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3 qualify for PTC council, mayor races

With day one of qualifying officially over in Peachtree City, a race is already shaping up for the Post 2 seat on the City Council.

Shayne Robinson, who chairs the city’s recreation and special events commission and is active with the city’s BMX program, has filed paperwork seeking the Post 2 seat along with Vietnam veteran Mike King.

Whoever wins the Post 2 race will win a term of just more than two years remaining because the seat is being vacated mid-term by incumbent Councilman George Dienhart, who had to resign in order to run for mayor.

Among the five announced candidates for the mayor’s race, only one showed up Monday to qualify and submit the appropriate paperwork: Vanessa Fleisch, who has served the past three and a half years as the city’s Post 4 council member.

Qualifying runs through Friday at 4:30 p.m. Candidates must qualify at City Hall and must be at least 21 years old and a qualified elector (registered voter) who has lived in the city for at least six months immediately preceding the election.  Peachtree City’s mayor and city council members serve at large, meaning there are no restrictions on where they live in the city relative to the seat for which they run.

To qualify, a candidate must submit the completed notice of candidacy and affidavit specifying which seat they are seeking and pay the qualifying fee at city hall.  The qualifying fee for the office of mayor is $270.00, and the fee for all city council posts is $180.00.  Information packets, including the necessary forms, are available at city hall.



the ole war horse hasn't showed his face? amazing. mayor please continue your attempt to educate and stand for the direction with your honest and knowledge, as you had to watched a dream being destroyed by money, the good ole boys, families who owned land and just absolute what's in it for me attitudes. thank god we have an honest man (again I disagree with some of your direction) but I trust you Mayor Haddix. I know there were mountains you could not climb as you became more aware of how and who you had to face, procedures, laws and ordiances. Please continue to do your good work....

keep em honest Mayor Haddix

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