay in taxes for their tips.

The government loses about 20% of the legal sales taxes and income taxes in the USA!
It would be more if some regulations weren't in effect.

Don't pick on a poor hairdresser however, find a "biggie." Like a bartender.

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I bet she can still spell naive.
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I yam what I yam

you gotta love him--he sure knows how to skew a statement. Seems to hate bartenders---did one short pour him or something? Can just see what the Teachers' Remarks on back of report cards said about our guy:
1. Unable to stay on task.
2. Does not play well with others.
3. Does not join other students at lunch but lurks in
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4. Does not trust anyone in position of authority.
5. Spends recess time watching female Fox reporters.


Server is slow.


What is the name of the place?

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Save the $75 and cut your own toenails. I have done that for decades. It is easy unless you are fat.

That a reasonable pedicure..average 20-25 ..wax 10-12 manicure at low end 62 dollars...most places ask if you want the spa pedicure and you probably did not understand the Vietnamese accent..If they did a good job be happy and you had a good massage be really happy..Don't Skimp on these services find a good place and stick with it..$15 get your toenails trimmed and a coat of polish...

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