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Haddix to represent Fayette for transportation wish list

Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix has been elected to be Fayette County’s representative on a group that will decide which regional transportation projects should be pursued for funding through a proposed 10-year region-wide special purpose local option sales tax (SPLOST).

Only regional transportation projects will be eligible for the funding, Haddix said in an interview Wednesday. That means the projects must serve two or more jurisdictions to be considered for the SPLOST project list.

The focus will be on transportation improvements for corridors that move people between Fayette County and metro Atlanta, Haddix said.

Haddix said he will seek input on the projects from the mayors of each municipality in Fayette County along with the county commission.

The “transportation roundtable” group that Haddix will work with is responsible for developing an initial SPLOST project list and then refining a list of regional transportation projects that will be proposed by state officials.

“We’re talking about a lot of money and a lot of impact,” Haddix said.

Money for the projects will be contingent upon voter approval in a referendum in July 2012.

In that referendum, as long as the SPLOST is approved by a majority of voters in the entire region, Fayette and other counties will be forced to participate in the SPLOST even if the entire county votes the initiative down.

Any potential regional project with Coweta won’t be eligible for the funding because Coweta and Fayette are in different regions, Haddix said.

Fayette is in the Atlanta Regional Commission while Coweta is part of the Three Rivers Regional Commission.

In addition to working through Haddix, Fayette’s municipalities and the county, along with state legislators, will be able to submit regional transportation projects for consideration by the state’s transportation planning director.

The final list of regional SPLOST projects to be voted on will be finished by an executive committee of the regional roundtable.

The regional transportation SPLOST initiative was a project from Gov. Sonny Perdue and was approved by the legislature earlier this year.



Just what we need is another tax to pave roads and put red lights where they don't belong. Don't get me wrong, red lights are a good thing when in the correct place. Or how bout this! when you decide to perform road construction and completely change things shouldn't the people in charge be smart enough to plan all aspects so that they can be completed and the "new intersection" can have a traffic light when it opens at 6am on the first day of school. May have saved a life. Just my thoughts but what do I know. I am currently on a trip in Europe for work and the gentleman I spent the day with was discussing taxes with me. He's in the UK. How's this for everyone, they have a 52% tax on their incomes which includes the medical care fee, which is another name for tax. So total tax on income before they get a dollar of 52%, then the have a VAT of 20%. Now I don't know how you all feel but I would like to keep my money I work my arse off for to have. If we continue to vote things like SPLOST in place for road projects, and people that are careless with planning and handling of money, we will be catching up in the not to distant future to our friends to the east. Read about the economical situations in UK, Greece, Argentina approx 5 years ago and you can see what governments do that have control over spending and taxation.

So we need to fight this just as we did the last SPLOST they tried to pass in Fayette County. This one will be regional which will make it tougher because some of those in our region all tend to vote for people to take better care of them which means there will need to be more taxes. I know the concept of hard work is crazy.

Now me personally, I would consider an education tax that would provide additional funding to our state school systems and take over the HOPE scholarship, which will soom go away or greatly decrease due to the voting that occurred in our State government recently. This will be the first year HOPE will pay out more than it brings in do to additional scholarships that were added to the program that are similar to Pell Grant. It amazes me that our so called leaders could vote something in when they are told straight up that this will cause a program to spend more than it brings in. I would pay a little more taxes if they went solely to education to allow teachers higher pay, greater job security, and GA students to attend college free of charge if they apply themselves to maintain certain standards.

All in all this really just frustrates me because time after time these so called leaders don't demonstrate the ability to manage and apply the funds they have available so why should we give them more to piss away. Would a company continue to give a sales person more in their budget if they demonstrated they could not stay within budget and produce results to match needed increase in budget. HECK no!!! They would be fired!!! Ha that sounds like a great concept, beginning this fall!

Just to cover a topic real quick before all the responses come in about me not liking O'bama or liking Bush. I didn't vote for O'bama and never will! But just so you know my position Bush did us no favors either. I don't think either is going in the right direction to sustain the world power we "currently" are.

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I don't appreciate these additional taxes any more than the next guy, but look at it this way: At least Don Haddix gets to plan for SPLOST funds that his constituency will never approve.

You are correct, elected officials need to be weaned.

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SPLOST is dead and will be outlawed by 2015 because it has corrupted so many counties an politicians.

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The frustration with this is we are in the District and no way to escape it for the RTR.

With that said if the region does not go with any projects we get severely penalized. If we do go with the projects we end up with something probably detrimental to Fayette. If Fayette escapes any project being built but the region passes projects we still pay. So any way it goes we could overall lose.

So my issue is how do I thread the needle to keep those projects out of Fayette without killing us financially speaking? In voting there are ten Commission Chairmen, Jack Smith for us until the end of the year, so who gets the Fayette Chair next year is critical, There are also 11 Mayors, two from Fulton, Atlanta and Union City.

I know there are other Counties that feel like we do. But are there enough of us to block bad projects? I sincerely hope so.

Fayette represents 9.5% of the total vote. We need to make those votes count.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

The outgoing Planning Commission staff member tried to warn you/us but you refused to listen.

You have already shown your hand in NOT wanting ANY type of rail or other mass transit to and/or from PTC.

I can’t think of another worse person to represent us.

When are you going to realize that PTC has no, replete, NO direct access to the interstate system? We are at the mercy of Fulton County and they obviously couldn't give a flip about Fayette County and you’ll have NO influence in getting that changed.

You Mr. Mayor are for spending $150,000 on a DAPC while you have, on more than one occasion, denounced the benefits of mass transit.

Now we’re facing a 10 year SPLOST that you will have no control over or even a voice to represent us. Your “JUST SAY NO” opinion will be drowned out by those that choose to embrace transportation options that you, for some unknown reason, despise.

What is it going to take to get you to realize the fact that PTC is cut off of any major distribution/commuter routes?

How do you plan on recruiting people and businesses to PTC when our commute time sucks?

This will no doubt be the worst time in history that you could represent PTC/Fayette County as you still think that living in the middle of a cow pasture, with no access to high paying jobs, is a good thing.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, the people that pay for PTC work in Atlanta. The folks that work at the Avenue, Home Depot, Walmart or the industrial areas of our city DON’T LIVE HERE!!! They get their paychecks and go home, to other cities/counties, to spend them.

Do you understand that a fireman, policeman, school teacher, city employed maintenance person can’t afford to live here unless their spouse has a job somewhere else that pays well?

In less than two years my child will be out of school and my wife’s and my salary’s and taxes will be gone from PTC. No great loss but I would gladly spend my money in a place that makes it easier to get to work. We’ll still be working but we won’t be subject to the ‘cow pasture’ thinking that has stagnated PTC for the past few years.

Please don’t bother to hold the door open for us as we have seen several of our neighbors, just this summer, leave PTC to move to other local communities. They sold their $350,000 homes and said “SEE YA” the taxes are lower where were going, our kids attend the same schools and the commute is better. These are the people that are making $100,000+ incomes, paying $5,000+ in taxes that decided PTC just isn’t worth it.

No doubt, with your fine ‘people skills’, PTC/Fayette County is going to get the short end of this stick.

So in the end vote anyway you want but we're gone and we’ll take our disposable income and taxes with us.

let the cow pasture door hit yer sorry aa... on the way out.:)

"This will no doubt be the worst time in history that you could represent PTC/Fayette County as you still think that living in the middle of a cow pasture, with no access to high paying jobs, is a good thing."

Gee, I kind of think that a little seclusion is a good thing myself. If I wanted to live in Atlanta, I would live in Atlanta. So if you don't agree all I can do is quote the late great Lewis Grizzard: "Delta is ready when you are".

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When it comes time there will be no STUPID SPLOST money to waste, so you won't even have the burden of deciding. SPLOST is DEAD on Arrival.

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There will be no rail of any kind coming to Fayette. That has already been limited to a couple of Counties by the State.

As well this is a District vote, not a County only vote. So, it has to be defeated as a District.

There is resistance to this in other Counties as well. So every vote counts, making who gets the commission chair critical, as that is 4.75% of the total vote as is my vote.

Throw in the economy and if there is resistance in enough Districts it could postpone or stop the 2012 vote before it happens.

I will put more information in a column as this develops over the upcoming weeks. As of now this is where it stands.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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Please forgive my lapse of memory and lack of ambition to do the research, but didn't "we" request to be included in the Atlanta Region a few years back? Seems to be about time to reference Bonk's favorite character, Rosanne Rosanadana, and say, "Never mind!".

Don Haddix's picture

Fayette joined ARC in 1991.

To be honest I cannot remember if it was a referendum or a decision by elected officials. What I do remember it was a hot button item I opposed because we are neither truly bound to Atlanta as much as some imply but as well not truly rural county as some others feel. We, as well as are the ring of counties around the true Metro area, something in-between, so our planning needs to be different.

I opposed it then because I felt the District plan as developed was incomplete and flawed. Now I am more sure than ever now because the logistics and demographics are less and less commuter based.

But we are in ARC and it is going to be a less than smooth road ahead, I believe.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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Now that you have mentioned it I seem to recall that it was a decision of the county commission. Maybe the city governments involver also, but I don't think it was by referendum.

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It is good to have a public official who is willing to share information with the citizens of Fayette County. I wish I could say that for all our public officials. Sadly, that hasn't always been the case.

....but I said it much plainer!

Perdue and the state conserves will make you pay the sales tax whether you get the roads or not, so you will take the roads----knowing that the thing will pass due to most in the coalition wanting them!

However, you Will vote no anyway, knowing it makes no difference! You know there aren't enough to block it, don't you?

All this threading the needle stuff is baloney! (bologna).

Just say you want the bill for mass transportation which will be needed 10-15 years from now. Those who want to live privately can move to Zebulon or one of those Alabama border towns!

You conserve hypocrites are responsible for such dudes as Beck and Palin.

hutch866's picture

The really funny thing here is that an asshole like you has the gall to call anyone a hypocrite. Edit me, kick me off, who cares, but you have to be the biggest dipspit I've ever seen in my life.

I yam what I yam

I guess CHR$ is me?

I am not a despit nor a despot (Old Roman title of a leader). I don't know what you mean by that name.

Hypocrisy is simply saying one thing for votes or religion, but participating in or accepting that which you say you despise---not calling those of your own persuasion hypocrites when they are!

How much money has Georgia accepted recently from the federal government while preaching they don't want any? Don't say you sent it there so it is yours---Georgia doesn't even pay enough to support the wars which you champion, much less all of the other money accepted!
Beck and Palin are scheming plotting multi-millionaires who do not practice what they preach. They say what their clientèle wants to hear!

Git Real's picture

[quote=Courthouserules]scheming plotting multi-millionaires who do not practice what they preach. They say what their clientèle wants to hear![/quote]

You mean like your demi-god president and his minions? Oh..I get it.

<em><strong>Stupid can't be fixed. We can only vote him out</strong></em>

Hope he votes for any rail line that comes along. It looks like we've Paved up enough of paradise to put up a (a whole lot) of parking lot.

just what we need is MARTA access to Fayette. Why don't we just pave golf cart paths all the way to fairburn and beyond. No thanks the train unless it runs paralled to interstate 85 and comes no where near this county.

Please enjoy you bike-flying experience.

[quote=bad_ptc]Please enjoy you bike-flying experience.[/quote]

it was sarcasm

I imagine it to be more like Chicago. You got the CTA & then you got the RTA. You already got a rail bed on down to Senoia. When they extended the line out to O'Hare many in the 'burbs were opposed. "Oh NO, I'll go to work & "THEY" will ride out for a buck & a quarter & ride back w/ my TV!"
You obviously don't travel thru the I-85 interchange. If you do wait until the multi-100 truck bay warehses open up. I guess you can take the new WFAY-By up to that exchange.

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Mr Haddix, there will never be another SPLOST approved in Fayette County as long as we, the free people, have a right to vote. Don't even waste your time. SPLOST in Fayette County is dead. So is another E-Lie-SPLOST
I dare you to justify a reason to vote for SPLOST again. By 2012 it may be outlawed it is so corrupt and corrupting. And don't give us another property tax increase proposal either. What a snaky move.

...isn't enough to pay for Fayette transportation system or any other district?
MARTA and others aren't able to charge enough for rides to supplement their SPLOST!

Why do you suppose that Sonny Perdue and our legislature passed such a mandatory bill for us? Or is it mandatory?

My opinion is that Georgia legislators (conserves, mostly)don't want to raise Georgia's income taxes on high wage-earners and corporations, but instead want mostly working people to pay for everything with sales taxes!
What makes me have that logic? Well Georgia doesn't pay for anything else they need with income taxes, not in full anyway!
If the federal government doesn't subsidize our education, our unemployment costs, our bridges, roads, dams, ad vomitokum; then we are backwoodsmen again!
That way our conserve politicians can run on no state taxes and depend upon NYC, CA, FL, IL, MI, etc., to supplement us with their taxes, and they can then get elected on a low tax platform! (For GA).

Now let's hear those of you who know this is the truth comment about my needing my medication. Harry once said,....."they just think the truth is hell!"

Cyclist's picture

You still do need your meds.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Well I didn't think you could say that anything I said was not the case!
Fayette may vote no on the regional SPLOST, along with Haddix, but all of the others in the region will vote for it---and they know it!

It is just like all those people who complain and complain about the feds sending so much money to the states, but are the first in line to get all of it they can! It looks good for local politics! It is hypocrisy.

There are many incidents of waste enabled by SPLOST money. But the "improvement" of the Antioch - McBride Road intersection, a sleepy 100-car a day intersection with a big old proud SPLOST funding sign, was the last straw for me. I will never vote for another SPLOST. I resent the money spent trying to pass it.


1) Completely rework the Ga 74 & I-85 Interchange.
a.) Eminent Domain to clean the space abutting the ramp from 75 N to 85 N. (yes - relocate the businesses to a suitable spot)
b. Clean the ridculous series of lights that have traffic backed up a country mile nearly to the Fayette County line.

2.) Beautiful picturesque park and ride. I85 & GA 74
a. ) What is the beauty? Long term, establish the option to link to regional (rail) transit here. It is Fulton county, not Fayette, so the promise to deny rail to Fayette is kept.
i.) In Cowetta it would be easier t odo this because of more available real estate at the junction point.

3.) GA 74 and Ga 54 - On the GDOT website, long term they have a overpass designated for this spot. Ouch. What a charater distroying eyesore. The stretch of Ga 54 from Ga 74 to the Cowetta line could become a cancerous gorwth. Efforts must be put in place now to contain the beast. East >< West travel in Fayette is limited. Careful consideration should be made about how to manage this so that it does not evolve into GA 85 in Clayton county.

4.) Transportation projects that will preserve the rural country feel of the regional and link or valuable town centers (and maybe help to create a Southern Town center in PTC. But how?

5.) Your ideas here.

There is the grand idea, effective regional transport in the nations 2nd worst gridlocked motro area, and it has the option to bring controled growth to our area, in Fayette, and small businesses back to our light industrial sites, to boost the tax base and provide local jobs, then hey, how can I turn the idea to my definite and distinct advantage?

Why aren't the people asking these kinds of questions?


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