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Now what, Frady, Horgan and Hearn?

A public appeal to commissioners Frady, Horgan and Hearn:

For years, neither Jack Smith nor Eric Maxwell ever responded substantively to Letters To The Editor or LTTE comments regarding the West Fayetteville Bypass. We are supposed to have open government. The West Bypass and SPLOST have been disguised under exhibits and general classifications in order to avoid being specifically identified in the voting booth. However, many projects appear in the same package that are actually needed.

I was reviewing Exhibit “A“ the other day. Exhibit “A” consists of 206 projects covered by the 2003 SPLOST that barely passed, and spawned the West Bypass approval. Exhibit “B” is the entire Fayette County Transportation Plan, including the East and West Bypasses, McDonough Road widening, etc.

I found two 2003 Exhibit “A” SPLOST projects right off the bat that have not been done: the traffic lights at Ga. Highway 74 and Sandy Creek Road and Ga. Highway 92 and Westbridge Road. When projects such as these (and many others) are not approved and the West Bypass is, it makes you wonder who our commissioners are working for.

If people would take a look at Exhibits “A” and “B,” they could see how badly the voters have been short-changed in terms of projects we actually need, and how safety is being compromised.

To be short and sweet, Commissioners Frady, Horgan and Hearn, are you in favor of continuing on with the West Bypass, or will you recognize the majority of voters who voted against it in the last election, and halt the project?

Let’s finally get the lid off SPLOST and see where we are. Don’t keep us guessing any more. Please give the public a clear answer.

Responsible citizens should take a look at both Exhibit A and Exhibit B to see the full scope of what could have been done versus what is being done. We had to go to the Elections Office to get copies of both exhibits, but they are now probably available on the county website under SPLOST. You can contact the Public Works Department at 770-320-6038 for further assistance.

Steve Smithfield

Fayette County, Ga.



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Live free or die!

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Live free or die!

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Live free or die!

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Live free or die!

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