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Fayette schools facing big changes, big choices

Fayette County School System officials soon will be surveying parents to see how many will support required cost-cutting through a fundamental re-ordering of how public school is conducted:

• Shut down two elementary schools and maybe a middle school.

• Start school after Labor Day and end before Memorial Day.

• Change to a four-day school week.

• Bring in qualified out-of-county students and charge them tuition.

Unstated but intrinsic to some of the changes would be widespread redrawing of school district attendance lines, sometimes a controversial experience for parents and students who must switch schools.

Any one of those would be a sea change for students, parents and teachers in the Fayette system. But the Board of Education is having to plan for unprecedented declines in both school funding and student enrollments.

Fayette County residents in the coming weeks should expect to see a survey on the Fayette County School System’s website that will be asking for public input on the changes. The reason for the community survey is directly related to the millions of dollars that must be either raised for next year or cut from the budget to give the board the ability to abide by state law and adopt a balanced budget that begins July 1.

The reason to suggest a number of potential changes that are essentially new to the school system is a direct result of the continued decrease in funding. Years of unparalleled local growth and the revenues that went with it have ended, and with it comes the reality that the board must find somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 million in either increased revenues and/or cuts in expenses by the time the 2012-2013 budget is adopted next spring. Without it the board cannot adopt a state-required balanced budget.

The school system already has hit the mandated property tax ceiling of 20 mills, and thus has no room to raise taxes.

The draft version of the Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Considerations Survey presented at the last school board meeting resulted in a number of questions and concerns by board members. That conversation will be continued at a called meeting to be held on Aug. 29, likely in the early afternoon hours. As it stands today, all of the draft survey questions are up for discussion by the board.

The cost-cutting and revenue generating measures thus far proposed include four issues for consideration.

One likely survey question pertains to the idea of closing two elementary schools in order to open Rivers Elementary on Sandy Creek Road as a K-5 school, though there was some brief discussion about the potential for closing a middle school.

Any closures would come with two aspects. On the one hand, closing two schools would save the school system approximately $800,000 per year. On the other, closures would require that school boundaries be re-worked.

High schools are currently at 90 percent capacity while elementary schools, with two closures, would be at 90 percent capacity. Middle schools are currently at 70 percent capacity, so closing one would result in 90 percent capacity, the board was told.

The issue with capacity is that Fayette County’s student enrollment has been falling since 2007 and that decrease appears to be continuing this school year. Enrollment today is close to the level it was in 2002.

Two measures are essentially joined since both involve significant changes to the school year. One idea would have the school year begin after Labor Day and end before Memorial Day while the other would have the school system move to a four-day school week that would have the year begin in August and end on the Friday before Memorial Day. Both models would see approximately 45 minutes of instructional time added to the school day.

The positive side of the Labor Day to Memorial Day model would come in savings of approximately $490,000 in transportation costs and $575,000 in utility costs. The negative side of the model would translate into the potential for increased childcare costs for parents in August.

The positive side of the four-day model would come in savings of approximately $680,000 in transportation costs and approximately $650,000 in utility costs. The negative side of the four-day model may increase childcare costs for parents throughout the year.

And a fourth idea would be to allow qualified out-of-county students to attend Fayette schools provided they pay a tuition equal to what county taxpayers contribute. The proposal includes that idea that only schools that have available seat space would be open to tuition students.

Qualifications for attendance are proposed to include meeting both academic and behavioral guidelines.

As for the financial impact, that number is currently unknown since it would depend on the number of students accepted for enrollment. That said, what is known is that the state funds, approximately $4,000 per student per year, would follow the students to Fayette County. The other portion, the balance of the $7,000-8,000 of total revenue, would be expected to be made up by the tuition charge.

The school board will continue discussing the proposed survey on Aug. 29. The board will meet in executive session at 11:30 a.m. and is expected to move immediately into open session.



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It makes sense to me to start school after Labor Day.It is still quite hot when the children go back in August.Lots of money is used to run those air conditioners all day and through the early evening.At least in September it won't be quite as hot.

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A later School starting date would be great and yes it would save on A/C if the schools ran the A/C. At McIntosh they cut the A/C off at 3:00pm. During the Summer the Schools close on Fridays so the A/C is off then also. The problem with that is that to get ready for the upcoming season the Marching band has band camp the last 2 weeks of July and it falls over the weekend and there is no A/C on. It can't be held later because they have Camp McIntosh for the 9th graders and they can't have a bunch of band students running around the school with all of those 9th graders. Being a Govment facility they won't change until one of those kids fall out with heat stroke and has to be taken to the hospital. And Yes it was ask of the administration to turn on the A/C for those 3 days but they said No!
(Funny thing was that the A/C in the Football facility was going strong the whole time)

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Sept through the end of May works. Eliminate the goofy "winter break" of a week too. Forget the drift towards year-round schooling, save some money on energy costs(DUH!) and return the traditional school calendar.

Charging out of county students isn't a bad idea if you can collect it. Right now, there are some out of county students that are in FC already and maybe the fact that FC would now be charging will provide amply incentive for the school system to REALLY verify who is out of county or not.

There's going to be staff reductions required and I'd start at BOE headquarters right away. Eliminate half the superintendents and start gutting the Administrative staff first. Going into individual schools looking for cuts would come well after the BOE operation has been brought down to size, something that should have been done years ago.

4 day school week might have to be an option that is done along with any other options too.....BOE is facing a massive deficit that downsizing staff, adjusting the calendar, and charging some out of county students isn't going to be enough to fix. Due to incredible incompetence from some on past and present BOE's and one of the worst Finance Dept's you will ever find, it's going to take drastic measures for the next few years to have a balanced budget.

If you really want to get sick, go to “Open Georgia Transparency in Georgia” web site at. www.open.georgia.gov Take a look at what people got paid in 2010. A school bus driver got paid $19,851.00. Another cost saving is eliminating the HR Department. Since each school principle goes by their own rules, why have this department?

Damn, I got paid $17.50 a month when I did it--as a 17 yr old! Big raise the next yr to $22.50---Hell, I was experienced then!

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Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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Fayette County bus drivers make less than $10K a year. Some are qualified trainers that make additional pay by training new drivers and still others make additional pay by driving field trips. (Which also requires additional training) Some even work in a schools lunch room between morning and evening routes. The pay for these people comes out to around $10 an hour. So you think that is unreasonable?

phil sukalewski's picture

Suggestion #4 - "Bring in qualified out-of-county students and charge them tuition." is a good idea.

The kids with parents in nearby counties who want to go to the extra trouble and cost to send their kids to Fayette schools are the kind of kids and parents that any school would benefit from; i.e. motivated caring families who value a good education.

With this proposal, they can now attend without having to claim a fictitious address in Fayette county and will actually put some money into the Fayette school system.

Maybe we can attract enough out of county students to fill up the empty classrooms and also lower the property taxes.

Phil Sukalewski

They've been attending for free for years.

Do you honestly think that the parents would willingly fork $3,000 to $4,000 over to Fayette County when they can still send their kid for free?

Even with all the cuts discussed in the article the FCBoE is going to still be around $6,000,000 short.

Currently ANY employees of Fayette County School System can have their kids attend ANY Fayette County School regardless what county they live in. Would these students now be required to pay this tuition?

Need2know's picture

I certainly hope not! I realize that these employees need some type of benefits but if they are not paying taxes in FC then they shouldn't go to our schools.

I know some will say they do pay taxes but sales tax is not included in my way of thinking.


phil sukalewski's picture

With tuition dollars on the line, the school system will be more likely to check the address given as a residence, rather than just accepting it on face value.

Phil Sukalewski

There have been many parents and students complaining, for many years, about out of county kids and up to this point the BoE hadn't seemed too interested in doing anything about it.

kimberlyinptc's picture

This is the dumbest idea I have ever heard. Our surrounding counties are Clayton, Fulton, Spalding, Coweta?? Not exactly 90210 are they? If these folks could afford tuition, they'd be living here already or sending their kids to private schools. Good Luck with getting them to pay...

With the MAJOR moral and mold issue at Hood Avenue, this school needs to be shut down. This school also has MAJOR issue with plumbing, air conditioning and roof leaks. Another factor is that Hood Avenue is a Kindergarten -2 grade school. Once they leave Hood Avenue they go next door to Fayetteville Intermediate for grades 3 thru 5th. All other schools in Fayette County System are Kindergarten -5 grade school. I never understood with a Rivers Elementary being new and empty why these have other schools open. Clearly Fayette County Administration is more into creating jobs for friends then what is best the citizens of Fayette County

Cyclist's picture

I'm curious about this "qualified" thingy. Does it mean:
that beast in the room stuff that seems get certain folks all riled up?

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

I know Fayette County has this new math program but just divide $10 into $19,851. So you’re saying this person worked 1985 hours?

BUS DRIVER $19,851.12 FAYETTE COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCAT 2010 (information from Open Georgia Transparency in Georgia)

G35 Dude's picture

And why not? Some drivers work summer school. (I.E. year round) They have to if they want to survive. I mean can you live on less than $20K? I bet not!!! If they worked 40 hours a week * 10 that is $400 a week. That is about 49 weeks to equal $19,851. I bet you wouldn't do what they do for that amount? Take off your blinders and look at the pay for all drivers. Not just the top driver in all the county. I downloaded the salary of all Fayette County drivers and got the average. It is $12,294. These people are living like Donald Trump right?

As I've noticed bus drivers fall into 3 categories. Retired people supplementing their retirement. Mom's that want to work but want to be home when the kids are and the third group are people that routinely work 2 sometimes 3 jobs to make ends meet. If you had any clue of which you speak you'd keep your mouth shut on this topic.

then a bus driver for the BoE.

What some of these drivers have to put up with is a joke.

Bus drivers, school janitors and the lunch ladies are some the most disrespected, hard working, under appreciated people the BoE has.

Anyone complaining about what they make should try doing their jobs for a few weeks and get back to us.

Sounds like a good storyline for the 'Undercover Boss' show. Lets get the school board members to step up and give it a try.

G35 Dude's picture

[quote]Sounds like a good storyline for the 'Undercover Boss' show. Lets get the school board members to step up and give it a try.[/quote]

I'd like to see that episode of Undercover Boss. LOL Especially now with temps in the 90's and no A/C on those buses.

First off all I do not hate bus drivers and have great respect for some of them for the work they do. Fayette County Employees are underpaid and under appreciated compared to other school districts. I also know first hand how bad this economy is and how people in all 3 of your categories are struggling(at least some are). As a taxpayer and not a person being cheap, what did this person do to explain making $19,851. As you mention the average pay is $12,294. Maybe some of the other lowered paid drivers would have liked to work some of these hours in order to put food on the table. What made this drive so special over other drivers? As you wrote “If you had any clue of which you speak you'd keep your mouth shut on this topic”

Folks whine about the wages and then "complain" because one bus driver makes "almost" $20K...that person is probably busting their butt working extra and wow they make 20K ...Drive a school bus and then see how much fun it is..IF they make 13 or 14 an hour good for them..they have your kids safety in their hands and earn every penny....WOW 20000K you probably are an terrible tipper too...do you think it is still 1970...many are semi-retired or moms so only work a few hours but for some this is a career..When my kids where in school our drivers were awesome..and deserved more than they earned..

G35 Dude's picture

Since I don't have a clue on this specific driver I will keep my mouth shut.

What a joke. I just found out that a woman from Palmetto filed some kind of "charter school" waiver at the Welcome Center and her child is attending Cleveland Elementary FOR FREE. I am lmao over the "bring in qualified out-of-county students and charge them tuition" as a cost-cutting method. Right!! And all those that are currently doing it for free are going to have to pay? Yea...sure. What a joke this county has become.

suggarfoot's picture

I'm afraid I have to agree with you. But it is good to see if the more honest ones will pay.

My child is in college now but years ago I kicked up a stink about the out of county kids. People at the school wanted to help. I went all the way up the food chain and everyone agreed. Even the lady in charge of getting them out. She is very nice, Barbara Sharpia (I think I really butchered her name). But the problem I felt, was further up the food chain. Someone was stopping everyone dead in their tracks. I think I have put on here the exchange I had with my BOE from this district. It was made very clear to me first...1. I was lying! 2. That they felt it was ok if it evened things out.

If years ago, this problem was dealt with, things would be a lot different today. I feel like in some instances, out of county kids were let in to justify building more schools. Case in point Birch overcrowded in order to build Rivers. Rivers is the empty school located on the West By pass. The West By Pass is something all but Horgan, Hearn, and Frady, have agreed we don't need. Just like all agreed we didn't need Rivers built.

But then there is where developer welfare kicks in. We have built empty schools and the WBP for developers that own the land along it. All those cowpastures around Rivers have been rezoned into small lots years ago. The economy went sour and they were stuck. Then the glaring truth that the taxpayers were picking up the bill for the developers to get rich was obvious. The deal was to develop this area, make millions, and get the hell out of dodge, leaving the taxpayers with some crippling taxes to pay. As is, all involved got caught with their pants down.

BHH's picture

Problem solved.....

4 day week is a great idea.

And/or go back to a shorter school day. I disagree with adding any time to a students work day which is already extreme when you consider their time on the bus.

I'm all for shortening the school year. Anything that reduces the amount of funds that the school system uses is a great idea.

Charging out of county students would have to be paid by the system in which they live and not the students, like the voucher system, which is a great idea if it were done by applications approved by Fayette county school system.

This would have students clamoring to apply here.

"The negative side of the model would translate into the potential for increased childcare costs for parents in August."

Increased "childcare costs" is not and should not be a municipal concern the same as transportation and meals.


I could not agree with you.. LESS!!

Parents should be responsible 100% for the tuition to bring a child into our district. This should be looked at no different then if our district were a private school. You want to come to our schools because they are better then you need to pay and pay quite handsomely ($15,000 to $20,000 per year sounds about right in my book).

A voucher system is a terrible idea and the last thing we need to do is take a IOU from another broke school system. If our district does the foolish thing and allow more out of districts kids in then it needs operate on a C.O.B. (Cash on the Barrelhead) basis.

Git Real's picture

Just an observaton....

Every morning at the same time there are 2 practically empty school buses that follow each other on my street to pick up middle-schoolers and high schoolers. After that the head toward WMS & WHS picking up maybe one or two more kiddos. For the life of me I can't understand why these bus routes are not combined in some way when the vast majority of students are brought to school by their parents or given cars to drive.

School bus useage and non-useage could be a huge conversation just on its own.

<em><strong>Stupid can't be fixed. We can only vote him out</strong></em>

I agree Git Real. I have alot of cost cutting conversation. They should look at the fact that since they have seperated Elementary, Middle and High school from riding the same bus, there are 3 buses (not full) that go into the same neighborhoods, just because the kids can't get alone, but they live in the same neighborhoods. Now that's a waste of good ole' tax payers money on fuel cost. And why don't they put 6th graders back in Elementary School where they need to be and 9th graders back in Middle School and take away some routes to High Schools like McIntosh as they have hundreds of Golf Cart drivers and don't need busing. As far as enrollment being down, they also need to consider that fact that more and more parents are dis-enrolling their kids from Government public schools to home schooling and online schools. They should change the distance lines of providing transportation to more than 5/10 of a mile and stop giving door to door service this should include walking distances to schools. The more Subdivision we go into the more fuel we use. Parents are being catered to way too much. I could keep conversating but I don't know how many characters I can type here. Oh and if they can build Golf Cart bridges, they should be able to build RailRoad bridges so buses don't have to sit at the tracks (wasting fuel) and wait for trains to decide they are gonna move. Just saying!!! Should I keep conversating?

When I was young, we had pick-up locations for the buses and you were responsible to get/from your home to that location. Today, I see buses driving through neighborhoods in order to pick up 1 kid. Why can we not have a central meet location for neighborhoods. This not only would save a ton of fuel costs but would also help improve traffic flow.
While we are at it, how about changing the busing range. IT appears to me that elementary school kids who live more than 6 blocks get to ride the bus. When I was young, as long as you did not have to cross a major intersection and lived within 1 mile of the school, you walked or found alternate transportation. The major intersection requirement was dropped for middle school and the range was increased to 3 miles for middle school and 5 miles for high school.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

In 2 years enrollment will be at 1998 levels and there will be more than one or two empty schools. Why? Lot of people with children who have lost their home to foreclosure or are about to, have to move out of county. Why? The rule of unintended consequences pops up again. We spent so much time in the 80' and 90's keeping those undesirable elements that live in rental properties out of our lily white little paradise that we have very few rental properties. Foreclosed people can't get a mortgage to buy a house - so they are renters. Renters need rental properties. Get the picture?

Anyone think this trend will continue? I do. Does anyone think that any of our community leaders will do anything to increase the amount of rental property available? Not the current group, for sure. The market itself is making landlords out of some that can't sell, but that is a slow process - one property at a time.

Perfect symmetry at work in two years. School enrollment will be at 1998 levels. Housing prices will be at 1998 levels. Of course unemployment will be at the 1938 level, while taxes are expected to be at 2013 levels (higher than ever).

The cure for Peachtree City at least is economic development. Without serious (that's serious as in a funded entity or person) economic development efforts that will result in scads of high-earning tax-paying young families moving in here, we are getting closer and closer to becoming a really high taxed retirement community. Doesn't anyone else see that? Wonder what the school board will decide to do with those empty schools? Maybe retirement housing with a kitchen and gym.

Live free or die!

kimberlyinptc's picture

Mr.Morgan~ In 1938, the Top Federal Income Tax Rate was 78% for regular income and 30% for capital gains...unemployment was at 19%. I seriously doubt the 2013 level will get that high, even under Obama. If I am reading your post correctly, you think we need more rental property in PTC? I cannot, for the life of me, understand that. There are some people, for whatever circumstance, have to rent and are good tenants who care about their rented homes. There are many (too many) that could give a rip about the house they rent and it shows...and the neighborhood pays the price. I'm unsure what PTC needs, and it may never be what it once was...but attracting more non-home-owners isn't what we need.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Its like this babe, I mean we have so many like good people who like have issues with their like home ownership. Some of them like lost their homes because the evil mortgage company took it from them. Hard to believe - even though they like, sort of stopped making payments, but I like digress.

Nevertheless, the evil mortgage companies took these properties back and when they do that they toss the former owners/families out in the street and those people can only like rent apartments or houses if they want to stay in PTC. Since we have been like really really like opposed to these renter people, we have no rental property in PTC for the new renters to like rent, well, like - get it?

Maybe treesarepeachy can splain that to you.

Live free or die!

Like, you know- I mean PTC do not wont no rent issues hyar! You know, I mean--LOL?

Truf is no comunittiey like ever has survived wif onlie one class uf like peeple.

Whut hoppens, you know, like when sumthin hoppens to thast one clas---thar ain't no more peeople like to pick-up, you know I mean like the slack.

Now old folks whut liv hyar ain't got much muney nohow, if they did they wood be in Floridy, Jackson Hole, or Vail you know I mean still!

We like you no are alreddy 10 zilion short uf schol muney fer next yar, or more, you know, I mean.
That wil bee no fed muney fer thet next yar. No state muney neither you know, I mean like I no.

It looks lak you no Obama might want law fer teacher, cops, and fire pay from USA, but you no--TEAS does not wont thet atall.
Looks asif whut they want is 4 day schol wif 3 munths off you know fer summer.

I no longer have children in the FC schools and I know that a lot has changed, but it used to be that many people chose to live in this area primarily because of the quality of the schools. The deal was that you were willing to pay more for a house, pay higher property taxes and also endure higher prices on the local economy so that your children would receive a "better" education. The school system used to be one of the major draws for the county and is one of the main reasons that it cost more to live in Fayette.

If people can live anywhere and pay extra to send their kids to FC schools, then that is no longer an incentive to "pay up" to live in the county. If you work downtown, it might be more convenient to live near the expressway for the commute and at the same time ensure that your kids are in a "quality" school system. (Used to be called paying to send them to private school.)

It seems like this plan would undermine the efforts to attract and keep people living in the county (and paying taxes)and keeping the standards up. With fewer residents, it may be more difficult to attract new business, support the recreational activities and remain a viable community.

I agree that tution should be charged for out of county students. In additoin, why is it that those who no longer have children in Fayette County are continuing to pay at the same rate that those who do? It is irresponsible of the system having residents continuing to have to pay to educate those from outside! No way this can continue to be ignored! Let's get some of the county folks to sit outside the schools in the morning writing down a few car tags! This would be more productive them having their morning chats around the coffee machine!! Better yet, have the bus drivers that do not have another route take them down while they are waiting! They when these folks are caught, not only should they have to pay up for bringing them here, they would have to pay a fine and maybe even have to prove if the students were here in the past, that they were residents then!

Go back and read “suggarfoot” comments. The bottom line is that the current School Board members and School Administration are fully aware of out of district students attending Fayette Schools. They do not want to address this issue. I know for a fact that this was reported by teachers and they were ignored. Clearly no one knows how many students are attending Fayette County Schools. Last number I heard was approximately 450 student’s district wide. This includes employees that do not live in the county but are allowed to have their kids attend Fayette School System. So let’s do the math, 450 students x $4,000.00 per student form the state = $18,000,000 in lost revenue for the state.

Clearly School Board and School Administration will not release this information. Heck, we are still waiting on the cost for making up those snow days. How many students attended class those days?

yellowjax1212's picture

My calculator tells me that 450 (students) X $4,000 (tuition) = $1,800,000.
Not a figure to sneeze at but way short of $18,000,000.

........otherwise they wouldn't play the lottery but roll dice in Vegas instead.

Anything above a thousand is foreign and doesn't exist and is not needed.

The square root of any number is a dumb thing to do, also.

Long division is worse than short division.

Without a calculator, forget it---and they can't get the same answer twice on one of those.

Logic has disappeared otherwise the TEAS wouldn't exist.

add up to nothing.

Well they aren't meant to teach people like you anything.

Some reach a small plateau of thinking and are satisfied for the world to live like that for another million years!

They do fight someone who wants to make needed changes.


Aren't you due a name change for your endless drivel?

Name change? Why?

My name is Ishmael, son of Abraham and a different thinker than Issac.

Even the wise of old knew that everyone need not think alike.

It is time to build another tower of Babel in N.Y.

I don't expect you to understand this.

What a horrible idea to let out of county kids in to our schools. We will never see this money. The penalty right now for out of county kids who get caught ILLEGALLY in our schools is $23.00 a day and if they cannot pay, they get put on a payment plan. Even though they sign an affidavit that tells them they are committing a felony if they lie about what county they live in, they get a payment plan. We can't afford toilet paper for the school, but they get a payment plan. Tell me, does this sound like the people who run the school system know what they are doing? We will never get the promised money and once these kids are in, we will never be able to kick them out. And the survey does not mention that our test scores will go down, our classes will be more crowded and we will have started a procedure that will not be able to be undone. Tell everyone you know to vote no on this question or our schools, and property values will never be the same.


No one has mentioned about the additional costs which could arise due to the additional vehicle traffic in and out of the schools. Parents already have to take their lives into their own hands trying to get in and out of school parking lots (especially when it rains), the last thing we need to do is add more vehicle traffic especially from out of district parents who may be in a rush because they left the house late or were tied up in traffic getting to the school.
Let's keep the out of district children where the belong, In their own district

Unfortunately, the results of this survey really won't matter to the Fayette County School Board. All too often, they have turned a deaf ear to the desires of the taxpayers (whom they work for) and blindly rush into doing whatever they were going to do anyway. By the time we hear of something, some decisions have probably been made, they just seem to think they "pacify" us by "asking our opinion."

Beware: they have already decided what direction they will take in regards to budget cuts, and the voices of the teachers, students, parents and most importantly, TAXPAYERS, will be ignored. And if it's anything like previous decisions in the last five years or so, it won't be for the benefit of the students.

No, the Board of Education did not allow the public to vote on a return to the traditional Labor Day to Memorial Day school calendar. The only choices on the survey were (a) admit out-of-district students to fill the spaces, (b) close some schools, or (c) change the school calendar. But no options were provided for choice (c). Given the preferences of the powers-that-be, we may end up with year-round school held 3 days a week.

phil sukalewski's picture

I just took the survey and found:

1. No contact info is asked for.
2. I was able to visit again and again to re-submit the survey.

In short there is no way to know that the results are from a large segment of the population or just a few individuals.

Phil Sukalewski

I am totally against shortening the academic year. There is this problem among many many children called: "knowledge retention". When there is too long of a break, the children forget what they learned the previous year and the teachers spend the first 6 weeks reviewing what was taught the previous year to get the kids up to speed. That's the last thing we need right now, we are so far behind in education compared to other countries, it's absolutely crazy that they would even consider shortening the school year. And to lengthen the school day, what good is that going to do the children are so tired by the end of the school day as it stands they aren't going to absorb any more by making the day even longer. I personally am for an all year school calender. Many studies have shown what a huge benefit it is to students and teachers.

As far as buses are concerned: if you want bus service and plan to utilize it you will need to pay for it. A one time yearly fee.


Need2know's picture

The school year should be in after Labor day out before Memorial Day!

Many school systems in the US still use this system especailly northern schools. The problem is that there are too many working mom's that don't want to take care of their children and let the father going out suport the family. They would rather have a career than to stay home with the babies. I hear it all of the time, "I can't wait to get back to work"

Really? I am a mother of 3 and we live off one income and believe me we don't "need" all of the toys or live in the "right" neighborhood.


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