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Actual data shows complainers are wrong

The recent letter of Mr. Schultz screaming like Chicken Little was filled with a lot of innuendo but little fact. Mr. Schultz is apoplectic about the carbon monoxide emissions of a golf cart.

Guess what, Mr. Schultz, the PTC police motorcycle on the front page produces more CO per mile than any golf cart, as it has no emission devices either.

Mr. Schultz wails about the smell and the CO in the tunnels. I decided to replace Mr. Schultz’s innuendo with a data set. I took my battery powered CO detector and my 1991 Yamaha to a tunnel.

Oh, the smell ... wait it minute, that’s urine. Maybe we ought to ban mammal bladders too.

I idled in the tunnel and the detector read ... nothing. I revved the engine with the brake on ... then a reading of 2 parts per million — oh, wait, that’s from the drive belt smoking from revving with the brake on.

Then it hit me! I now have a larger data set than anyone in this debate. In fact, no one has presented any data, real or imagined, just innuendo, proclamation and assertions claimed as fact.

For those of you doing so, do not despair at the facts; there is always Turkey Lurkey or some on the PTC Council — they seem to be one and the same.

Proving once again if you have enough spare and useless time, there is always a solution searching out a problem.

Gregory West

Peachtree City, Ga.



Robert W. Morgan's picture

First of all, you need 2 assistants, 1 at each end of the tunnel with sheets of plastic. After you enter the tunnel and start revving the engine, they should seal their end of the tunnel with the plastic, keep everyone away for 24 hours and then come in and read your little meter. Let us know.

In fact, if everyone with a gas cart were required to conduct this test, problem solved. Why can't our politicians think creatively?

Live free or die!

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