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Letter #2: Why the SPLOST is good for PTC

[Editor’s note: Paul Lentz has written a series of letters exploring the dilemma underlying the SPLOST issue and his view on “the lesser of two weevils.” This is the second in that series of letters.]

There’s an old definition of “mixed emotions.” It’s seeing your worst enemy driving over a cliff ... in your new car. Nowadays, we say “conflicted.” Such is the denigration of the English language.

To say that I am conflicted about the proposed “Core Infrastructure SPLOST” is an understatement.

There is a compelling argument in favor of the SPLOST from a Peachtree City perspective. The income to the city, if used wisely, could relieve property owners and renters (who pay property tax in their rent) of an increased millage rage for the general fund or for a general obligation bond.

Moreover, the likely cost of street and cart path maintenance to property owners/renters would be less under the SPLOST than through other funding schemes.

As it stands, Peachtree City is projected to receive about $14.6 million. Of that, it’s estimated that perhaps $4.4—$5.8 million (something like 30—40 percent) will be paid by people who don’t live in Peachtree City, but who shop here.

The SPLOST has another advantage over simply increasing the millage rate: SPLOST funds must be used for what is specified in the referendum.

We’ll have to watch carefully to see how the referendum is worded.

If it’s “tight” and clearly specifies cart path expansion and maintenance, and street maintenance within the city limits, that’s one thing.

If it’s less clear, and caters to a pipe dream of multi-use paths throughout the county, that’s quite another thing.

As a Peachtree City resident and taxpayer I like the SPLOST; however, I still don’t like the notion of giving the County Commissioners $13.2 million for the ill-defined projects in the so-called “Core Infrastructure SPLOST Plan.”

I’m also concerned about what the wording of the county’s portion of the referendum will be. I hope it’s not a Nancy Pelosi “we’ll pass it and then figure out what it means.”

SPLOST scorecard

Against: “plan” does not justify the money being asked for.

For: best way for Peachtree City to pay for cart path expansion and maintenance and for street maintenance.

Paul Lentz
Peachtree City, Ga.



Which way are you leaning come this November regarding the splost?

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