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Feds raid Tyrone pain clinic

There were reports on Aug. 23 of federal agents raiding a number of pain clinics in metro Atlanta on Wednesday, including one in Tyrone.

Asked about a raid in Tyrone, Police Chief Brandon Perkins confirmed that on Wednesday a search warrant was served by federal agents at a medical office on Swanson Road and that an unnamed individual was taken into custody by federal agents.

Commenting on the raids, a spokesperson for the the U.S. Attorney’s Office on Thursday said, “The U.S. Attorney’s Office will confirm that federal agents were involved in searches yesterday, but we have no further information to provide at this time.”

The only information pertaining to the raids was furnished by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. It related to one individual taken into custody at one of the locations. The arrest appeared to be related one of the searches.

Godfrey Ilonzo, of Alpharetta, was taken into custody in relation to a recent bankruptcy case. Ilonzo is currently listed with the Ga. Secretary of State as an officer in four Georgia corporations, according to an Aug. 21 criminal complaint issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The complaint cites Ilonzo as the CEO and secretary of Amarc Medical and Research Clinic on Lakewood Avenue in Atlanta, as CEO, secretary and registered agent of Global Trans Telecom, Inc., on Senoia Road in Tyrone, as CEO, CFO and registered agent for Clinical Trial Providers, Inc., in Stone Mountain and as CEO and registered agent of Health Cord of Georgia, Inc., on Lakewood Avenue in Atlanta.

According to the company’s website, Amarc Clinic has an office located at 1135 Senoia Road in Tyrone.



Excellent !
These clinics that dispense the opiate pain pills are killing our kids. These drugs are handed out like candy and are highly addictive. Then when the pills are too expensive or hard to get they start with heroin. It easy to get and cheap. In some areas it is epidemic proportions. Just a matter of time and it's here folks. Don't think that it cannot happen in your family. If you have pain meds in your home, LOCK THEM UP.
For more information search Overtaken Documentary on Youtube for the reality of this epidemic.

Good, one less place for the pathetic loser ex to get his "legal" narcotics!

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