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Now what, Frady, Horgan and Hearn?

A public appeal to commissioners Frady, Horgan and Hearn:

For years, neither Jack Smith nor Eric Maxwell ever responded substantively to Letters To The Editor or LTTE comments regarding the West Fayetteville Bypass. We are supposed to have open government. The West Bypass and SPLOST have been disguised under exhibits and general classifications in order to avoid being specifically identified in the voting booth. However, many projects appear in the same package that are actually needed.

I was reviewing Exhibit “A“ the other day. Exhibit “A” consists of 206 projects covered by the 2003 SPLOST that barely passed, and spawned the West Bypass approval. Exhibit “B” is the entire Fayette County Transportation Plan, including the East and West Bypasses, McDonough Road widening, etc.

I found two 2003 Exhibit “A” SPLOST projects right off the bat that have not been done: the traffic lights at Ga. Highway 74 and Sandy Creek Road and Ga. Highway 92 and Westbridge Road. When projects such as these (and many others) are not approved and the West Bypass is, it makes you wonder who our commissioners are working for.

If people would take a look at Exhibits “A” and “B,” they could see how badly the voters have been short-changed in terms of projects we actually need, and how safety is being compromised.

To be short and sweet, Commissioners Frady, Horgan and Hearn, are you in favor of continuing on with the West Bypass, or will you recognize the majority of voters who voted against it in the last election, and halt the project?

Let’s finally get the lid off SPLOST and see where we are. Don’t keep us guessing any more. Please give the public a clear answer.

Responsible citizens should take a look at both Exhibit A and Exhibit B to see the full scope of what could have been done versus what is being done. We had to go to the Elections Office to get copies of both exhibits, but they are now probably available on the county website under SPLOST. You can contact the Public Works Department at 770-320-6038 for further assistance.

Steve Smithfield

Fayette County, Ga.



I agree with Mr. Smithfield!!! The three stooges have gone deaf and dumb on the West Fayetteville Bypass. It ain't a matter of not knowing what the people think. Good gosh, the votes have been as clear as spring water.

The young lady dying at the intersection was a disgrace. What does it take to motive these bums???

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The 3 surviving incumbents can be motivated by Steve Brown riding in on a white horse (not sure if it is a stallion or a mare) in January to save the county. He wants to kill WFB and he comes with another rookie - Sancho Panza who has pledged his vote to the Don. This will happen because of the strength of his argument, the justice of his cause, the purity of his heart and his considerable people skills. Don't you wish that Cal's newspaper had a cartoonist to draw all this?

Not to worry, all 3 will be putty in his hands and the bypass will disappear overnight.

Live free or die!

voted yes to every part of the By-Pass so far. And I think they have not said anything because they know what is going to happen and are not going to get into the fight. You fight with a pig you are going to get mud all over you. May be the minds of Brown and McCarthy will be changed by the three commissioners that are still in their. Maybe once they see the truth, read all the information and get the straight skinny they may change their minds. The two of them are in their for the next 4 years now. The election is over they can do what ever they want now. May be Horgan, Hearn and Frady will show them the I think you are wrong Mr. Morgan. I think they are not saying much because they have way of the By-Pass. May be the so called developers will get to them now.

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Maybe not good satire - since I had to explain it - but satire nonetheless.

The 3 certainly will dig their heels in and parrott that stupid "but you all voted for it" line over and over again. If Brown is actually able to make a back room deal to get 1 changed vote, I will be very surprised and would have to take back most of my negative comments about his lack of people skills. In fact, if he gets a third vote to kill WFB, I will run through the graveyard naked at midnight carrying one of his campaign signs. Sadly, my neighbor still has one. He even voted for him.

Far more likely the 3 will treat him with spectacular disrespect.

Live free or die!

book and posting under another name? I have never seen any other two (one person? people so enamored of Steve Brown. No matter the subject, Steve Brown is brought up---come on confess, are you really Mudcat? We all know she is secretly in love with Steve and has been for years. I wonder if Stevie boy thinks of 'you all' as often as you think of him?

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I am certainly not enamored by Steve Brown, nor am I focused or fixated on him for any unatural reason. He was a bad Mayor and will be a bad County Commissioner, IMHO. I think the gadfly image is appealing to frustrated voters who are sick and tired of the same old political crap at the local level. I don't think Brown is the cure for that, although he may be a diversion.
No, no multiple identities here. Mudcat lives down the street in another subdivision near us, and is part of our group - talented, conservative, calm, focused and sensible. Well, 4 out of 5 anyway. She really, really dislikes Brown and can't be saved from that. There are 2 others on here that have been in our group and I respect their views as well.

Live free or die!

Steve Brown was better or worse? Just wondering.

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You refer to Logsdon, of course. He was better than Brown in the sense that he did not try to tear down and destroy virtually everything that was established before him. This is where my resentment of Brown's 4 years comes from - the human toll of lost careers. However, Logsdon was worse than Brown in the sense that he never actually did anything or propose anything serious. Maybe that's what the city needed after Brown, but there were opportunities for him do certain things - like reign in the spending - that he did not do. And Logsdon did make an effort to reestablish connections with the good old boy network which included improved relationships with other cities, the county and the state. I think that is a good thing, but fully acknowledge that others would see that as more of a negative. Sorry for the flip floppy answer, but there it is.

Now on to Haddix - a bonus answer for you. He hasn't been in there long enough to be fairly judged or compared to either Logsdon or Brown, but some disturbing signs of meglomania are emerging. I do recall that Brown's city council took him to task for expressing personal opinions using city letterhead or worse - stating the city's position on issues that had never come before council. Mr. Haddix's blogging addiction has not risen to that level yet, but do any of us actually expect him to gradually taper off during the next 3 years? No, I didn't think so. That tendency to immediately go into attack mode and blame others is a definite problem. Brown really did that, Logsdon not at all and Haddix is becoming much more like Brown than Logsdon. Not a good beginning.

Live free or die!

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Pretty good assessment.

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The vote motivates them - Horgan is toast no matter who runs against him. Frady is likely to go too but it depends on who runs against him. How about you Spear are you inside either post?? On your feet as you say.

Hearn? Who knows?

Mr. Smithfield, you just keep writing things that you have no idea that is the truth, speculative or just plain wrong. You can find my info on the County’s minuets at their meetings. On the Westbridge and Hwy 92 intersection, the county asked the GDOT for a traffic light at that intersection, GDOT said NO. They want a roundabout. The county is looking into what that will take. GDOT wants more roundabouts, and there is a traffic light with in 200yards of that intersection. SandyCreek and hwy74. Again GDOT said no to a light at that intersection, their was not explanation. I think that the traffic count is not their for it. You are wrong about safety being compromised. Drive around this county you will see where many traffic improvements have been made and where some are currently being made. HILO road, Kenwood and NewHope. They just put in a traffic light at Gingercake and hwy 92. Again, every Commissioner work shop the head of the road department goes over every project. Its on the minuets. Horgan, Hearn and Frady have not voted against anything regarding the By-Pass. Be smart Mr. Smithfield they are for it, and there are a lot of people in this county that are for it also. You are just a part of the NEMBY crowd. Sorry the road will be built. Before the bypass the intersection at Huite has been their for many years. You and the other people that do not want to see the Bypass built are using the death of a young lady to further your cause. Please Stop.

ability showing,and by the way did you mean NIMBY (not in my backyard)? Are you one of the commissioners since you mention that t we can find your info in the county minutes? Why are you and the commissioners (other commissioners?) so adamant about building something that the majority of the voters are against--yes, SOME may want it, as you say, but most do not. I think the commissioners as well as many of our other elected officials have lost sight of the fact that they are elected to represent us and our desires, not those that they personally choose and/or those that enhance their bottom lines.

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The next time Fayette County citizens have a chance to vote in new commissioners, I think you should run for one of the commission seats. Thanks MYTMITE, we need more folks who think the way you do. I mean that with all my heart.

politics. I have always said that an honest person could never make it in politics, if he tried to stay honest. It has always been you 'gotta' go along to get along and I don't think I could ever do that. On the national, state and even local level, there are those politicians who will vote for anything one pol wants as long as that pol also votes for all his pork-but God help the honest politician if he backs aways from something that smells. He will never get anything passed and will probably end up being a one termer. In spite of what some say here I feel Mr. Haddix is honest and trying to do the best for PTC. I also felt that Steve Brown was much better than what ran against him. Mr. Brown, too, I think has the best interest of the community at heart. I would rather have a gadfly than someone who is willing to sell my community down the river. On the other hand, I feel Mr. Imker is too wrapped up in his own ego to work with others and will be nothing but trouble during his term in office. Just my opinion for what it is worth and I am sure like most opinions it is not worth much.

There you have it...Commissioners Hearn Horgan and Frady are FOR the West Bypass. Thank you for your insight, doubt you have read all Attachments "A" and "B" to the 2003 SPLOST, and determined that the commissioners all chose the West Bypass as the most worthy in lieu of any of the other undone projects they might have considered. At least 200 more to go in Attachment "A", alone. People really ought to look at the whole lot of them.

So now, we are forecasted a 3-2 majority in favor of the bypass when the new commissioners take office. It appears a bit odd, though, that the three sitting commissioners will not take a position on the project publicly. Do you suppose that that the reason could be that they don't want to go on record as opposing the majority opinion like Smith and Maxwell did? Brown and McCarty took the bypass precincts by storm. You don't get reelected by entrenching your position for a project that the voters don't want. But you can rationalize the other commissioners' viewpoints to the ridiculous. I'd like to see them take a public position on where they stand, but until that happens, we'll have to settle for Save's version.

For good measure, table this letter for a week and then count the number of comments "for" and "against" it. Then try and figure out how the current West Bypass alignment will solve Fayetteville's congestion problem. Even Smith and Maxwell haven't done that. Anyway, it is good to know where Frady, Horgan and Hearn stand. Looks like Brown and McCarty have got their work cut out for them.

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